For Animated Doctor Who Reconstructions
By Garrett Gilchrist

Not for commercial use

There are 108 lost episodes of Doctor Who. Let's bring them back.

This artwork was created by Garrett Gilchrist. Doctor Who is copyright the BBC, and no infringement is intended. These images are not intended for commercial use or profit. You must contact Garrett Gilchrist and get his approval before using these images for any purpose. Email tygerbug at yahoo.com.

Backgrounds and Sets

TARDIS interior. Put together by myself using freebie pieces by many many different talented 3D artists at DAZ, Renderosity, ShareCG, Turbosquid, etc.

TARDIS backgrounds - Full Quality Poser JPEG renders. These may NOT be used in any animation or artwork that is not a WhoSprites project. However, they may be used in any legitimate WhoSprites lost episode animation approved by myself.

Huge pack of preview quality JPEG renders from many angles at huge sizes. Just preview renders (not as good) but from many useful angles.

You can download my Pz3 file here for use in Poser. May require Redfern's classic console for Poser.

Hartnell era Poser TARDIS PZ3 file

Not a 100% accurate 60s TARDIS, but the spirit of the thing is there, and it should come in handy enough. Even includes this Bird-shaped table prop: Bird-shaped table prop

The bird used is the Strider by Mock. I used Redfern's terrific classic console for Poser for the console. The set itself is a great piece by Cast Iron Flamingo - I believe it was a Five Doctors style room.

TARDIS key - classic Yale type. I prefer the unusual key first used during Sarah Jane's tenure, but this traditional Yale key has stuck for most of the series.

CGI Backgrounds for Evil of the Daleks 7
By Adam S. Bullock

Adam Bullock, a talented CGI artist, has created, and is creating, these backgrounds matching every shot as listed in the camera script for Evil of the Daleks 7. For more information you can email me. We are currently attempting to animate Evil of the Daleks episode 7 and would love your help. See more of Adam's work in this directory or at his website.

CGI Backgrounds for The Tenth Planet 4
By Aaron J. Climas

Aaron J. Climas (ColonelBarker) became the first person ever to animate a full lost episode of Doctor Who in CGI when he created his version of The Tenth Planet 4, as posted in the forum at Who3D.co.uk. He has been kind enough to render for us some large backgrounds of the sets from his production. (By request)

3D Freebie Items by other artists:

Poser Doctor Who freebies at Vanishing Point - includes console, TARDIS and some sets.

Classic "Five Doctors" style console room for Poser by CastIronFlamingo

Doctor Who classic logo by Redfern - 3d prop for Poser

Adam Bullock's various Anim8or models - These can be converted to OBJ or 3DS for use in other 3D programs like Poser, DAZ etc.

Very good classic Dalek and TARDIS for 3d studio Max. Not Poserized, but will import into Poser/DAZ.

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This artwork was created by Garrett Gilchrist. Doctor Who is copyright the BBC, and no infringement is intended. These images are not intended for commercial use or profit.

Would you like to join our team? You can get permission from artist Garrett Gilchrist to join us in animating and use this artwork in animated work, as long as you give credit to Garrett Gilchrist and WhoSprites and the BBC, and as long as you are legitimately using it to animate lost Doctor Who episodes from the Troughton and Hartnell eras for no profit. You can write me at tygerbug (at) yahoo.com. You must be over 18, and your work must be approved by Garrett Gilchrist before posting at Youtube or elsewhere. We reserve the right to approve or deny approval of individual projects depending on their quality. But if you can animate these images well, you can join our team!