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Books, Comics, Toys For Sale Etc.

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Contact me directly at gilchristgarrett [at]

I've been having a rough time of it lately. But I've moved back to California, and in an attempt to raise money I've gone into my storage space and pulled out lots of stuff to sell, which you might be interested in. This includes a lot of vintage Star Wars toys, and a large collection of books, most of which are wonderful and which I treasured back in the day. If you're interested in anything, let me know and make an offer.

Most of the books are also listed on Click "Products" then click on the last page [currently page 15], since they're basically in reverse order of interest right now. ... asStoreID=

Will sell most books for $10.

I'm generally asking $10 shipping per order as well, though this can include multiple books.

Star Wars Toys

Lot of Star Wars toys from the 80s. Some 90s toys also.

Here are the photos:

See this thread:



Hardcover Books

The Illustrated Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [Douglas Adams. Large format 1994, with full color photographs throughout shot for this edition. Very unusual. Sort of an alternate Hitchhiker's Guide movie.]

The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide [Five complete novels and "Young Zaphod Plays It Safe" by Douglas Adams, Green Planet cover]

Gilliam on Gilliam [Terry Gilliam discusses his films. Edited by Ian Christie. Many black and white photos.]

Superman Archives: Volume I [First Superman comics by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster. DC Comics Archive Editions, 272 pages, full color art]

Faeries [Designed and Illustrated by Brian Froud and Alan Lee. Color and black and white illustrations throughout.]

The Complete Frank Miller Batman [Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, Wanted: Santa Claus - Dead Or Alive. Full color hardback comics collection.]

Oddkins: A Fable For All Ages [Dean R. Koontz, Illustrations by Phil Parks, Created by Christopher Zavisa. 185 pages with full color paintings throughout.]

Warner Bros. Animation Art: The Characters. The Creators. The Limited Editions. [Jerry Beck and Will Friedwald, 1997. Full color artwork throughout. 247ish pages, coffee table sized.]

The Battle of Brazil: The Real Story of Terry Gilliam's Victory over Hollywood to Release His Landmark Film. Includes the annotated screenplay. [Jack Mathews]

Cruel Shoes [Steve Martin. Standup-style humor with photos throughout.]

Illustrators 34: The Society of Illustrators 34th Annual of American Illustration [1992, full color artwork throughout]

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction [Robert Holdstock 1978, full color artwork throughout, without an overemphasis on films]

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Science Fiction: The Definitive Illustrated Guide [David Pringle, 1996. Color and B&W photos throughout, more focused on film]

The Book of Classic Board Games [Klutz Press. 15 board games included. Go-style white and black playing stones included, and dice.]

How The Grinch Stole Christmas! [Dr. Seuss. Two copies. One has some black adhesive residue on the cover.]

Magic Eye II: Now You See It [3D Illusions by N.E. Thing Enterprises]

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe [Douglas Adams, US 1980, Green Planet cover]

Life, the Universe and Everything [Douglas Adams, US 1982, Green Planet cover]

Over 50 Years of American Comic Books [Ron Goulart, 1991. Text with color illustrations throughout, coffee table size, 325 pages]

Drawing Dynamic Hands [Burne Hogarth] Structure, Proportions, Anatomy, Movement, Foreshortening, Inventions, Functions, Gesture, Occupations, Aging

The Elements of Screen-writing: A Guide for Film and Television Writers [Irwin R. Blacker]

Spider-Man: Wanted: Dead or Alive [Novel by Craig Shaw Gardner, illustrations by Bob Hall]

Something Rotten [Jasper Fforde, novel]

The Other 637 Best Things Anybody Ever Said [Mostly humor, quotes chosen by Robert Byrne]

Dave Barry's Gift Guide to End All Gift Guides [Color photos throughout, humor]

Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic [A novel by Terry Jones]

I, Robot [Isaac Asimov, 1963 edition]

Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version [bent]


Paperback Books

Doonesbury: Action Figure! The Life and Times of Doonesbury's Uncle Duke [Action figure toy and comics by G.B. Trudeau. Action figure of Hunter S. Thompson inspired character features machine gun, chainsaw, liquor bottle and martini glass. Collected comics from 1974-1992]

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen [Charles McKeown and Terry Gilliam Screenplay with many black and white photos, includes deleted material and making of information]

3D Wonderland [A Magic Eye book. Cross your eyes. Full color throughout.]

The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book [Comics and commentary by Bill Watterson, Treasury size]

The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes: A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury [Comics by Bill Watterson.]

The Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book [Comics by Bill Watterson, color, 129 pages.]

