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Re: Things I Say

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2020 8:25 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist
We need some social media platforms that aren't run by bigoted silicon valley billionaire libertarians. I suspect though that it's one of those things like making your own video game system, that technically can be done and get a lot of press and attention, but to function as intended requires the support of an entire ruling class of corporations and billionare p_d_philes. Otherwise you're just Ouya.

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Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 7:20 am
by Garrett Gilchrist

The reducing contrast trick:

Black and white photographs, when colorized, often appear too high contrast, and with very thin color.

To reduce contrast, duplicate the layer and go to the Channels tab in Photoshop. Press the "perforated circle" button to select the entire image based on its brightness.

Go to the Layers tab and press the "circle in a rectangle" button to load this selection as a mask.

Change the blending mode of this layer from normal to Multiply. Duplicate layer again if desired.

This will darken brighter parts of the image and make colors richer.

For video, something similar can be done with Track Matte layers in Premiere, in both directions (Multiply and Screen).

The sample, by the way, is an auto colorization by 9may:

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Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 11:50 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist
Sideshow Bob theory: Wildly different standards being applied to different politicians based on our expectations of them.

"Mayor Quimby even released Sideshow Bob. A man twice convicted of attempted murder. Can you trust a man like Mayor Quimby? Vote Sideshow Bob for Mayor."

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Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:32 am
by Garrett Gilchrist

Re: Things I Say

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:42 am
by Garrett Gilchrist
As I've said elsewhere:

Trump is worse. Trump is worse than pretty much anyone.

But it's absurd that America is being asked to vote for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is a rapist who opposed school integration and gay marriage (as late as 2008). He spoke at segregationist Strom Thurmond's funeral in 2003. He supported the Iraq War and mass incarceration via the racist 90s crime bill. He is guilty of war crimes.

He clearly has dementia and seems barely functional in speeches. He sniffs the hair of little girls at photoshoots. He was laughed out of his first Presidential bid for plagiarizing the speeches of other candidates, and being obviously a compulsive liar. He trolled the Anita Hill sexual harassment case and did nothing to put Merrick Garland on the Court, so is therefore somewhat responsible for the conservative Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch, and the complete non-functioning of the Supreme Court that's resulted.

He has said he has "no empathy" for the struggles of voters under forty, who have lived through three recessions, and when questioned in any way tells people to vote for Trump instead. I could keep going.

Biden was already portrayed as our only choice vs Trump when he was polling at a distant fifth place. Biden ran virtually no campaign this year, but was installed by the Democratic National Committee through various shenanigans too complex to get into here. Bernie supporters noticed this as it was happening, but everyone else looked the other way.

Due to the pandemic, keeping the primary season going was literally killing people, so Bernie Sanders, who actually has human emotions, suspended his campaign. Bernie won the first few contests and the media was increasingly reluctant to even admit that. Biden was the DNC's Nth choice, as other candidates had already fizzled out, and joined together to stop Sanders. They are more terrified of Bernie Sanders and the concept of Medicare For All than they are of Trump.

The Dems are now running a weak, embattled candidate who probably can't win in a fair election, and Trump is unlikely to run anything like a fair election. The GOP wil cheat. It's what they do. Especially now.

A Republican only has to defeat the Democrats. A leftist or progressive who wants real change has to beat both parties and the media.

We're only allowed to vote for the lesser of two evils because everyone in power is evil.

The Dems have cancelled the New York Primary now, but your vote never really counted to them. And with Trump in power, it's never going to count.

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Posted: Fri May 01, 2020 12:05 am
by Garrett Gilchrist
50% of posts in any animation research group are, "I can only achieve an erection by watching the censored racist Warner Bros cartoons, please release these and only these, Warner Bros, I am racist"

I would say to them, watch literally any other cartoon other than that garbage, but they've clearly made their choice. Their other posts will generally be about how cartoons today are unwatchable and "too PC now."

I dare you to Google image search the term "warners censored 11" and then try to defend this behavior. Indefensible.

On a similar note, groups dedicated to old British television will eventually devolve into defense of old bigotry and painted blackface. And throwing slurs at those who don't comply.

The Censored 11 were not included in television packages of Warner Bros cartoons because they're racist throughout and have no other value. I see no point in officially restoring them, and I think it's a huge "tell" that animation groups post about this daily.

Younger generations have largely forgotten about these and I think that's a good thing. Making them a big part of our cultural discourse today is a loaded gun.

They're impossible to watch today without feeling sick about it, and people who are constantly arguing for their release now are just dogwhistling something. I fully believe that.

There is so much classic stuff that nobody talks about anymore. Why is this a daily topic of conversation? What else from that era even still is?

After 23 years of hearing people demand the release of these cartoons daily I'm not interested in being a part of that conversation. They've shown who they are. Sometimes you need to send a signal that this isn't okay now, and that we're going to let the past burn.

"Why doesn't Disney release Song of the South in every Wal-Mart?"
I don't know, Boomer animation fan, why don't you release yourself out a window

There is a new post about the Censored 11 and Song of the South and other racist cartoons every week in groups like this, as if it's never been discussed to death over the past decades. Anyone who isn't a racist should report these posts, and if the moderators of these groups don't remove them, these moderators ARE the entire problem.

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Posted: Sun May 03, 2020 4:52 am
by Garrett Gilchrist
Biden supporters are like, "He was the VICE PRESIDENT. The VICE PRESIDENT couldn't possibly be a bad guy, or flawed in any way! Everyone but me is a Russian bot. Now, to get my wallet back from the wallet inspector"

Re: Things I Say

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 10:21 am
by Garrett Gilchrist
To an extent, screenwriting rules force writers who aren't famous and connected into a formula in order to get made.

Then those scripts don't get made.

People who are famous and connected can ignore those rules and write whatever.

They're only applicable half the time.

Re: Things I Say

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 11:42 am
by Garrett Gilchrist
Trump saying ObamaGate then trying to figure out what that means ... 32?lang=en

Re: Things I Say

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 4:14 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist
N_zis are like: "How do you do, fellow human beings? I am also into whatever you are into. Insert pop culture reference here. Marble comics. Stap Wars. Vibdeo games. Camic books. Have you considered becoming a gross woman-hating racist who drinks piss and never stops complaining?"