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garrett gilchrist
writer, director, editor, cinematographer

I was a cinema production major at USC, graduating in 2004, and had directed several acclaimed short student films, including "Stripped Away" with Cori Haisler (a major inspiration for this movie). "Gods of Los Angeles" was my first feature-length drama, although I had written dramatic screenplays previously. In fact, for me, this was the third in a trilogy - my previous (unproduced) scripts Easier Than Thinking and Midnight Blue, although very different from Gods of Los Angeles, dealt with some similar themes. This was a very personal project for me - the script was an outpouring of emotion about love, relationships, and struggling with adult responsibilities.

Before "Gods of Los Angeles," I was known for writing, directing and editing six feature-length comedies, including "Excaliburger, or the Spatula in the Stone," "The Phantom Movie" and the all-improvised dark comedy/drama "The Animal Game." I had starred in comedy films like "Gorilla, Interrupted."

Although most of the film was shot in summer 2002, shooting with actors like Cori Haisler and David Maddox would continue at occasional intervals until March 2005 - three years later. Although I'd made many films previous to "Gods of Los Angeles," I count this as the film where he learned the art of filmmaking - slowly, over time - doing everything wrong at first, and then doing a few things right. It took me three years, but I started to become a filmmaker ...

jason gutierrez
co-cinematographer (with garrett gilchrist)

Several early scenes in this film were lit by Jason Gutierrez. Although he wasn't there for the main shoot, and I did the cinematography and lighting for 90% of the movie myself, those first shoots with Jason taught me a lot about lighting, which I tried to apply to the rest of the film. I give him a lot of credit.

Co-founder of Transcend Entertainment and USC graduate, Jason Gutierrez has directed, photographed and edited several short films, has done cinematography and production assistance for countless graduate projects at and around USC, and is a freelance film editor and animator.

Jason and I met in a painting class, and one day each one showed the other some of his film work.Then I told Jason about this idea he had called "Gods of Los Angeles." Jason signed on after reading the synopsis alone. To this day Jason hasn't read the actual script. He continues to work in film, and we remain good friends. We've made a few improv comedy films together, like "Pirates of Film," one episode of "Radio Man," one episode of "Camp Fastforward," and three Wisconsin films.

produced by Garrett Gilchrist, David Ashe and Mariana McConnell

Sound recording and crew - Colin Brown, Jason Gutierrez, Garrett Gilchrist, Laurie Weiland

original music by Richard Allen, Brian Duford, Fabrizio Castania, Matthew E. Sargent

featuring songs by Ryan Winford, Ken Thornton, Davi Kutz, and Steven Darland

Opening Titles CGI animation by Nathan Mateer
With thanks to John Brugmann

Special effects and color correction by Garrett Gilchrist

Production Executive Producers - Rich Evans, Marc Linn

Post-Production Executive Producers - Laurie Weiland, Ben Sipprell

an Orange Cow production

written and directed by Garrett Gilchrist

cinematography by Garrett Gilchrist and Jason Gutierrez

Cori Haisler as Lily Benton
David Ashe as Bruce Tree
Katherine Carpenter as Rhonda Sayer
David Maddox as Clifford Menigee
Mariana McConnell as Jules Kirschner
Julie Kenworth as Martha Masters
David Lawrence as Eric Benton
Davi Kutz as Shy Phil
Rich Evans as Man with a movie camera
Bailey Hughes as Bruce Tree at age 8
Warren Blyth as Walter
Jonason Ho as Joe (phone guy)
Colin Brown as Daniel (ball guy)

Locations and housing kindly provided by: Mariana McConnell, Jason Gutierrez and the Gutierrez Family, Cori Haisler and Colin Brown, Harry Pottash, Jonathan Block, Jessica Peterson and the Peterson Family, Anthony Adornetto, Daniel Arbuckle, Jamie Odum, The people of Troy 105 and City Park 120, Michael and Marc Linn, Katherine Carpenter Hoagland, Pacific Apartments, The University of Southern California

Additional cameras kindly provided by: Marie Andersen, Laurie Weiland, Rob Keith, Paul Zirkle, The University of Southern, California Cinema School

Ms. Kenworth's makeup by Rebecca Hong, Laurie Weiland

"God Help Us!" set (used in dream sequence) produced and provided by Tony Carey, Peter Bonerz, Ari Bernstein. "God Help Us!" set co-designed by Garrett Gilchrist, with many thanks to the entire "God Help Us!" crew and cast, and the USCinema Operations Office

Filmed on location in and around Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pasadena, Carlsbad, and San Diego, California, as well as Rapid City, South Dakota, from March 2002 to March 2005.

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