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Re: Things I Say

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 12:15 am
by Garrett Gilchrist
Democrats will oppose real progress every day of their lives, and then once progress happens anyway, because it can't be stifled and denied anymore, they'll pretend they were on the right side of history all along.

Re: Things I Say

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 3:11 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist
I am a progressive leftist. I was radicalized by decades of poverty, bullying and abuse. It became like seeing behind the curtain, to see the systemic inequality, constant danger and hate behind what I'd thought was a more civilized society.

But when I try to talk about this to some people, they suddenly forget how to read. Liberal Democrats are progressive to a point, but when you start talking about actual life-or-death danger, abuse and systemic issues, they think you're just making it all up. Suddenly it's all fake, Dungeons and Dragons. "Nazis aren't real, they're characters in a movie. Nobody's abusing you, you're just a drama queen."

I always find out too late that my friends just think I'm making it all up when I talk about issues more important and life-threatening than the weather or what's on television.

I suffered all kinds of bullying, abuse and threats to my life (and property and career) in Los Angeles the first time round. There were many times I needed help to survive- help I didn't get. It took me years to realize that the few friends I'd confided in about this were also bullies who didn't believe a goddamn word of it, and just thought I loved to make stuff up for drama.

I left in 2009 and came back in 2015, and things only got worse. I'd seen behind the curtain at that point. I no longer had a stable place to live, and my life was very much in danger. I confided in a middle-class friend, who said, "If you REALLY were homeless I'd help you." I was on the street, "living" out of a suitcase in a place where 30+ people were "living" on the lawn, and having to keep moving to even worse places day by day.

I needed help very badly, and it took me years to even begin to recover mentally or physically. The friend asked what I wanted, and I said, I just need you to listen to what I'm saying and believe me. The friend said, "I can't do that."

Paraphrase: 'You're making it up. You could get a good job and be off the streets at any time. You're choosing to live this way. This is not what America is.'

Today, a lot of people are sharing a letter by some wealthy, privileged writers saying that "cancel culture" is out of hand, by which they mean being criticized for anything they write on Twitter. If you spend as much time on Twitter as I do (too much), it's almost an Avengers-level crossover of people who get paid a lot to have terrible opinions.

It's, uh, complicated, and the letter is only immediately obvious as a trainwreck if you know WAY too much about Twitter drama. A LOT of these people have written absolutely babbling nonsense in the New York Times or similar, and been called on it.

A few names stand out. Jesse Singal and Katie Herzog, who are well known as transphobes, who lead mobs to harass trans people on Twitter in an attempt to drive them to suicide on a constant basis. And Joanne Rowling, who has started doing the same thing relatively recently, conflating trans people with sexual predators hiding in bathrooms to forcibly turn your kids trans.

"Huge numbers of women are justifiably terrified by the trans activists," wrote Rowling, going all in on her anti-trans bigotry. "I refuse to bow down to a movement that I believe is doing demonstrable harm in seeking to erode ‘woman’ as a political and biological class and offering cover to predators like few before it."

For sure it's not healthy to be on Twitter so much and actually know why this letter is a joke. Most of the daily drama that goes on is impossible to explain at this point. But I assure you, Singal, Herzog and Rowling are bad news.

About a dozen people on my friends list are sharing this letter unironically, and one liberal friend said to me directly, this letter is for you. People on the left. She's talking to you. She's saying you're delusional and you've gone too far.

Now I don't doubt that, because Joanne Rowling is trash, but this "friend" was agreeing with Rowling and saying I'm delusional and making stuff up about Nazis harassing people on Twitter.

The same old song. "Nazis aren't real, they're characters in a movie. Nobody's abusing anyone, you're just a drama queen."

Not said directly, but he accused me of making massive leaps in logic. The minute I started talking about bigotry, this friend refused to process what I was saying. He removed my words and inserted his own. He went on his feed and mine, twisting my words and claiming that I had claimed that there is a "neo-nazi sex traffic ring that Malcom Gladwell, Michelle Goldberg, JK Rowling, Noam Chomsky, and Salman Rushdie are definitely a part of."

I had said nothing of the sort. I'd talked about sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, and the transphobia of Joanne Rowling's Twitter account, and the harassment that women and LGBT figures face on social media, but to him that's all made-up nonsense from the land of make-believe.

