The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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Good journey, and good luck.
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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I'd like to make a toast; Tomorrow is the big day and our Garrett (including Kevin and many others) will be attending the screening of the original version of The Thief and The Cobbler. 7 years after Garret's first Recobbled Cut, 20 years after the Calvert version was released and 22 years after the original workprint, and nearly 50 years since production started, the long wait of Richard WIlliams' original and intended version finally being screened to the public has at long last arrives. There were hardships, heartbreaks, but because of Richard Williams and word and news on The Thief, many knew the film beforehand before being taken by The Completion Bond. The hard work every great animator put in this picture (even Williams), every scene, every frame of animation finished, layouts, backgrounds, story, all in a 26 year original history was telling us that this would not only be the best 2D animated film, but a film that would've redefined 2-D traditional animation as we know it. It would've been had Fred Calvert and the Completion Bond never tampered it and try to make it commercial (granted at least some unfinished material in Williams' version was finished but done the same brilliant way Williams team originally did, although the Calvert London team did take care of the final scene and if I remember correctly some of Williams' original animators worked on that scene) and while that version (and the Miramax Cut) does have it's fans (myself included for the Miramax Cut) it could never and will never hold up to the Williams' superior original (even I agree). Garrett took the challenge of making his Recobbled Cut and since then the film has become known again and this time in the right way. Everyone took noticed, many have praised it, and time after time, the cut improved with more sources showing up and even using (and saving!) original 35mm reels which If it wasn't for Garrett would probably never see the light of day or even destroyed (I heard that some reels were saved by someone from being thrown out). Mark 4 will probably be the greatest achievement for the film's history and it will even get better thanks to tomorrow's screening of the original (from a 35mm print!) at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre with Richard Williams presenting it in person (and I'm told that it won't stop there)!!!. Who knows if the Recobbled Cut had something to do with this, but it would surprise me. Garrett, all your hard work, all your intentions, all the good you've done have finally led you to this moment; to see the original version screened for the very first time to the public (and that includes Kevin and all the other lucky people out there). I would be surprised if you manage to talk to Richard Williams himself or if he even acknowledges you or your Recobbled Cut for helping making the film known again. I couldn't be more happy and proud of you (we all are) I'm sorry about those pictures I made a couple of months back. Just know I was trying to help and it won't happen again. Anyway, you'll probably be excited tomorrow sitting in whichever row and watch the original version on the big screen and sit there in awe. Who knows if this version will offer any new material or even completed material but if there is, I hope you or Kevin will be the first to tell us. 2 dreams are coming true here; for Richard and for Garrett who both have long awaited for this day to come and now it will finally happen.

To Garrett!!!

Tomorrow will probably be the greatest day of your entire life. And may good things happen for you in the future... :)
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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Now we play the waiting game until Garret comes and reports on the screening.

I don't see why the whole ''end of the ride'' feel, it clearly did not ended, the Academy might release Richard's workprint to the public, but Richard will never finish the film, he is more worried about his ''Prologue'' shorts, in the end I hope we would still get a new Reccobled Cut with the new footage from Richard Williams's restored workprint.

Congratulations Garret. You are one lucky bastard to finally see The Thief on the big screen.
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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The suspense is killing me! What was it like? WhAt!?
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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This is indeed a historical moment. Can't wait to hear about it either.
Garrett Gilchrist wrote:Wow, the entire recent Wiki history of The Thief is people angrily asserting that a cartoon cannot be an art film.
Ugh, now people here are noticing the drama too. I was the one who originally added the "art film" category back when I basically rewrote the entire article during 2009 and 2010. For a while it was decided to be removed for lack of sources, but after I half-heartedly linked a quote from Alex Williams it looks like it'll never end.
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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The air is electric with anticipation. The suspense builds. Will the report from the screening come soon?

