Movie Thread: The Dissection Room

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Re: Movie Thread: The Dissection Room

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Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:41 am

Marvel's trailers have changed scenes to avoid spoilers and better show the film's concept. Infinity War showed Hulk in the Wakanda battle (rather than the Hulkbuster armor), and its trailers were often mostly unique versions of shots. Thor's eye, Rocket and Groot leaving the Guardians, Tony's armor in New York and the Iron Spider-Man costume were all handled misleadingly in the trailers thanks to digital effects, and we saw different takes with finished FX. Homecoming had a shot of Spider-Man and Iron Man together in New York and Captain Marvel wasn't holding a Fonzie lunchbox in her big moment.

Avengers Endgame isn't out yet, but I've already spotted one of these. Thor sizes up Captain Marvel, holds his hand out to grab his weapon and says "I like this one." But which weapon? Mjolnir the hammer or Stormbreaker the axe? Depending on which version of the clip you're seeing, Marvel has shown us both.

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