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Re: Little Shop: Breakdown of late Original Cut of Film

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:46 pm
by JustinHoskie
I thought nothing else in 2017 could surprise me, and yet. . .

Reworked Version of Little Shop of Horrors, From Ellen Greene and Frank Oz, Blocked Due to Rights Issues
In short, based on the success of the Encores Off-Center production, Ellen Greene and Frank Oz were quietly working on a possible New York revival of Little Shop, which would've blended aspects of the film into the stage version, for two years before Howard's estate learned of it and shut down the idea. (On her website, Howard's sister Sarah has mentioned multiple times her stance on not letting anyone tamper with Howard's stage script, and her view that the stage musical is Howard Ashman's vision of Little Shop, while the film is Frank Oz's.) This is also the first publicised mention of a possible NY production of the show that's in early talks, that Sarah has also mentioned in the past.
Mr Mushnik wrote:Someone was kind enough to upload the single version of Dentist!

I'm digging the alternate, more sinister bassline. Also, a bonus lyric @1:57 from Howard "he's (strictly?)?? a medical mess" (Howard must have really liked the flow of this phrase as he uses "ethical mess" in "Arabian Nights" on Aladdin). I'm dying to know if there are other recordings out there with alternate arrangements like this, though it looks like all the other singles are just the soundtrack versions.
I'm wondering how much input Howard had with the single. This pretty much just repeats a verse and the new line does feel a bit too tacked too me, though it is just as likely someone asked him for a new chunk they could record with the girls without Steve Martin. And I haven't listened to any of the other single versions I had found in so long, though I do seem to recall hearing that another one had a slightly different arrangement. (Though I could just be remembering hearing about this.)
Mr Mushnik wrote: oh man I think I want to see this more than I ever did the colorized original ending. Do any of the workprints contain the full version of Mean Green Mother? How's the backing music track compared to the one on the director's cut?
I don't think they do. I just took a look at the rest of my notes and all the workprint of Mean Green Mother only had the lyrics that were in the final film, only with some extra / alternate vocalizations. And this final version may have had something closer to the final arrangement, though I can't be certain. I didn't take that many notes on the music because I knew it be a bit hard for me to pick out a synth track from an orchestration.

Re: Little Shop of Horrors Deleted Scenes Leaked

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:27 pm
by JustinHoskie
One of my main goals with my trip to DC last year was to look into the original campy score that Howard and Alan abandoned (which I lovingly refer to as Little Shoppe), and ever since, I've been on the lookout in the materials I have for any info. So far, I've come up empty-handed and I haven't been able to find much of anything. Sarah Gillespie, Howard's sister, mentioned in the old version of her website that she thinks the abandoned score was probably just some song sketches, and from the looks of things, it looks like it might have been nothing more than a few songs that were mixed in with the basic score we have now.

The only materials I was able to find related to Little Shoppe were lyric sheets to the two songs already known from this abandoned approach, "Feed Me" and "The Audrey II Song," as well as a demo to "Feed Me," and a demo to "The Audrey II Song" made during production on the movie.

In terms of story materials, the only mention of "Feed Me" I've found is in Howard's original typed, undated outline, when the Plant is begging Seymour to feed it during the scene before Audrey comes into the shop to check on Seymour. The Audrey II Song isn't mentioned outright in any outline or drafts of the libretto, though it was recycled and used in drafts of the screenplay, during the TV scene where it's sung by singers and dancers in a scene partially inspired by "Hello, Dolly" and "Mame." Because of this, I've always thought it was written early on, around the time of "Feed Me," as just a basic character song with no real place in the story that got cut before it was worked into the story.

Well, I just went over the ending in Howard's typed outline -- the same one that mentions "Feed Me" -- for the project I'm working on, and found this section, just after Audrey's death:
"Outside the shop, as Crsytal and Ronnette sings the prasies of Audrey II, we see Seymour collecting the instruments of her destruction. (MUSICAL SEQUENCE) As they keep singing about how wonderful Audrey II is, Seymour comes by with an axe, a saw, scissors, cyanide, a blow torch, etc. He is now bent on the plant's destruction...soon as the photographer's from Life leave."
A musical sequence where The Urchins sing the praises of Audrey II.

