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Star Wars Toys For Sale

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Contact me directly at gilchristgarrett [at]

I've been having a rough time of it lately. But I've moved back to California, and in an attempt to raise money I've gone into my storage space and pulled out lots of stuff to sell, which you might be interested in. This includes a lot of vintage Star Wars toys, and a large collection of books, most of which are wonderful and which I treasured back in the day. If you're interested in anything, let me know and make an offer.

Here are the photos!

Thread for books etc:


70s- 80s Star Wars Toys [loose]

Varying condition - vehicles are usually a bit beat up, while action figures are good.
These can be difficult to ship, but you can come by in person if you're in the Los Angeles area.

Millennium Falcon [missing radar dish, gun and some stickers, 40]

B-Wing Fighter [Cockpit missing roof, missing one wing? 40]

Dewback with saddle [There's also a whiplike part which I think went with the dewback] 30

Snowspeeder [missing one front gun] [30]

Jabba the Hutt with throne - missing top of hookah [40]

TIE Fighter Advanced [40]

TIE Fighter Interceptor [40]

Luke's landspeeder [center engine missing top] [20]

Desert Sail Skiff [missing one wing, 18]

Imperial Shuttle Pod [missing cockpit and top wing]

Speeder Bike [20]

Speeder Bike [no top section, 15]

Action figure case: Darth Vader bust [stickers inside mark spaces for specific figures, 30]

Action figure case: "ammunition belt" style. Foam is weak due to age. [10]


70s-80s Star Wars Figures [loose]

Most figures sold for $16 loose.


Max Rebo with keyboard [24]

Droopy McCool [20]

AT-ST Driver

Nien Nunb

General Madine [some paint wear]

Admiral Akbar

Bib Fortuna [with cloak and vest]

Squid Head [with cloak]

Endor Rebel Soldier


Nikto [with staff, not pictured]

Chief Chirpa Ewok [with cloak]

Logray Ewok [with headdress]

Teebo Ewok [with headdress]

Lumat Ewok [with headdress and arrow quiver]

Paploo Ewok [with headdress]

Wicket Ewok [no headdress, some wear]

Ewok wings [with rock and u-piece]


Han Solo [Marked 1977, some wear]
C-3PO [marked 1977, some wear on face]
Lando Calrissian: Skiff Guard Disguise [with mask]
Luke Skywalker as Stormtrooper [no helmet]
Han Solo ROTJ style [Marked 1984]
Darth Vader [marked 1977, no cloak or saber]
Obi-Wan Kenobi [marked 1977, no cloak but has lightsaber]
8D8 Jabba's Palace Droid
Admiral Akbar
4-LOM [aka Zuckuss, with brown cloak and brown backpack and gear]
Chewbacca [Marked 1977]
R2-D2 with green lightsaber
Cloud City Guard [Light skin]
Gamorrean Guard
Rancor Keeper [no headdress]
Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot [A moustache has been drawn on the figure, with more painting on the stripes of his legs]


Millennium Falcon cockpit section from model kit - unpainted with Han and Chewie

Die-cast metal minifigures: Hoth Han Solo [?]

Blue "Return of the Jedi" weapons mini-case

Microphone for Sy Snootles


90s Star Wars Toys [generally "Special Edition" era, usually the first 90s "muscular" sculpts of these characters]

Most figures sold for $8 loose. Cardbacks and stickers also often available, or as a lot. Some figures still have weapons, I'll check if they're in the collection.
Minifigures and other miscellany may be sold as a lot, or for other prices.


Star Wars "Biggs Darklighter" X-Wing Pilot figure sealed [Power of the Force]

2-1B Medical Droid [with scanner]

Luke Skywalker Dagobah [with lightsaber and blaster]

Tusken Raider [with staff]

Obi-Wan Kenobi [with lightsaber]

Princess Leia as Boussh [with staff, mask, and cape]


Bossk [with rifle]

Stormtrooper Luke Skywalker [with helmet]

Princess Leia [with blaster and 2-piece skirt and cloak]

Two Jawas [with light-up heads and two guns]

R2-D2 with retractable leg

R2-D2 [with magnet in third leg and sand painted on legs from desert playset]

Yoda [with backpack and cane]

Sandtrooper [with rifle, backpack, and orange neck piece]

Lando Calrissian [with cape and gun]

Emperor Palpatine [with cane]

Darth Vader [with lightsaber]

Han Solo in white shirt [with blaster]

Micro Machines minifigures: ROTJ Lando Calrissian, Speeder bike with Leia, Speeder bike with Luke, Bib Fortuna, Yoda, Ponda Baba, Gamorrean Guard, Tantive IV Rebel, Hoth Rebel, Tonnika Sister

Micromachines "Heir to the Empire" [Timothy Zahn] minifigs [in box. Grand Admiral Thrawn, Mara Jade, Wedge Antilles, Skipray Blastboat, Lady Luck, Star Destroyer. Minor damage to box]

Darth Vader [3-inch metal statue, bronze color, originally a keychain from Placo Toys]

Emperor Palpatine Applause PVC figure

Greedo Applause PVC figure

Applause R2-D2 with Princess Leia inside [Also includes paper stand and lenticular Princess Leia hologram]

Taco Bell Millennium Falcon top spinner with stand and pull ring

Taco Bell Boba Fett / Sarlaac balancer with stand

Bendy Yoda

Bendy Admiral Akbar [a bit dirty]

Bendy Princess Leia [a bit dirty]

Star Wars Action Fleet stand [toy unknown]

Star Wars [1995ish] Action Figure Cardbacks and Foil Stickers [stuck on plastic sheet]

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