Because it's all a fucking joke to him. I grew up in a part of Connecticut that only rich people can really live in now. I was privileged, until life kicked my ass and threw me out on the street.

I was privileged, but I've seen the other side of that now. And when I try to explain the way things really are to people I knew back then, they suddenly forget how to read.

So fine, you win. There's nothing wrong with America, or Great Britain. No racism, no bigotry. Trump isn't real. Go back to sleep.

I'm sick of talking to you like children, and still not being understood, because you don't believe anything about how people poorer or more marginalized than you have to live.

I'm done.

Just got a hell of a reply, before blocking someone. Something like "JK isn't transphobic and neither am I. We're Gender Identity Theory Phobic."

I replied, "That's the same thing."

I hate to rant and angrypost, but this has been a hell of a fucking year, and if people haven't been radicalized by the events of this year yet, there's something wrong there.

Cheryl Lynn Eaton writes:

Privileged people are having a really hard time with the knowledge folks don't like and don't want to socialize with them.

Prior to advancements in social media, privileged people had a very fun time using their platforms to judge and describe those without said privileges. And they did it without having to be aware what those people really thought about them.

Now they know and they are DEVASTATED.

Turns out when you deny the humanity of others and declare their culture to be inferior and demonize them in the press, those people will find you loathsome and avoid you. And you cannot silence them or force them to spend their free time debating you or make them work with you.

Re: Things I Say

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 7:06 am
by Garrett Gilchrist
(Avril Lavigne, Sk8r Boi, lyrics)

Directions were bad
But Chalmers arrived
For an unforgettable luncheon

He ruined the roast
He ordered fast food
What more can I say?

He was a Skinner boi
He said eat your dinner boy
I have prepared for you steamed hams

The kitchen burned down tonight
Or is it the Northern Lights
If you want to see it he'll say no

Re: Things I Say

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 7:22 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist
I define centrism as a childish failure to understand larger issues of systemic bigotry and inequality, or a privileged/bigoted unwillingness to confront them, combined with a deluded belief that only the centrist is intelligent and mature enough to be running all systems in our society.

Re: Things I Say

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2020 3:13 am
by Garrett Gilchrist
Mount Rushmore is a monument to the American Presidents who sought the immortality of Rassilon.

Re: Things I Say

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2020 5:53 am
by Garrett Gilchrist
Blame Canada?

South Park Studios, late 90s.

MATT: Wow, America is addicted to endless war. It's never going to stop. We should make fun of that. Except we're Republicans.

TREY: Libertarians.

MATT: So we love war.

TREY: Officially we have no comment on whether we do or do not "love war" and anyway it's stupid, everything's stupid, asking questions is stupid, you're stupid. Your parents are stupid.

MATT: So we love war.

TREY: Unofficially.

MATT: So what do we hate?

TREY: Liberals. Women with opinions who we no longer find attractive.

MATT: So what if we wrote a song ...

TREY: I'm listening.

MATT: Making fun of America's military industrial complex and addiction to war ...

TREY: I'm no longer listening.

MATT: Except we blame it on ...

TREY: Women with opinions.

MATT: Yes! Your dumb parents who are unattractive women with opinions decide to invade a country.

TREY: That could happen and isn't just a misogynist meme.

MATT: We are satirists.


MATT: As two straight conservative white men making mediocre television I am ready to completely believe that we are geniuses.

TREY: We will get an Oscar nom.

MATT: This actually happens.

TREY: We will teach an entire generation of internet assholes that the problem isn't that America is run by psychopaths, but that the true evil is liberals and any woman who ever expresses an opinion about anything.

MATT: This will have no consequences whatsoever!

TREY: For us!

MATT: And if someday an unpopular woman runs for President against the world's worst man, and it's her that nobody trusts, she should have smiled more!

TREY: What an unlikely scenario!

MATT: But what's next? What if the next President is a conservative who invades Iraq for no clearly stated reason and plunges us into an endless war for the next two decades or more?

TREY: Oh no! We'd have to pretend to have an opinion about that.

MATT: What if we made a movie ...

TREY: I'm listening.

MATT: About puppets who fart and screw ...