Our hero nervously lights a cigarette in a vain attempt to calm his nerves.
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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Attendance wasn’t as high as October’s event, but close to being a full house. Upon arriving, I was able to chat with Kevin for a bit, and exchange a few words with Garrett. About a month ago, he (Kevin) informed me that he couldn’t afford the trip and was going to be screening PoV at Blue Sky on the same day as the Thief screening. So I figured he wouldn’t be attending. Then Garrett revealed to me, earlier in the day, that Kevin was in fact going to be there, much to my surprise! It turned out that his aunt and uncle attended a showing of his documentary and enjoyed it so much that they agreed to fund a visit to LA, specifically to see The Thief at the Academy!

Randy Haberkamp introduced Christmas Carol and noted that when the film was originally shown theatrically in 1972, the color timing was slightly altered to make for a parched look (so, less colorful than how it would have looked on television). This digital restoration, therefore, underwent some color timing to replicate the theatrical look of some 41 years ago. But little else was done as part of this “restoration” (e.g. image stability). For The Thief, Dick was called to the stage to share some words. He had everything written on a big card so he wouldn’t forget! He started off by thanking Carl Bell, a childhood friend and member of the Academy, and Randy for organizing the event, among others.

Now, what to say about the workprint. Another supposed restoration, but leaving a lot of work to be done. There were a few surprises, and it was nice to see some scenes in stunning clarity, but it was less “complete” than one might have hoped. I didn’t keep track of what was “new” in this version, but Garrett may have. I was particularly surprised when the background music for the camp of the one eyes (heard playing during ZigZag’s entrance) was abruptly swapped with rhythmic beating, then back after ZigZag makes it to the throne. There were no credits at the beginning or end, as mentioned by Dick, because the original idea was to include them in a program (similar to what Coppola did with Apocalypse Now).

After the screening, Randy sat with Dick on stage to ask some questions about The Thief and his studio in the years leading up to ’92. After that, some people formed in front of the stage, hoping to talk to Dick, although only a few succeeded. Garrett was one of them. I didn’t catch any of what he said to Dick, but he shared some DVDs with him. At one point, Dick gripped his shoulders and told him (in an encouraging manner), “Do your own work! You seem to know a lot!” Soon after that, Dick was pulled aside for some pictures before being led out by security. Kevin heard Dick’s words as well, he told me it made his night! I’m glad to have attended, and I'm also glad that Kevin and Garrett were able to make it.

Here are the credits, as they appeared in the program:

Princess Yum Yu [sic]—SARA CROWE [Is this right?] :yumeye:
Goblet and Gopher—KENNETH WILLIAMS
Slap and Tickle—STANLEY BAXTER
Maiden from Mombasa—MIRIAM MARGOLYES
Mad Holy Old Witch—JOAN SIMS
Several Brigands—JOSS ACKLAND
Singing Brigand—EDDIE BYRNE
Tiny Brigand—FRED SHAW
Look-out Brigand—THICK WILSON

Directed by Richard Williams. Produced by Imogen Sutton, Williams. Screenplay Williams, Margaret French. Cinematography John Leatherbarrow. Production Design Roy Naisbitt. Design and Backgrounds Errol Le Cain. Master Animator Ken Harris. Animators Art Babbitt, Richard Williams, Grim Natwick, Emery Hawkins, Alex Williams, Neil Boyle, Tim Watts, Holger Leihe, Andreas Wessel-Therhorn, Dietmar Kramer and many others. Brigands Design Corny Cole. Special Effects Chris Knott and John Cousen.

Don Hahn [I guess those rumors of Don’s possible efforts had some merit!]
Imogen Sutton
Visual Icon
The Walt Disney Company

And here's audio I was able to record for Dick's Thief intro and Randy's discussion with Dick, as well as a few photos I managed to snap.
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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I can't WAIT to hear the audio and to hear Garrett's take on things first hand. That had to be an awesome moment after all the work that has gone on with Re-cobbled. We can hope that this experience will only further encourage Garrett in his endeavors.
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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Sounds like there are going to be stories to tell, can't wait to hear them.
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