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Re: Raggedy Ann & Andy Thread

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"Live for the first time since 1986, come experience a selection of songs from this previously lost musical!"

"The Raggedy Ann Revival Effort will be performing a showcase of songs from the Rag Dolly musical on June 7th, during the Arcola Raggedy Ann Rally. Our cast will be singing concert-style alongside piano accompaniment by Hazel Hawlik. The Rag Dolly Revue will also be the public debut of new music arrangements and lyric revisions, with permission from the Raposo estate to use this performance as a test before discussing proper workshops. This is the first step towards our goal of a full revival."

"Arcola Masonic Lodge, 111 S Locust St, Arcola, IL
June 7th, doors open at 11am, show begins at 11:30
Admission is free!"

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