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Gods of Los Angeles

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The lives of five young people collide in this feature-length character drama about life, love, loss and the unexplainable when a miracle happens in L.A.

The story: Bruce and Rhonda have been going out for two years, and their relationship is getting stale. Clifford, a struggling stand-up comedian, has been dumped by his girlfriend and is wallowing in his woes. Then into their lives comes Lily, a girl who sees the world in a childlike and different way. Her father thought she was crazy, and in some ways she is. He'd treated her like a child, but now, out on her own, she's becoming a woman. Bruce and Clifford both fall in love with her ... which has terrible consequences on Bruce's relationship with Rhonda.

One day Bruce and Lily are arguing on the roof, and Bruce accidentally knocks her off the building. She falls fourteen stories. Yet she doesn't die. Some unexplainable event, a miracle, has saved her. Suddenly all the petty problems of love and life seem small by comparison, and none of their lives will ever be the same.

(145 min, 2002-2005.) Written, directed, and edited by Garrett Gilchrist. Starring Cori Haisler, David Ashe, David Maddox, Katherine Carpenter, Mariana McConnell.

screen test:
katherine carpenter

Realplayer file, about 6 megs. The original screen test that won Katherine Carpenter the part of Rhonda. She saw a poster hung up in the drama department and stopped by, not knowing anyone involved. She was the first actress to audition, and got the part shortly after. Screen tests were also filmed for David Maddox and Davi Kutz, but I'm not sure I still have them.

outtake reel:
middle of the night scene

6 megs of line-flubbing, actress-hurting, light-dropping enjoyment, from a particularly strange night of shooting. We called Katherine in on short notice, and got Jonathan Block to lend us his apartment, also on short notice, late one night. With the hot lights in the room it soon got to be over 100 degrees in the room, and our brains began to fry. Not to mention it was a long scene that required Dave to pick Katherine up and drop her at the end. The result was more screwups and wackiness than usual. (The final scene turned out to be one of my favorites.)

trailer 1:
"god at a shopping mall"

Edited in 2005, based on the original preview trailer for Gods of Los Angeles, which premiered at the Rewind film festival in July 2002. Garrett Gilchrist, David Ashe and John Brugmann drove to South Dakota for the festival while shooting was still going on. The trailer, already done in rough cut, was finished in Rapid City for its premiere, using the facilities of Linn Productions.

trailer 2:
"paper dolls"

Nearly a year after the first trailer premiered, while editing the film, Garrett put together a trailer with a different feel. In 2005 another version of the trailer was edited, loosely based on that 2003 trailer.

deleted scene: "jules on film"
(quicktime, 9.7 MB)

A deleted scene from the film. Jules talks about how she hates most movies - she feels like they're made by an older generation, too pleased with 70s nostalgia and talking down to anyone and everyone.

This clip stars Mariana McConnell as Jules Kirschner, and Cori Haisler as Lily Benton. Cinematography was by Jason Gutierrez. Sound recording and boom operation was by Jason Gutierrez. Camerawork was by Garrett Gilchrist, who also wrote, directed and edited the film.

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