The Hope Dress

the hope dress

Starring Harry Pottash as Bill, Cori Haisler as Eric, and Jamie Odum

5 min., silent, 2001. Concieved and directed by Garrett Gilchrist.

Garrett's first attempt at a student film wasn't very good. It is notable for its editing, though - there isn't any. The assignment was to "edit" in-camera, so there were no second takes, and it took very precise timing to make it look like a movie.

Garrett was used to telling his stories entirely with dialogue - having to shoot without dialogue, you see him fail miserably, then get better very quickly by the time of his third film, "Music For the Mind Ballet."

This particular little movie told the story of Bill, who is feeling depressed, running a knife (that star Harry Pottash forged himself!) across his wrists. But he's bought a dress for a girl he wants to impress, Erica. (Harry accidentally misspells her name "Ercia" onscreen, getting the film's one laugh!) ... Problem for Bill is, when he gets there she's wearing the same dress. He panics, runs off, but Erica discovers his gift anyway and rewards him with a kiss. The end. Cori Haisler would later star in "Stripped Away" and "Gods of Los Angeles." Look for a cameo by Jamie Odum, who would later star in "Music for the Mind Ballet."

Reoke carries a Rubik's cube.
A large lamp is visible behind Erica as she stands out in the hallway. It makes no sense for it to be there.
The neon light in Bill's apartment would later play "God" in "Stripped Away."
The skull on top of it would appear in "Mort."

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