The Teenage Bingo Brigade

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Digital video, 11 min., 2002-2006.

Starring Garrett Gilchrist and Warren Blyth.

Written by Garrett Gilchrist. Directed by Warren Blyth.

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In 2002, Garrett Gilchrist collaborated with filmmakers from Oregon's Bravado Entertainment, filming a silly short, "I've Been Mocked Enough," from a script by Jonason Ho. As part of his "Video Gauntlet" project, "Random Eyes," Warren Blyth decided to film Garrett's own short script, "The Teenage Bingo Brigade."

A few weeks later, Warren was in the neighborhood, and dropped by Garrett and Mariana's apartment in L.A. Warren and Garrett finally got to meet, and Warren informed Garrett that his shoot of "The Teenage Bingo Brigade" hadn't quite gotten off the ground yet. Warren had had trouble finding someone to play Vivian, the narrator-ish part Garrett had himself not-so-secretly wanted to play. So, while Warren was around, Garrett convinced him to shoot some footage with Garrett playing Vivian. Although not all of Vivian's part was shot -- a "children's story" interlude in which Vivian was supposed to be swearing uncontrollably required other actors, and was not shot - it would be created as audio with other actors. But Garrett did get to narrate his own script for "Bingo Brigade," rolling around on the grass on the USC campus as the sun went down, with very bad sound ...

It took four years for Warren to finally finish the short film, making it a bizarre but enjoyable experience with Poser animation and unusual editing. Garrett has one regret - he didn't use a proper British accent for the lead character of Vivian. Garrett would later play a character called Vivian (with a British accent), in several Radio Man videos and the unreleased, unedited feature-length Radio Man Holiday Special.

I believe the photos on this page were taken by Mariana McConnell.

Watch the Movie at Youtube

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