For Animated Doctor Who Reconstructions
By Garrett Gilchrist

Not for commercial use

There are 108 lost episodes of Doctor Who. Let's bring them back.

This artwork was created by Garrett Gilchrist. Doctor Who is copyright the BBC, and no infringement is intended. These images are not intended for commercial use or profit. You must contact Garrett Gilchrist and get his approval before using these images for any purpose. Email tygerbug at yahoo.com.

Jamie McCrimmon
Second Doctor Companion played by Frazer Hines

Jamie (Frazer Hines) - Version Four

The second Doctor's constant companion, played by Frazer Hines. Reference was from The Seeds of Death. Finished - with 28 color heads ready for animation. Bodies available from Evil of the Daleks, Ice Warriors/Abominable Snowmen, Fury From the Deep, etc.

The Ice Warriors/The Abominable Snowmen

Jointed bodies for Moho/Anime Studio

Jamie - Version Three

A side view. Finished with 13 color heads ready for animation. Costumes are available for this sprite from Ice Warriors/Abominable Snowmen, Evil of the Daleks/Faceless Ones, Web of Fear and Fury From the Deep respectively, in addition to the CGI bodies.

Jamie - Version Five

Complete and ready for animation, with 32 alternate color heads. Reference from The Wheel in Space. Basic costume will work for The Web of Fear, Fury From the Deep, etc. Faceless Ones/Evil of the Daleks costume also available, as seen above.

Fury From the Deep, etc.

The Web of Fear, The Wheel in Space, etc.

Rough 3d version also available.

The Evil of the Daleks/The Faceless Ones

Jointed, poseable 2D bodies were created for Evil of the Daleks Jamie, Victoria and Patrick Troughton. These are PNG and JPEG image files. All three characters are depicted from the front, side and 3/4 back, with their limbs separated out so that they can be posed and moved around, cutout animation style. For my Evil of the Daleks animation, I animated these bodies using Moho (which is now Anime Studio), adding bones and creating a skeleton so that the joints of the limbs could bend.

Jamie body - Evil of the Daleks/Faceless Ones 3D body, done in Poser. Revised version using the Michael 3 character as base -- I used the default Poser male, James, for some earlier renders. The James version had long socks on and I wish I'd carried that over to this new version. Perhaps I still will if I revise him.

Textures for Jamie's Kilt - for Poser. Uses Morphography's free jean skirt. Download Morphography Clothing here.

jamiekilt5.jpg 1.2M
jamiekiltbump2.jpg 1.2M

Unfinished Rough Drawings

The Enemy of the World

Enemy of the World style Jamie. I've used the standard Poser model of James, and his standard clothes with new textures.

Jamie MacCrimmon - Version 2
Older, Retired Sprite

Comes with 23 different heads, and several different headless partial bodies that show his costume from "Evil of the Daleks" and "The Faceless Ones." Face reference was from "The Enemy of the World." CGI bodies have been created for "Evil of the Daleks/Faceless Ones," "Web of Fear," and "Enemy of the World."

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This artwork was created by Garrett Gilchrist. Doctor Who is copyright the BBC, and no infringement is intended. These images are not intended for commercial use or profit.

Would you like to join our team? You can get permission from artist Garrett Gilchrist to join us in animating and use this art in animated work, as long as you give credit to Garrett Gilchrist and WhoSprites and the BBC, and as long as you are legitimately using it to animate lost Doctor Who episodes from the Troughton and Hartnell eras for no profit. You can write me at tygerbug (at) yahoo.com. You must be over 18, and your work must be approved by Garrett Gilchrist before posting at Youtube or elsewhere. We reserve the right to approve or deny approval of individual projects depending on their quality. But if you can animate these images well, you can join our team!