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WhoSprites, the Lost Doctor Who Animation Project:

"This is such a vibrant and exciting innovation. I think these animations are just superb." - Christopher Perry, the Kaleidoscope organization

"Everyone was very impressed and we can't wait to see what Garrett and his crew come up with next! Very highly recommended!" - The Historian, The TARDIS Project

The WhoSprites project has been featured in The Guardian newspaper, SFX Magazine, the WIRED Magazine Blog, and screened publicly by the Kaleidoscope Organization and at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles. All the surviving second Doctor companions have expressed their approval - and my artwork has been featured at the official websites of Deborah Watling and Anneke Wills.

WhoSprites - The Feast of Steven

WhoSprites - The Massacre

WhoSprites - Galaxy 4

Garrett Gilchrist Special FX Reel

Howard Animation (work in progress, from Shamelessly)

WhoSprites - Evil of the Daleks

WhoSprites - The Smugglers

Dance With Grandpa Pilot
(Unfinished, 2005, with Daniel Geduld, Erin Sharkey, Candice Szaroleta)

WhoSprites - The Tenth Planet Test

WhoSprites - The Ice Warriors Test

WhoSprites - Fury From the Deep Test

Terry Pratchett's MORT

(Dir. Garrett Gilchrist, 26 min., 2001)

Death finds a young apprentice. Unofficial animated adaptation of the Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett.
Voices of John McCulloch, Garrett Gilchrist, Jamie Odum, Cori Haisler, Dan Arbuckle. Best Sound nomination, Rewind 2001.

Part One on Youtube | Part Two | Part Three | Website

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