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Shamelessly is our newest feature film, which is now being edited. Rough cut scenes are available for viewing online. Approx. 90 min, 2007-2009.

Strength, power, intelligence, and a sense of humor to boot - This is the story of a young woman who becomes one of earth's most powerful heroes. Not your average, everyday, neighborhood hero - not your average superhero film.

A not for profit internet project. No money will ever be made from this film. Any characters referenced or parodied are copyright their original creators.

Written, directed, photographed, animated and edited by Garrett Gilchrist. Starring Kierstyn Elrod, Lesley Youngblood, David Pintado, John Nania, Mike Muscat, Alex Vetangle, Sharon Mahoney, Claire Carroll, Spike Spencer, Monique La Barr, and Landall Goolsby.

What the fans have said:

"An epic fanfilm for the ages. It certainly captures the spirit of the character quite well, from the more dramatic moments to comedic moments too." - Mac Haa

"Utter brilliance. Thank you and the actors for putting all your efforts and knowledge into this project. It really shows!" - 'Fonzie'

"I can't remember being this excited & impressed by an internet film. Kierstyn and Lesley both do such an amazing job. The writing & dramatic approach to a character who's always been kind of relegated to slapstick (especially in her own books) really caught me off guard. It blew me away that someone finally decided to take a more serious approach and really explore Jennifer's past and how she's evolved from shy student to superhero. And not only all that, but found fantastic actresses to play them both. But don't get me wrong, it's also great to see her humor is well-represented. A fine job by all involved." - Dana Evans

"You've summed up the reason why we like superheroes so much, and why they're so important to our culture. Kierstyn Elrod is an astonishingly good actress. She portrays vulnerability, strength, honesty, and a boatload of charm and humor integral to the character. I'm amazed by what you were able to accomplish. You're telling a very complex and, let's face it, far-fetched story. Yet the script, along with the fine actors you chose to fill the roles, bring it all together almost perfectly. The dramatic scenes have weight and substance, and the more light-hearted ones are really very funny. Kudos on finding the right balance." - Craig Frey

(145 min, 2002-2005.)

Watch the Film on Youtube
Trailer | Website

The lives of five young people collide in this feature-length character drama about life, love, loss and the unexplainable when a miracle happens in L.A.

Over three years in the making, shot for almost nothing as a labor of love, this is a very different kind of romantic film ... a film that takes a step back to think about exactly what it means to be in love. It's full of great performances. I hope you like it.

The story: Bruce and Rhonda have been going out for two years, and their relationship is getting stale. Clifford, a struggling stand-up comedian, has been dumped by his girlfriend and is wallowing in his woes. Then into their lives comes Lily, a girl who sees the world in a childlike and different way. Her father thought she was crazy, and in some ways she is. He'd treated her like a child, but now, out on her own, she's becoming a woman. Bruce and Clifford both fall in love with her ... which has terrible consequences on Bruce's relationship with Rhonda.
One day Bruce and Lily are arguing on the roof, and Bruce accidentally knocks her off the building. She falls fourteen stories. Yet she doesn't die. Some unexplainable event, a miracle, has saved her. Suddenly all the petty problems of love and life seem small by comparison, and none of their lives will ever be the same.

"Both emotionally and intellectually engaging and leaves the viewer with the complete satisfaction that only a fully developed story and uniquely three-dimensional characters can deliver ..." - Allen Richards,

"An interesting film with lots of great characters that you'll find yourself pulling for and hoping that things work out for them so they can all find happiness. It's definitely a movie worth seeing." - Duane L. Martin, Rogue Cinema

"Gilchrist's approach is inspiring." - Felix Vasquez Jr., Film Threat

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