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Garrett Gilchrist - writer, director, editing, casting, special effects, cinematography, sound, production coordinator, stand-in

Jason Waters - Producer, sound and lighting assistance, production coordinator, executive producer, locations, transportation, props, stand-in, casting assistant


Kierstyn Elrod - Jennifer
Lesley Youngblood - Jennifer
John Nania - Bruce/Peter
David Pintado - Daniel
Mike Muscat - Sheriff Morris
Alex Vetangle - Trask
Sharon Mahoney - Louise
Claire Carroll - Psychologist
Spike Spencer - Buck
Monique La Barr - Jill
Landall Goolsby - Captain Weathermaster
Darren Lebrecht - Bruce
Thomy Kessler - Igor
Danilo DiJulio - Officer Bert
Michael Woolston - Officer Ernie
Carrie Newell - Jen fighting/stunt double, Police Officer
Andrew DeCarlo - Hired Assassin
Jered Solow - Hired Assassin
Joseph Sun - Trask's goon
Ryan J. Uggla-Roth (Spyke) - Trask's goon
Veronica Kelly - Popular Sorority Girl
J. Jesse Harley - Arresting Officer
Boomie Aglietti - Rick
Travis Kraft- Clark/Frank
Carter Edwards - Bruce
Mike Lynn - Police Officer
Madelyn Kish - Young Jennifer
MacKenzie Holcomb - Young Mary
Taylor Holcomb - Taylor
Amy Holcomb - Mother
Billy Smith - Eric
Paul Rogus - Vampire/Cop/Hawaiian Shirt Thug
Vera VanGuard - Natalia
Benjamin Will Hetzel - Mikey Vosburg
Gavin Graham - Davey Kraft
Bob Hetzel - Stand-in (Morris)
Jacob Austin - Guy at Party
Chinmay Panchal - Guy at Party
Siddharta Shah - Guy at Party
BigBaby - Snake


Jodie Milmore - Costumes
Ralph Henriquez - CGI special effects
Miguel Peschiera - CGI design - Yeti
Alecia Ashby - Still photos, lighting and sound assistance, stand-in
Ryan J. Uggla-Roth (Spyke) - Snake wrangler
Emily Kreiman - lighting and sound assistance
Leon Nowlin - sound recordist
Henry Stevens - lighting and sound assistance
Laurie Weiland - Location provided by, lighting and sound assistance
Christy George - Assistant to Mr. Edwards, lighting assistance
Amy Holcomb - Guardian of Mackenzie and Taylor Holcomb
Melanie Kish - Guardian of Madelyn Kish
Bob Hetzel - Guardian of Benjamin Will Hetzel and Gavin Graham
Bethany Davis - Costume assistance
John Nania - Policeman casting and prop assistance
Alex Vetangle - Sound assistance
David Pintado - Sound assistance
Aubrey - Location assistance
Aubrey's roommate - costume assistance
Siddharta Shah - Lighting and Sound Assistance
Tejas Gandhi - Sound assistance
Mickie Banyas - Sound assistance
Chinmay Panchal - Ripping assistance
Mike Lynn - Sound/lighting assistance
Carrie Newell - Sound/lighting assistance, fight choreography

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Photos (by Alecia Ashby)

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