"The Audrey II Song" -- "When it's time to pick a pet flower, who's the shrub we love?" -- is a song that sings the praises of Audrey II.

I'm not in any way exaggerating when I say a chill ran down my spine and that I might have gasped and clutched imaginary pearls.

Re: Little Shop of Horrors Deleted Scenes Leaked

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 2:11 pm
by JustinHoskie
In November, there are two events at the Library of Congress that I feel might be of interest.

On Thursday, November 15th, Don Hahn's film HOWARD is being screened in the Mary Pickford Theater on the third floor of the James Madison Building, starting at 6:30 PM. To find more information, or to register for the event, click HERE: ... 8818490419
(A non-ticked event, seating is first-come-first-serve, and it's recommended to arrive 15-30 minutes before the screening to have the best chance at getting a seat. Registration is only for reminders of the event and for notifications of any schedule changes.)

The following Monday, on November 19, the library welcomes a performance of A Whole New World of Alan Menken in the Coolidge Auditorium in the Thomas Jefferson Building. The concert, starting at 8 PM, will be preceded by the lecture “How Does a Moment Last Forever?: Preserving Music of Film and Stage” by Janet McKinney from the LOC's Music Division in the Whittall Pavilion at 6:30. Registration is now open for volunteer ushers. Tickets -- Which are free!!! -- go on sale September 5th at 10 AM. For more information, click HERE: ... 8745951453

Re: Little Shop of Horrors Deleted Scenes Leaked

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 9:34 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist
Repeating myself here, but I would love to be able to reedit Little Shop officially with the footage they've got. There's plenty of subtle stuff in the rough cuts that they cut out which makes Seymour more complicit and sets up the dark ending. (A darker version of Mushnik's death where Seymour makes a choice, and longer versions of the aftermath to Orrin and Mushnik's deaths, a soliliquy during "The Meek Shall Inherit" where he make a choice and makes his deal with the devil officially, and a scene where he proposes to Audrey similar to the theatrical ending.)

It was "Great Movies" who posted the later, shorter edits of the dark ending of the film, but the destruction sequence definitely needs to be edited shorter like they were, it goes on too long in the earlier cut.

Re: Little Shop of Horrors Deleted Scenes Leaked

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 1:41 pm
by JustinHoskie
Clips from Little Shop's TV edit have come to light. YouTube user kchrules recently posted a montage from the film's premiere on ABC, featuring the film's network TV appropriate dialogue and lyrics. (Unfortunately, in an email they mentioned the recording they had was only a partial recording.)

After saying I had permission to post it on The Little Shop Archive, I did what I always do and made it complicated, by syncing the audio to footage from the Blu-Ray and adding subtitle tracks for both the original dialogue and censored dialogue.

Availability of the final workprint version of Little Shop Of Horrors

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2020 12:21 am
by Alex4066
Hi! I'm Alex, I'm glad I've found somewhere where there are folks of similar interests.

I've been curious for a long time now about who I could contact about the final workprint of Little Shop Of Horrors, whether they'd be willing to share it (provided I give proof I own a legal Blu-Ray or DVD release of the film), or just to ask questions about it (such as if it differs in certain ways from the late workprint at the library of congress).

If anyone has helpful information towards this I'd be very grateful.

Unrelated, I'm a newbie here. I would love to get familiar with the community, so I look forward to talk to you in the comments even if you don't have much info

Re: Little Shop of Horrors Deleted Scenes Leaked

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2020 5:13 am
by Garrett Gilchrist
Joss Hoskie writes (with my edits):

- Black and white ending from recalled DVD. "Don't Feed the Plants" is very long here (too long). The official Blu-Ray release recreates this ending in high quality with only minor changes. Also available colorized by Garrett Gilchrist (apart from shots that differ between releases).

- The John Smith workprint: In some private collection, only clips have been released, via the "Great Movies" Vimeo channel (now defunct). Timecode in upper left corner. This was apparently released in reaction to the official Blu-Ray release not including any of this material. This is a later workprint and "Don't Feed the Plants" has been heavily cut down here.

