The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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I didn’t know that The Princess and the Cobbler in the UK was distributed by Columbia-Tristar Home Video:
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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Huh: I wonder where the rights to Princess are at this point. It must be very, very strange.
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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One of the dumbest things is that people have started to refer to the old 35mm reels of The Thief and the Cobbler, which we called the KA reels, as the "MBPS reels."

MBPS means Megabytes Per Second. It refers to the bitrate of a video, and is sometimes left in the filename by mistake.

A bad Youtuber started this. Just, making a whole thing about not understanding anything.

It never ceases to weird me out when people upload ten thousand Youtube videos of Thief clips reedited in some way, and say things like that. Or .... worse things.

So anyone who says stuff like that, I know where they're getting their "information." Because it's from people who have made a point of talking about this stuff without ever, once in their lives, talking to me or anyone who knows about it.

Someone sent me, I don't know what channel it was or who the guy is, but some video comparing the KA reels to the KA reels (the exact same Mk4 transfers! the exact same videos!), over the course of sixteen (SIXTEEN!) videos, and writing "fuck you Garrett Gilchrist" in the description and comments of ten thousand videos sourced entirely from my research and work.

And saying that "GG is too selfish and will never share these." (But in the comments: 'Oh, where did you get these?' 'Oh, GG shared them.')

(I've shared a staggering amount of material dedicated to this film, every single thing I've ever come across, to the point where nobody's looked at most of it.)

So there's these Youtube guys where literally everything he posts is just a repost of something I shared, but he wants people to think it isn't, so he can do hate videos about me or something, and feel like he's important and special.

There's like six of these guys now. They all blend together and I doubt I've interacted with any of them more than twice.

I know they just want attention and it's sad!

Like, someone accomplished something on the internet in 2007 and their brain just short circuited with jealousy. So they shrink themselves, I guess shrink their whole lives, into the shape of these little barnacles on the side of a ship, reposting someone else's content a hundred times a day. It's not healthy and I wouldn't encourage it under any circumstances.

But if I comment and say, this isn't healthy, you need to stop, I'd be the bad guy. I guess to them I'm the bad guy anyway, because I edited a film once. But you know what I mean.

If I comment on one of their (ten thousand videos) once, they can make a hundred hate videos about it. Anything sets them off because they want to be set off. They're unhinged because they refuse to be hinged.

I dedicated a big chunk of my life to restoring this movie so that no one else would have to! My word, there's more to life than this! Go outside!

It occurs to me that something like that is the only thing Richard Williams ever said to me. Well, he had it right. For once, do your own thing.
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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I like to archive and restore rare media. I've been doing this very publicly on the internet since 1997.

At age forty I'm out of touch with most fandoms. I worry I've become an urban legend. Younger people are either way too nice to me now, or way too nasty.

It's either too nice: "You're a legend and your restoration of Richard Williams' work (or etc) changed my life and made me want to get into film/animation"

or too nasty: "I hear you're the biggest douchebag a-hole who ever lived and you killed people on the moon and blocked me"

I'm genuinely sorry if I've been rude to people who weren't trying to be rude to me.

I get a lot of weird messages now, and it's hard to tell the difference sometimes.

I'm not a well known creator but there's still a lot of misinformation about me that I can't fix at this point.

I've tried to figure it out, and talk it out, but it usually just makes it worse.

I did have an experience recently where I talked it out with a few people and they admitted they were just jealous of what I'd done (for whatever reason) and believed a lot of stuff that drama anons had made up.

I've realized that when I try to correct the record, when there's misinformation, it makes it worse because they believe something completely upside down, so their messages to me are super weird but they think I'm the one being weird, and it's just a big old mess now.

Someone said as you get older, the volume on your "No F*cks Given" knob just gets turned up.

I'm more chill than I was.

