Ghostbusted Trilogy

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Are these guys afraid of no ghost? No, they are not. See, it's a quote from that movie that one time?

Eddie, Seymour and Max have put together an amateur Ghostbusting business, which isn't exactly going well. Do they have what it takes to defeat the vicious Ghostmaster? (Hint: No, they don't.)

Not exactly features, nor shorts, this series of three movies were filmed quickly when we were on vacation in South Dakota for the Camp Rewind film festival every year. No one ever wanted to be in them or take them the least bit seriously and cast members would come and go. I think that lends the films a certain je ne sais quoi. Ghostbusted 3 is the only one that's actually about Ghostbusting. The others are just bizarre.

(18, 51 and 46 min, MiniDV, 2001-2004.) Starring Mike Stoklasa, Garrett Gilchrist, Jason Santo, Jonason Ho, Warren Blyth, David Ashe, Rich Evans, Lisa Renley, Jon Ashby, Jay Bauman, John Brugmann, Michael Yebba and many more. Largely directed by Garrett Gilchrist. Improvised by the cast.

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The Journey of Truesong
(5 min, B&W 16mm Film, Spring 2003)

Fantasy film about a young man's quest into hell and heaven to revive his lost love.

Stripped Away
(18 min, MiniDV, Spring 2001)

A dying cartoonist must learn to accept who he is in this drama.

Terry Pratchett's MORT
(25 min, MiniDV, Spring 2001)

Death takes on an apprentice in this animated fantasy.

Lover's Poison
(Drama, 5 min, MiniDV, 2003)

Love can be heaven, but for this mismatched couple, it's hell.

Beautiful Zelda
(5 min, B&W 16mm Film, Fall 2001)

A man and his pet robot look for love.

Music For the Mind Ballet
(16 min, MiniDV, Spring 2001)

A shy, bookish girl gets split right down the middle.

Radio Man

Radio Man lives with his mom. He has a keyboard, and he has his own radio show. This page collects some of the many adventures of this infamous character, who has starred in several videos.

Talking to People About Star Wars
(21 min, MiniDV, 2002)

Documentary in which amateur filmmakers and actors explain why they used to be Star Wars fans, and why most of them aren't Star Wars fans anymore.

Pirates of Film
(42 min, MiniDV, 2003)

Jason Gutierrez and Garrett Gilchrist bring you what is supposedly an instructional video about lighting in movies. Not unexpectedly, it degrades into silliness, ranting, and depression, which is far more interesting.

Part One (18 min., 30 MB, Realplayer)
Part Two (25 min., 40.5 MB, Realplayer)

I've Been Mocked Enough
(7 min, MiniDV, 2002)

A tale of superpowered insanity in the old west. Written by Jonason Ho.

For Other Directors

Squiffy the Derelict Cat
(3 min, 2003)

My animated contribution to Blanc Screen Cinema's feature Clowns and Suicide (Best Feature, Rewind Awards 2003). The tale of a wacky, manic-depressive, homeless cat. 3 minutes, 2003. Watch a clip of Squiffy (2 min, Realplayer)! Or watch Squiffy on Youtube as part of a longer pilot, Dance With Grandpa.

For Science
(Dir. Tim Carras, 5 min, B&W 16mm Film, Spring 2003)

A special-effects-filled time travel musical. Shot on black and white 16mm film, Tim Carras' For Science (6.67 MB, Realplayer) tells the story of a young pilot (Gary Simpson) who has never gotten along with his mad scientist father (Jackie Penn), but who now may be too late to save him - Unless he can change time itself. With a great musical score by Tim Carras of Bonus Light Productions, who also wrote and directed. The cinematography, shooting and editing is by Garrett Gilchrist of Orange Cow Productions. For pictures from the film, click here.

Torgo and the Quest For Fuck
(Dir. Jay Bauman, 5 min, Dark Comedy, Summer 2001)

Shot at the 2001 Rewind Awards in South Dakota, Garrett appears (improvving up a storm) in this amusing slice of offensive improv by director Jay Bauman, about a "slow boy" looking for love.

The Cancer
(Dir. Jonathan Block, MiniDV, 2001)

An anti-smoking documentary turns deadly in this twisted short film, directed by Jonathan Block and starring Garrett Gilchrist and Jason Walsh.

The Teenage Bingo Brigade
(Dir. Warren Blyth, MiniDV, 2002)

A surreal story written by Garrett Gilchrist and directed by Warren Blyth? Bingo!

(MiniDV, Summer 2001)

Shot at the 2001 Rewind Awards in South Dakota, Garrett had a cameo in this outsider's-eye view of the human race, directed by Jason Santo. (Random Foo Pictures)

More Shorts

The Hope Dress
(5 min, MiniDV, Spring 2001)

Garrett's first, forgotten student film. Not very good. Loser finds love.

Legend of the Lazy Fighters
(10 min, MiniDV, Spring 2001)

Couch potato kung-fu kids save their kidnapped leader in student film #2.

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