Gerry Anderson's Terrahawks

Terrahawks was a Sci-Fi children's television show created by Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr and produced for London Weekend Television and filmed at Bray Studios between 1982 and 1984.
The show continued in the vein of Gerry Anderson's previous marionette Sci-Fi TV shows of the 60s such as Stingray, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, although using hand puppets rather than marionettes.
The series followed the eponymous Terrahawks organisation, lead by Doctor 'Tiger' Ninestein, as they did battle with the evil android queen Zelda and her monstrous allies who attacked Earth from the planet Mars.
Terrahawks is still remembered as a cult favorite of 80s television, with an audio drama revival by Big Finish Productions produced from 2014-2017, and a reboot of the show set to release in 2022. The rights to the show are currently in the stewardship of Anderson Entertainment, on behalf of Christopher Burr.

Expect the Unexpected Deleted Scenes

The first episode of Terrahawks, part 1 of Expect the Unexpected, premiered on London Weekend Television on Sunday the 9th of October 1983. The first home video release of Terrahawks hit store shelves soon after the premiere broadcast. It featured 4 episodes of the show, including the opening 2 part episode, re-edited together into one compilation movie. The VHS featured several scenes that were not included in the commonly broadcast version of the episodes.

The deleted and extended material totals under seven minutes in length.

These scenes were also present in preproduction script material for Expect the Unexpected, among other scenes that were not seen in either version, but included in the novelisation of the episode by Jack Curtis. The broadcast episode master tape, which was released on DVD in 2002 and Bluray in 2015, does not feature these scenes. A glitchy VHS capture of the first compilation movie was included on the bonus features of the Bluray, as was the episode's script documentation. That capture included these scenes.

On May 26th 2019, a finished 16mm broadcast master for the uncut version of Expect the Unexpected was showcased at the Southend-on-sea film festival by film collector Mark Joseph. During the event he spoke to the audience about how the film had been scanned and was in the process of being digitally restored. No further information has been given regarding a potential release of this version.

It is unlikely (but unconfirmed) that the original broadcast on 9 October 1983 contained these scenes, which may have been cut when the hourlong pilot was split into two half-hour episodes. An article in S.I.G Magazine from the time makes note of scenes on the VHS not being in the broadcast version, whereas Mark Joseph maintains that these were in the first broadcast version. They appear in the Greek dub of the VHS compilation "movie."

Note that the Blu-Ray of the series was largely sourced from the standard definition master tapes rather than from high definition film, although "Expect the Unexpected" was sourced from 16mm positives. Additional 16mm interpositives and mag tape tracks are held by researcher JaJo.

A Third Cut?

In the early stages of filming Terrahawks, the puppets for the human characters went through numerous revamps. The 'Tiger Ninestein' puppet in particular visibly goes through at least 4 redesigns via onscreen footage, and one unused prototype in behind the scenes stills.

The first version of Ninestein to be seen onscreen (Mark 1) was used in Expect the Unexpected Part 1, 2 and Go^ld. Starting with the episode "Thunder Roar", the second version of the puppet was employed. However the Mark 2 saw sparse appearances in both Expect the Unexpected Part 2 and Go^ld, which suggests those scenes were reshoots done after the Mark 1 had been retired.

Curiously, most of the scenes performed by the Mark 2 were altered significantly from their original scripted versions. Furthermore, during the 'last episode' recap of Part 2, an anomalous shot of the character Zero shows up which does not appear naturally in either Part 1 or Part 2.

Researcher JaJo has digitized surviving tracks of magnetic audio tape from the series. One tape, labelled T-27, features Gerry Anderson's voice at the start identifying the recording as "Episode 1 part 1 wild tracks". This was ADR, dialogue recorded at a later date, after the main dialogue for the episode had been finished. This track features nearly all of the dialogue from Part 1 that had been altered from the preproduction script, in addition to several lines of dialogue not featured in any known script material for the episode.

These mysteries seem to point toward the existence of a third cut of Expect the Unexpected. This initial cut may have been used as a reference for the later version released on home video.