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cori haisler
as lily benton

A graduate of the USC theater department, Cori was Orange Cow's primary actress for several years, appearing in our short films Stripped Away, Mort, Legend of the Lazy Fighters and The Hope Dress. She recieved a nomination for Best Actress at the 2001 Rewind International Media Festival for her role as Emily in "Stripped Away." The role of Lily was written for Cori.

She also had a cameo in Jay Bauman's "Pervert Goes Home," and starred in the short "Friday Night" for director Jonathan Block, as well as "Dark Knight II," "The Mixed-Up Psycho Communist Martian Invasion" and "Untitled World War II Film" for director Rob Keith. She has also appeared in "Maro," "Venice Knights," "Indiscernible Universe 1260," and Frontline Entertainment's "Mummy's Kiss."     IMDB Entry

"Cori Haisler brings the right balance of naivete and wide-eyed wonder to the role .... She possesses a wide eyed innocence that can only be described as angelic. ... Not only does she bring her considerable looks to the table, as an actress she has an earthiness and naturalism that keeps the character's feet on the ground while it's clear that her head is in the clouds." -

david ashe
as bruce tree

David Ashe is Orange Cow's original star, having been making movies with Garrett since 1996, when they went to school together in Monroe, CT, and has previously starred in six feature-length Orange Cow films. They cocreated "Dr. Fred's Amazing Exploding Cow Show," forming the Dr. Fred comedy team, creating an 85-minute feature (1998) and its sequel, "Dr. Fred Strikes Back" (1999). Dr. Fred aired as a cable access show across the country. In 1999, David cowrote and starred (with Garrett) in the 2-hour Star Wars spoof "Dr. Fred's The Phantom Movie," recieving a Best Screenplay nomination at the B-Movie Awards in New York, and a Best Comedy nomination from the Rewind International Media Festival.

David's first dramatic role was in the improvised experimental drama/comedy "The Animal Game" (1999). The Dr. Fred team broke up in 1999, when Garrett moved to L.A., but had a reunion in 2000, when David paid for Garrett's plane ticket to fly back to CT and make a new movie, "Excaliburger," in which David appeared as Merlin and choreographed a swordfight, as well as working on the music score. "The Animal Effect," an unreleased sequel to "The Animal Game," was filmed at the same time.

Two years passed and both were eager to put their no-budget comedy past behind them, and so Garrett flew David out to L.A. to star as Bruce Tree in Gods of L.A. An actor had quit the production, giving Garrett the idea to seek out his old friend and star.

A graduate of Florida State University, David directed his own (unreleased) short film, "To Film School!" as well as writing several unproduced screenplays including "Campus of Doom" and "Syndicate." He has also appeared in "Ghostbusted 2" and "Clowns and Suicide."     IMDB Entry

katherine carpenter
as rhonda sayer

Katherine previously appeared in USC graduate films such as "The Next Victim" for director Josua Rosenberg, and "Banishment" for director Jeff Stewart. This is her first Orange Cow film. She answered a posted call for actors at the USC theater school, and was the first actress to come in auditioning for the role of Rhonda. She walked off with the part almost immediately after her screen test. Katherine is a Global Business major at USC, and studied at the Howard Fine acting school. After Gods of Los Angeles, Garrett directed her as a voice actress in a version of Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant, a film for director Mike Stoklasa.     IMDB Entry

david maddox
as clifford menigee

A graduate of San Francisco State University with a B.A. in cinema, David has made his own films as well as appeared in the films "Cracked Marble" for director Heather Gaydos, "Utopia" for director Nancy Weirum, "Free to a Good Home" for director Judy Crozier, "Cheap Seats" for director Robert Reeves, and "The Waiting Room" for director Simone Friedlandis. He also appeared in several television shows on Marin 31 Cable Access, including "Flight To Darkness" and "Locke Destiny," as well as appearing on the stage with the Long Beach Shakespeare Company (in "Bram Stoker's Dracula" as Renfield and as Sir Gawain in "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"), in "The Mousetrap" at Sierra Madre Playhouse and in many other shows. He has also worked at theme parks as a Vulcan, a Romulan, a Klingon, and the Riddler. He was born in Toronto in May 1975. David's other skills include make up, prosthetics, fight choreography and basic stunts.     IMDB Entry

