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Gods of Los Angeles
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"Both emotionally and intellectually engaging and leaves the viewer with the complete satisfaction that only a fully developed story and uniquely three-dimensional characters can deliver ..." -

"An interesting film with lots of great characters that you'll find yourself pulling for and hoping that things work out for them so they can all find happiness. It's definitely a movie worth seeing." - Rogue Cinema

"Gilchrist's approach is inspiring." - Film Threat

available on dvd
disc 2: outtakes and deleted scenes

Featuring over 1 hour of outtakes and over 90 minutes of deleted scenes, with commentary by Garrett Gilchrist.

disc 3: cast interviews

Featuring over 3 hours of interviews with the cast - Cori Haisler, David Ashe, David Maddox and Katherine Carpenter.

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merchandise 2

written and directed by Garrett Gilchrist

starring Cori Haisler, David Ashe, David Maddox
Katherine Carpenter, Mariana McConnell
with Julie Kenworth, David Lawrence and Davi Kutz
featuring Rich Evans, Warren Blyth and Bailey Hughes

cinematogaphy by Garrett Gilchrist and Jason Gutierrez

produced by Garrett Gilchrist, David Ashe and Mariana McConnell

original music by Richard Allen, Brian Duford, Fabrizio Castania

featuring songs by Ryan Winford, Ken Thornton, Davi Kutz, and Steven Darland

an Orange Cow production

in association with Transcend Entertainment

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