TREY: I'm double listening ...

MATT: That makes fun of an endless, pointless war ...

TREY: No longer listening.

MATT: Where the bad guy terrorists who started the war are ...





My favorite ever Reddit comment about South Park:
Yeah, and Manbearpig was (from 2006, and argued) what an idiot Al Gore was to think climate change was real.

South Park has always been fundamentally reactionary; those pushing for change are wrong no matter what change they push for. Nothing is a bigger crime to Matt and Trey than Giving a Shit. Their ideology is apathetic-libertarian; whether you're on the left or the right, if you're asking me to change my behavior, you suck.

As it stands, the political left tends to push for more change than the political right does; as it stands, Matt and Trey admit they dislike conservatives and "really fucking hate" liberals. It isn't about left or right; it's about change versus comfort. If you're trying to change something, they think you're annoying. And they think you're lame, because caring about stuff is lame.

It's the same attitude that establishes "u mad" and "butthurt" as the ultimate trump cards in internet arguments: caring is for losers, and if you become personally invested in politics you're part of the problem. Uncritical, detached acceptance of the status quo is the only morally upright posture, and those who draw a distinction between is and ought are all smug bullies, outlandish freaks, and/or closed-minded zealots.

It's a show that teaches its audience to become lazy and self-satisfied, that praises them for being uncritically accepting of their own biases, and that provides them with an endless buffet of thought-terminating cliches suitable for shutting down all manner of challenges to their comfort zones.

South Park is a place where you never have to have your assumptions challenged. It's a place where you're always right, you shouldn't bother to think, and the people asking you to change your mind are annoying busybodies and prigs who should just shut up and leave you alone.

South Park is, if you'll excuse the expression...a "safe space."

Re: Things I Say

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 11:53 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist
Trump's whole plan on Election Day (a variation on W Bush's), is to declare himself the winner as soon as possible using GOP-biased early results ... and refuse to acknowledge Biden's lead once all the votes are in (including mail in votes). He'll get away with it too. ... 2933508098

Re: Things I Say

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2020 10:05 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist
W: It smells of cheap wine, cigarettes. This place is always such a mess.

C: Ha ha, yeah

W: Sometimes I think I'd like to watch it burn.

C: What did you say?


C: What did you say, Ronald?

Re: Things I Say

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2020 6:44 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist
TWITTER: Hey, this writer you've never heard of just said something stupid and bigoted.

ME: Thanks for letting me know. Glad I'll never have to hear from that person again.

TWITTER: Oh no, you'll hear about this person every day on here whenever they say ANYTHING!

ME: Why?

TWITTER: Because fuck you that's why

Re: Things I Say

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 2:42 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist
I've only just realized that Youtube demonetized my entire channel in July, reporting my original content as stolen content, for no reason.

They did this exact same thing in June 2019. This means I've had no income during the pandemic and didn't realize it. I was counting on that revenue.

(The government also cut off my food benefits recently, again for no reason, something they seem to do every six months now.)

My channel has been getting a lot more attention recently for various reasons, and I'm not making a cent off of it right now, as it was falsely demonetized.

Youtube sent an auto-reply saying basically to not expect any reply or support during the Pandemic.

This is honestly my entire livelihood these days, due to the pandemic, and with everything else going on I hadn't even realized I've been missing paychecks for months.

I've been on Youtube since 2007. I have 31 million channel views and over 60,000 subscribers. And this is how they treat me, demonetizing me for no reason, two years in a row, and keeping the money.

YouTube rules are nonsense now. They don't staff it with real people. It's just algorithms and keyword flagging.

I was randomly flagged last year. Now I think, due to the pandemic, I won't get any help, period.

I never got my old Twitter account back, due to I guess Twitter having no Support during the Coronavirus.

So I'm down to 157 followers after being on the platform for way too long.

(I was falsely flagged by Twitter as an automated account for blocking trolls & harassers.)

(Why am I just noticing this now? Well, I've been making steady money from Youtube since about September 2018. By this point I was taking it for granted, and frankly had a lot of other things on my mind. I get paid once per month and hadn't noticed that there was no payment for August. It was a half payment for July. From my perspective, this is a missed paycheck from less than two weeks ago, that I'm noticing now.)