- The “Mean Green” workprint: Complete VHS workprint, without final reel (ending missing). Timecode in lower left. Audio noise throughout and with a green hue. This is the only full workprint in fan hands, and is the source of most fanedits. Still available by request.

- Extended Workprint: Joss Hoskie edit of Mean Green WP. Some color correction, noise reduction, with Garrett Gilchrist colorized DVD ending edited in, and reel splices edited out.

- VHS Vault Workprint: Up on the Internet Archive, uploaded by Desmond Pfeiffer. Same concept as Extended Cut. The Mean Green WP with B&W dupe footage edited in to complete the film with reel splits edited out, though from the looks of it, there hasn’t been any color correction. ... t+1986.mpg

- An audio restoration by dravenstedman, replacing portions of Mean Green WP audio track with the Blu-ray and OST’s audio. She did finish at least one edit, though I’m not sure if she worked on any more, released the final version anywhere, or of she edited the video in anyway. ... 4140821504 ... 4022925313

- Ashman Archive Workprints: Workprints in the Howard Ashman Archive at the Library of Congress. I (Joss Hoskie) don’t have the LOC’s inventory in front of me, but I’m pretty sure I was able to take a look at them all when I first went and I have notes for 11 workprints. The first half were mostly from January (with one from late Febuary) and most are small bits and pieces of the film, though the March 24 (closest to Mean Green), August 7 (the longest cut; close to John Smith ending), and August 22 workprints (“Complete Workprint;” heavily edited down) are cuts of the entire film, and October 1 workprint being a rough cut of the theatrical’s final three reels. Only viewable at the LOC and have not leaked, as far as I know. (However, they are viewable via digital files, so it might be possible to copy one to a flash-drive and leave with it, though I’d imagine they have some sort of monitoring system.) From I remember, there wasn't any artifacting or compression I could notice. Source wise, it varied. They were all from videotape (I assume VHS) copies, some looking pretty good and others, not so much. Off hand, I just remember the August 22 WP looking pretty good, the October WP looking fine but not great, and my first note for the August 7 WP was "rough as fuck."

- The Strange and Interesting Cut: Joss Hoskie fan edit using Blu-ray footage, John Smith, and Mean Green WPs. I think there were three, maybe four versions, and I think I only released the final version on Myspleen.

- I was in touch with a couple people who were working on their own fan edits, though I haven’t talked to either in a while and I think only one got uploaded somewhere.

Re: Little Shop of Horrors Deleted Scenes Leaked

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 4:55 am
by Alex4066
I didn't know about a few of these. I have my own fan edit that uses Blu-Ray footage and audio where available to reconstruct the Mean Green workprint, but with some video and audio kept from it even where there are Blu-Ray clips, because some are obviously different takes / redubs in the released film, or of course if something is missing altogether, which is most things. Sequences from the John Smith version are used in place of the Mean Green version where available. If anyone's interested I could share this cut.

I've made two versions of it, the second of which makes my own edit, in which the film cuts straight from Seymour's furious face at the end of Feed Me, to him being thrown into the dentist's chair by Orin, skipping the Author Denton scene so that the film carries the tone from the end of Feed Me over into Orin's original death scene, and helping keep the pace of the film moving.

Re: Little Shop of Horrors Deleted Scenes Leaked

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 5:09 am
by Alex4066
Please note that I am still making adjustments to this cut, such as audio balancing, and using the film soundtrack (and the audio track from the soundtrack-only setting on the DVD (or Blu-Ray if it has it) for clearer audio where applicable. For example the end of the original proposal scene uses the same music cue as the outro of Suddenly Seymour, so a high quality version of that could be sourced from the DVD/Blu-Ray.

I've thought about what the results could be with style transfer from the end of shots in the Blu-Ray into the extended shots in the workprints, and style transfer from the trading cards, press photos, and blooper reel onto deleted sequences. There is also AI enhancement to consider. It could be something to experiment with.

Re: Little Shop of Horrors Deleted Scenes Leaked

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 5:55 am
by Garrett Gilchrist
I already did style transfer with one shot from Little Shop of Horrors, using EBSynth. If you can find a matching frame from your high quality and low quality sources, just put in the frame numbers and click render.