There's Treasure Everywhere: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection [Comics by Bill Watterson.]

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes: A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury [Comics by Bill Watterson. Some water damage.]

Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection [Comics by Bill Watterson. Some water warping at page bottom.]

The Original Hitch-Hiker Radio Scripts [Douglas Adams, 10th Anniversary Edition, includes deleted material and making of information. Green planet cover.]

The Evil Dead Companion [Bill Warren, B&W photos]

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Amazing Colossal Episode Guide

The First 280 Years of Monty Python [Kim "Howard" Johnson, black and white photographs]

Star Wars: The Magic of Myth [Companion volume to the exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution. Mary Henderson. Color photographs throughout, often tracing mythological influences on Star Wars.]

How to Draw Star Wars Heroes, Creatures, Spaceships and Other Fantastic Things [Lee J. Ames Draw 50 Series, 1984]

Star Wars: A Storybook [1997, J.J. Gardner, color photos throughout, Scholastic]

Mad Mazes: Intriguing Mind Twisters for Puzzle Buffs, Game Nuts and Other Smart People by Robert Abbott [Full color]

The Other Shoe [Comics by Jeff MacNelly. Second treasury sized book, mostly color]

The Cat Sold It! Feline Stars of the Advertising World [Muncaster & Sawyer, 113 color photographs]

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas: The Film, the Art, The Vision [Frank Thompson, color photographs and art throughout and information on unused scenes.]

The Making of The X-Files: Fight the Future [Full color photographs throughout]

Dear Mr. Ripley: A Compendium of Curioddities from the Believe It or Not! Archives [Photos throughout of unusual and unbelievable people from the past, Sloan/Manley/Van Parys, Treasury Size]

Happy Birthday, Charlie Brown: Celebrating Thirty Years With Peanuts [Lee Mendelson in association with Charles Schulz. Color photos throughout. Comics, art and details about the animated Peanuts specials.]

You Don't Look 35, Charlie Brown! [Charles M. Schulz. Peanuts comics with creator commentary throughout.]

MAD's Vastly Overrated Al Jaffee: A Collection of His Lowlights from MAD Magazine [Treasury size comics]

The Completely MAD Don Martin: Don Martin's Best Cartoons from Mad Magazine [Treasury size comics]

MAD's Don Martin Comes On Strong [with the help of Dick De Bartolo] [Comics]

Shootin' MAD [Comics by Sergio Aragones]

In MAD We Trust! [Comics by Sergio Aragones]

MAD's Dave Berg Looks At the USA [Comics by Dave Berg]

Al Jaffee's MAD (Yecch!) Monstrosities [Comics]

Fighting MAD [Comics by the Usual Gang of Idiots]

The Questionable MAD [Comics by the Usual Gang of Idiots]

Sam's Strip Lives! [Comics by Mort Walker and Jerry Dumas. Signed by Mort Walker with a drawing of Sam. Unusual comic strip, about comic strips and featuring cameos by other comic strip characters.]

Garfield [Comics by Jim Davis and PAWS. First volume! Cover missing.]

Garfield Loses His Feet [Comics by Jim Davis and PAWS]

The Unabridged Uncensored Unbelievable Garfield [Comics by Jim Davis and PAWS. Unusual book. These are single panel comics rather than comic strips and the standard of art is a little higher. Warning that some drawing in the margins of the book was done by us as children, but doesn't spoil the actual comics, apart from one page which is partially colored in.]

Four Little Kittens [Reproduction of antique children's book featuring cats in clothing acting out a story. Adorable black and white photos throughout.]

Krazy Kat: The Comic Art of George Herriman [Treasury-sized comic collection and biography. B&W and color]

Dilbert: Seven Years of Highly Defective People - Scott Adams' Guided Tour of the Evolution of Dilbert [Comics. Color and B&W with creator commentary throughout]

Marvin: Spoil Me! [Comics by Tom Armstrong]

Games magazine presents Paint by Numbers [nonogram puzzles. Some are already filled in, mostly just the easier ones.]

The Time Machine [H.G. Wells]

All I Need to Know About Filmmaking I Learned From The Toxic Avenger [Lloyd Kaufman, James Gunn. Introduction by Roger Corman. The Shocking True Story of Troma Studios]

The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus: All the Words Volume One [by Monty Python. Some black and white screen grabs. Mostly accurate to the TV shows as aired.]

The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus: All the Words Volume Two [by Monty Python. Some black and white screen grabs. Mostly accurate to the TV shows as aired.]