It's easy to get really trolly and heated about things that don't matter, and I'm not in these fandoms anyway so I have no idea what they're freaking out about.
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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YetUnnamedMusicArchivingChannel writes:
I will admit, you're accessible in a way Brad Pitt isn't. It's just true that if I had snark for you based on a widely known name recognition, you're much more likely to read it. I wish I had good advice for it, but I wouldn't know enough to say.
It's weird. I'm at the wrong level of "kind of famous but not" where I'm not making any money, but I get a lot of stalker messages and videos, of nineteen year olds (complete strangers) monologuing like Marvel movie villains about how they will drink my blood/have their revenge on me.

Or, if you Google my name, a lot of what you find is stuff that teenagers made up as a joke, and a lot of discussion of my work is basically an extended improv where kids take a little bit of truth and then make up embarrassing lies as a punchline. I don't even know why.

A moderator on Discord said, you're a public figure, you should expect that people are going to make stuff up, send death threats, harass you.

But what is the definition of public figure here? Because I'm basically not making any money off of any of this. I have no protection.

It's weird taking on the level of harassment that a minor celebrity would get, while having 2300 Twitter followers and no income. All these wild conspiracy theories about me. And that seems to just be part of existing on the internet these days.

Akuji Saito asks:
Are there any films that you want to work on that you haven't yet? Similarly, are there films people have suggested you work on that you plan to work on in the future?
I'd like to get back to making my own films!

I'm currently going through about a thousand DVDrs of material I collected or created years ago which nobody's seen in awhile, and rereleasing or finishing that.

Most of my film and video restoration has been on shorts and TV shows.

A lot of what I work on is based on my own childhood- what I was interested in, or might have been interested in, in the 80s and 90s.

I don't do a lot of feature films because it tends to be obvious stuff- "It's all on Blu Ray already, just put the deleted scenes back in."

I tend to pursue much more niche or esoteric stuff that has fallen through the cracks for whatever reason, or hasn't gotten the attention it needs, as with my Muppets & Neil Innes releases.

I ask myself, is anyone else on the planet likely to do this project, or does it need me?

If it's just a fanedit that someone else would probably do or want to do, I don't need to do it. I'm usually doing niche cult stuff that few people care about. That maybe no one else has, and that we happened to track down.

Nobody else was going to do "Keep Off My Grass!" [1969]

So I just keep my eyes open, and if I come across something rare, or someone comes to me with something, or I can track down something that nobody has, I'll do something with it.

Like the Rock & Rule cassette soundtrack, or our 35mm restorations of Raggedy Ann & Andy 1977.

Usually when I restore or release something rare, there's not much interest, because people don't know about it. But other stuff becomes part of the culture in a way, like The Thief and the Cobbler (which was not well known before), The Mario Bros extension, or Kermit typing.

There is now a young fandom for Raggedy Ann & Andy, the 1977 film and the ill-fated 1986 Broadway musical. And there wasn't a fandom for that when we were making those available to the internet, years ago. So sometimes I think it just takes time, and you can never really tell.

People come to me with requests sometimes, and I hate to disappoint, but the bigger projects I've done are very time consuming and expensive, and weren't done on a whim.

Someone came to me with a rare film, and it was just too adult for me, it wasn't really my brand I guess.

At the moment I have leads on a few things which I think should be very interesting, and which I'm sure not a lot of people will care about, so just stay tuned for those.

I was revisiting a Muppet Babies music video restoration today, and we've got a very nice version of Raggedy Ann 1977 that's 99% done, whenever HB has a moment to finish it.

I've been negotiating to put out some VHS tapes of some very rare series. And going through my archive.

A lot of stuff that I'm putting out now falls through the cracks because it's older media that people don't know as much about now. Sometimes that comes with content warnings as well. But I'd rather lead the way for teenagers who want to discover more obscure media, like I did.

My thought process when restoring or releasing rare video is usually, "I've been trying to track this down for 20 years, and now nobody cares but I do."
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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You think the Academy Workprint should get a Criterion Collection Release?
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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I actually suggested The Thief get a Criterion release in a wish list thread over at Home Theater Forum a few years ago. The response I got there suggested that the amount of legal red tape surrounding the film makes such a release virtually impossible.
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Re: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut Mark 4

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I mean the academy workprint that was restored. We need a release of this academy Workprint on Blu-ray or DVD.

I just thought Criterion would sound like a good idea.
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