"Major kudos to David Maddox who played Bruce's friend Clifford. He was absolutely brilliant and a joy to watch. He has a wonderful acting talent and I really think that if he wants to, he could be a major star someday. Of everyone in this film, he was the most natural and funny and he just did a fantastic job." - Cin3ma, Moving Pictures

mariana mcconnell
as jules kirschner

Mariana McConnell graduated from USC as a Cinema Critical Studies major. Surrounded by Hollywood wannabes while at the Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences in L.A., Mariana acted in several productions while there, but gave up acting afterward, and pursued photography and music journalism instead. Her then-boyfriend, director Garrett Gilchrist, spent weeks trying to get her to take on this role, after he saw her cameo performance in Jay Bauman's "Pervert Goes Home," for Blanc Screen Cinema. She has no plans to become a professional actress. Previously, Mariana has made cameos in the Orange Cow shorts "Beautiful Zelda," "I've Been Mocked Enough," and "Catchphrase." She also appeared in Jonathan Block's "Friday Night." She plays the drums, has studied music criticism, and created five dialogue-less shorts for a class at USC.     IMDB Entry

david h. lawrence
as mr. eric benton

In 2008, David H. Lawrence became well known for appearing on NBC's Heroes as the evil puppetmaster, Eric Doyle. He has appeared on CSI, The Unit, and Frank TV, and starred in the short film My Name is Wallace. He has appeared in over sixteen other films.

When he appeared in Gods of Los Angeles in 2003, he was already a radio and voiceover veteran with over 30 years of experience. He hosted the popular radio programs "Online Tonight with David Lawrence," the "Net Music Countdown," and "The David Lawrence Show," with his own station on XM Satellite radio. He is the voice of AOL's customer service line, and has worked for Sony, Volkswagen, Marvel Comics, CNET Radio, and ABC/Disney Radio, and been a commentator on FOX News, CNN, and Tech TV. He is a veteran of the American Comedy Network (radio) and the Cleveland Comedy Co. (tv). He has appeared in several plays, has studied acting with Howard Fine, Laura Gardner, and Michael Curry and has a baritone singing voice.

After years of mainly voiceover work he recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue an onscreen acting career. He's been very successful - as you can see at his IMDB Entry. The casting of Mr. Lawrence in Gods of Los Angeles completed a strange coincidence - every major male member of the cast is named either "David" or "Davi."

julie kenworth
as martha masters

To fill the role of Clifford's dream woman, an actress was needed who could look like a classical Hollywood beauty, but who was also a talented actress, with the easygoing manner the part required. Julie Kenworth fit the bill perfectly and lights up the screen in her brief screentime. Having started out as a model, she has studied Cold Reading and Scene Study with John Woehrle at David Kagen's Film Acting School. She appeared in the short films "F.Y.I." and "Dead Wrong." For more of Julie, visit her official site.     IMDB Entry

davi kutz
as shy phil

Davi Kutz is a singer/songwriter living in Los Angeles. He plays electric and acoustic guitar, bass, drums and keys. For his role as the introverted Shy Phil, he was asked to write several original songs, including "Angel Town," which he sings in the film. He has recorded several albums including Project DSM, the Reign Uncaged and Hunger Demos, and Urge Gone Sweet. His musical influences include Alice in Chains, Metallica, Live, Creed, Days of the New, and Enigma. Davi got the part by showing director Garrett his website, where you could hear his original music. He also composed the music for the 2005 short film "Dance of Death." Visit

"Speaking of the music, there's a lot of it in this film, and it's all really good. It's some of the best music I've heard in an independent film to date." - Cin3ma, Moving Pictures

also starring
Rich Evans as Man with a movie camera
Bailey Hughes as Bruce Tree at age 8
Warren Blyth as Walter
Jonason Ho as Joe (phone guy)
Colin Brown as Daniel (ball guy)

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