Barnaby #2: Mr. O'Malley and the Haunted House [Comics by Crockett Johnson]

How to Win Friends & Influence People [Dale Carnegie, Revised]

Chaucer's Knight: The Portrait of a Medieval Mercenary [Terry Jones, Revised]

Pogo's Will Be That Was [Comics by Walt Kelly. G.O Fizzickle Pogo and Positively Pogo combined into one book.]

Pogo's Double Sunday [Comics by Walt Kelly. The Pogo Sunday Parade and The Pogo Sunday Brunch combined into one book.]

Pogo for President [Comics by Walt Kelly]

Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker [Novelization by Alan Dean Foster from a film by George Lucas, 7th printing June 1977. Some color photos. Cover a bit beat up.]

The Incredible Hulk: Ground Zero [Peter David, Todd Macfarlane etc. 1987-1988, Marvel Comics collection. Grey Hulk.]

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm [Comics adaptation of the Warner Bros. motion picture by Kelley Puckett, Mike Parobeck, Rick Buchett with Rick Taylor. Small format, full color, I believe this came with the VHS of the film.]

The Groucho Letters: From and To Groucho Marx

The Fisher King [Novelization by Leonore Fleischer based on the motion picture by Richard LaGravenese and directed by Terry Gilliam]

Dune [Frank Herbert 1977 edition]

Cat's Cradle [Kurt Vonnegut Jr.]

Slaughter-House Five [Kurt Vonnegut Jr., back cover and back pages bent]

CoroCoro Comic, Japanese manga by Shogakukan, 1991 No. 158. [Super Mario Bros, Ultraman, Doraemon etc. 672 pages.]

Unknown mini-guide to Japanese baseball players. Some black and white and color photos, probably 1991.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe [Douglas Adams, US 1995, CG marbles cover]

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe [Douglas Adams, US 1982, Green Planet cover]

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency [Douglas Adams US 1988]

The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy [Douglas Adams UK 1979, Original cover 2nd printing]

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [Douglas Adams US 1981, Green Planet cover]

Pat Paulsen for President [satire, 1968, black and white photos throughout]

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex-Drugs-and-Rock 'n' Roll Generation Saved Hollywood [Peter Biskind]

Brain Droppings [George Carlin, humor]

The Far Side Gallery [comics by Gary Larson, Treasury size]

The Far Side Gallery 2 [comics by Gary Larson, Treasury size]

The Far Side Gallery 4 [comics by Gary Larson, Treasury size]

Wiener Dog Art: A Far Side Collection [comics by Gary Larson]

Cows of Our Planet: A Far Side Collection [comics by Gary Larson]

The Far Side Observer [comics by Gary Larson]

Valley of The Far Side [comics by Gary Larson]

Bride of The Far Side [comics by Gary Larson]

Wildlife Preserves: A Far Side Collection [comics by Gary Larson]

In Search of The Far Side [comics by Gary Larson]

The Twilight Zone Companion [Marc Scott Zicree, Second Edition]

Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up [Humor, Dave Barry]

Dave Barry's Greatest Hits [Humor, Dave Barry]

Dave Barry Turns 40 [Humor, Dave Barry]

Whoppers: Tall Tales and Other Lies Collected from American Folklore [Alvin Schwartz]

Greetings From This Modern World [Comics by Tom Tomorrow]

The Wrath of Sparky [This Modern World Comics by Tom Tomorrow]

Tune In Tomorrow [This Modern World Comics by Tom Tomorrow]

The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul [Douglas Adams]

The Tick: Mighty Blue Justice [Greg Hyland. Official illustrated guide to The Tick TV series characters]

Matt Groening's The Simpsons: Uncensored Family Album [1991. Original material in the format of a family photo album.]

The Incredible Moving Picture Book: 28 Pictures That You Can Make Move With the Magical Moire [Frank J. Moore. Images derived from vintage 19th century crosshatched artwork, which animate slightly using a clear piece of plastic with black hatching on it.]

If At All Possible, Involve a Cow: The Book of College Pranks [Neil Steinberg, MST3K related as much of it is about Jim Mallon and company]

The Big Book of New American Humor [1990] The Best of the Past 25 Years [Edited by William Novak & Moshe Waldoks. Humor and comics by various popular humorists. Treasury size.]

