The legendary Neil Innes (The Rutles, Monty Python, The Bonzo Dog Band) played psychologist Mr. Crawley. These scenes were unfinished, apart from Mr. Innes' lines. As written, he would have been talking to Jules - but Mariana McConnell had long since left the film. I considered shooting the scenes with Rhonda, but eventually decided I didn't need them.

Lily's dad (David Lawrence, who later became a regular on NBC's Heroes) visits her as a ghost, preparing her to accept her own death. This scene was unfinished - there were major problems with the sound. I eventually decided the scenes would have held up the film.

Harry Pottash as Mr. Mitch, John Brugmann as Sharkey, Volcano Todd as Kass, Johnny Chang as Sean, and Art Balteria as Jimmy. These scenes were unfinished. Mr. Mitch and his friends, seen briefly in a messy apartment, originally had a larger part in the film. Lily came in to inspire them to do something with their lives. I felt that Lily was coming off badly, being too preachy. Harry Pottash filmed scenes with another actor as Clifford and with David Maddox. Some of this footage was lost. In the final film, Warren Blyth played Mr. Mitch. (Harry Pottash had long since moved away.)

Another "ice cream" scene between Lily and Jules, with Jules annoyed at Hollywood trying to sell her fake nostalgia for the 70s, and inadvertently revealing unresolved hatred for her father. Mariana McConnell didn't really like my script for this scene, and although she played it well, she played every other scene better.

Early Rhonda scene with darker hair and a different actor as Bruce.

Early Rhonda scene with darker hair.

In the original opening:
Lisa Renley, Jay Bauman and Mike Stoklasa played L.A. stereotype people on cellphones.

This dream sequence with Bruce as a fantasy warrior was one of several scenes cut at the last minute when the middle of the film was shortened.

I seem to have a lot of pictures of Rhonda in bed here. This scene was cut at the last minute when the middle of the movie was shortened.

Pictures from the DVD-extra interview of Katherine Carpenter (Rhonda), which was shot that same day.

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