Learn to Draw 3-D: A Step by Step Guide to Perspective Drawing [Doug Dubosque]

Motley's Crew [Comics by Ben Templeton and Tom Forman]

Wizard of Id: My Vat Runneth Over! [Comics by Johnny Hart and Brant Parker]

Wizard of Id: Ta-Da! [Comics by Johnny Hart and Brant Parker]

BC: A BC Collection [Comics by Johnny Hart]

The TV Theme Song Sing-Along Songbook [John Javna]

Bloom County: Tales Too Ticklish To Tell [Comics by Berke Breathed]

Tron [Novel by Brian Daley, some color photos]

Omen IV: Armageddon 2000 [Gordon McGill]

The Great Shark Hunt [Hunter S. Thompson- Gonzo Papers Vol. 1: Strange Tales from a Strange Time]

Generation of Swine [Hunter S. Thompson- Gonzo Papers Vol. 2: Tales of Shame and Degradation In the '80s]

Essential Origami: How to Build Dozens of Models from Just 10 Easy Bases [Steve and Megumi Biddle]

My Life As a Cartoonist [Harvey Kurtzman, for younger readers]

The Stupids Have a Ball [Funny children's book by Harry Allard and James Marshall]

The Stupids Die [Funny children's book by Harry Allard and James Marshall]

The Dick Tracy Casebook: Favorite Adventures 1931-1990 [Chester Gould, Max Allan Collins, Dick Locher. Treasury size.]

Dick Tracy - His Greatest Cases - No. 2 - Snowflake and Shaky plus The Black Pearl [comics by Chester Gould]

Dick Tracy Meets the Punks (and Quiver Trembly) [#2, comics by Rick Fletcher and Max Collins]

The Great Movie Cartoon Parade [Halas/Rider 1976, large format with color art throughout. Cover torn.]

The Sunday Funnies: 100 Years of Comics in American Life [The Barnum Museum. Large format, 48 pages, color and black and white art]

Tales of the Dark Knight - Batman's First Fifty Years: 1939-1989 [Mark Cotta Vaz. Treasury size. 48 full color covers, 210 pages. Artwork throughout telling entire comics history of Batman.]

Dick Tracy: DC Comics Limited Collector's Edition [1975, large format color comic, comics by Chester Gould]

Bridge to Terabithia [Katherine Paterson]

The Return of the King [JRR Tolkien, 1973 cover by Herring]

The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told [DC Comics Collection, 1939-1983, 288 pages]

Ziggy: On the Outside Looking In … [Comics by Tom Wilson]

The Amateur Dramatics Handbook: A Practical Guide. Scenery, Lighting, Make-up, Costume. [Jack Cassin-Scott]

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People [Stephen R. Covey]

The Doonesbury Chronicles [Comics by G.B. Trudeau, Treasury size]

Doonesbury: Bravo For Life's Little Ironies [Comics by G.B. Trudeau]

Doonesbury: In Search of Reagan's Brain [Comics by G.B. Trudeau]

Doonesbury: But the Pension Fund Was Just Sitting There [Comics by G.B. Trudeau]

Doonesbury: Still a Few Bugs in the System [Comics by G.B. Trudeau]

Doonesbury: The President Is a Lot Smarter Than You Think [Comics by G.B. Trudeau, torn cover]

Doonesbury: The Original Yale Comics [Comics by G.B. Trudeau]

Hagar the Horrible: The Brutish are Coming [Comics by Dik Browne]

The Death of Superman [DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection 1993, color]

Hawkman [Gardner Fox and Joe Kubert. DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection 1989, collecting stories from 1961-1962]

Crossover Classics: The Marvel/DC Collection [Marvel heroes meet DC Comics heroes in this Graphic Novel Collection from 1991, color.]

A Treasury of Humor: More than one thousand jokes and anecdotes on everything from airplanes to zoos [Edited by Eric W. Johnson]

Funky Winkerbean Yearbook [#3, Comics by Tom Batiuk]

The Weird World of Gahan Wilson [comics]

Ugly Is As Ugly Does, Broom-Hilda [Comics by Russell Myers, #3]

The X-Files: Fight the Future [Young readers novelization by Elizabeth Hand, of a film by Chris Carter. Some color photos]

Dirty Jokes and Beer: Stories of the Unrefined [Drew Carey, humor]

Ladder of Angels: Stories from the Bible Illustrated by Children of the World [Madeleine L'Engle. Color illustrations throughout.]

Cartoon Animation: Introduction to a Career [Milton Grey]

How to Be a Stand-Up Comic [Richard Belzer with Larry Charles and Rick Newman. Black and white photos throughout, humor / instructional.]

Juggling for the Complete Klutz [Cassidy, Rimbeaux, Waller, 3rd edition]

Film Flubs: Memorable Movie Mistakes [Bill Givens]

Son of Film Flubs: More Memorable Movie Mistakes [Bill Givens]

You Can't Take It With You [A Comedy In Three Acts by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman]

King Lear [William Shakespeare, Signet Classics]

Hamlet [William Shakespeare, Signet Classics]

Pudd'nhead Wilson [Mark Twain, Signet Classics]

Fahrenheit 451 [Ray Bradbury]

Frankenstein [Mary Shelley]

The Invisible Man [H.G Wells, Watermill Classic]

The Red Badge of Courage [Stephen Crane, Watermill Classic]

The Elements of Style [Strunk & White]

The Audubon Society Pocket Guides: Familiar Mammals North America [All full color photos]

Variety Power Players 2000: Movers and Shakers, Power Brokers and Career Makers in Hollywood

The Thames and Hudson Manual of Film Editing [Roger Crittenden]

Writing for Film and Television [Stewart Bronfeld]

Film Scriptwriting: A Practical Manual [Dwight V Swain]

From Script to Screen: The Collaborative Art of Filmmaking [Linda Seger and Edward Jay Whermore]

The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers [John Gardner]

Sega Genesis Secrets: Prima's Secrets of the Games Volume 6 [DeMaria, Barrera & Stratton]

Cinematography [Kris Malkiewicz, Second Edition]

New Expanded Webster's Dictionary 1990

The Novelty Songbook 58 [For All Portable Keyboards. Some songs will be familiar to Muppet fans.]

Textbook: Introduction to Mass Communication MS 101

Gaffers, Grips and Best Boys: Who Does What in the Making of a Motion Picture [Eric Taub]

Science Fiction Films [1976, Thomas R. Atkins, Monarch Film Studies]

Webster's New Riverside Dictionary: Vest-Pocket Edition [Minibook]

Sherlock Holmes: Two Complete Adventures [Minibook]

Abraham Lincoln: The Gettysburg Address and Other Speeches [minibook from Penguin]

Mark Twain: The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County and Other Stories [minibook from Penguin]

William Blake: Songs of Innocence and Experience [minibook from Penguin]

Omer Englebert: The Lives of the Saints [minibook from Penguin]


Magazines / Comics


Simpsons Illustrated [9, Summer 1993]

The Warner Bros. Collection [Catalog Summer 1990, worn cover. Bugs Bunny 50th Birthday]

Animato! The Animation Fan's Magazine [Spring 1994, issue 28]

Bugs Bunny: He's 50, Folks! [1990. Tape on spine, cover somewhat disconnected]

Electronic Gaming Monthly [#59, June 1994, Vol. 7 issue 6]

Seinfeld Forever: The Ultimate Fact-Filled Farewell Guide to America's No. 1 Comedy [Special TV Guide Edition, 96 pages, 1998]

The Phantom of the Opera PLAYBILL [July 1993]

Walt Kelly's Pogo: The Fort Mudge Most [#16, July 1990. Articles, and 1990 strips by Doyle and Sternecky.]



Running Time [Bruce Campbell. Dir. Josh Becker]

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers [Extended Edition]

The Fisher King [Dir. Terry Gilliam]

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life [Two-disc special edition]

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas [Special Edition - deleted scenes,

Vincent, Frankenweenie]

Cannibal! The Musical [Troma/ Trey Parker]

Bob Clampett's Beany & Cecil: The Special Edition



Ghostbusters Betamax videotape

Destiny [XBOX One game]

Doctor Who "Tenth Doctor" action figure sealed

Star Wars "Biggs Darklighter" X-Wing Pilot figure sealed [Power of the Force]

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 McDonald's Happy Meal Bag

The Tick "Dinosaur Neil" action figure loose

Nightmare Before Christmas toys [various. Mayor action figure, kids in bathtub, Jack and Sally moon tableau, Sally card back - have more in storage]

Animaniacs toys [various. McDonald's, bendy, PVC poses]

Teletubbies toys [lot of 3]

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Comic Book Trading Cards [complete set, 1994]

Pepe Le Pew PVC toy

Pinky and the Brain book mark: "Quiet!!! I'm trying to take over the world!"

Blazing Saddles Cast Postcard

Transformers The Movie Poster Postcard [1986 film]

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas: An Animated Flip Book [Double-sided, full color]

Marvin the Martian in the 3rd Dimension 3D glasses [Warner Bros. Studio Store]

Star Wars [1995ish] Action Figure Cardbacks and Holo-Stickers

Royal & Langnickel Watercolor painting set

Winton Oil Colours Paint Set [Red, Yellow, Ultramarine, White]

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