Super Mario Bros: The Movie: The Thread

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Re: Super Mario Bros: The Movie: The Thread

Post: # 6066Post Garrett Gilchrist
Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:59 pm

You could try Vimeo.

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Re: Super Mario Bros: The Movie: The Thread

Post: # 6067Post Dennis196492
Sat Dec 27, 2014 12:23 am

I could but like I said before, I don't have the money, and even then would they really allow it there? Your Deleted Magic fan-edit did get deleted.

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Re: Super Mario Bros: The Movie: The Thread

Post: # 6071Post Garrett Gilchrist
Sat Dec 27, 2014 12:48 am

Lucasfilm is a different animal. They also shut down my Youtube channel. I don't think the other stuff I post would have gotten the same reaction.

You can post 500MB per week on Vimeo for free.

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Re: Super Mario Bros: The Movie: The Thread

Post: # 6077Post Dennis196492
Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:24 pm

It's done! :gopher:


- Introduction completely re-done, animated Dinosaurs replaced by...animated dinosaurs from the 1925 film The Lost World.
- Mid section of the intro re-done, new rain/thunder/traffic sound effects, most dialogue has been deleted.
- Removed Alan Silvestri's score for Iggy and Spike's intro
- Deleted instance of dialogue: ''Let's go get her''
- Deleted Spike's failed kidnapping attempt
- trimmed a few frames out of the end of Daisy's ''Scapelli's down here making threats and I--'' line
- Removed Alan Silvestri's score for the Mario Bros. inviting Daisy for a ride in the Van
- Removed Iggy and Spike's dialog exchange at the car outside of the Riverfront café.
- Removed dialog exchange between Daisy and Luigi save for the last few lines
- Removed Alan Silvestri's score from a few seconds before Iggy and Spike kidnap Daniella
- Removed Music and Dialog when Mario, Luigi and Daisy enter the flooded tunnel, new flood and running sound effect.
- Removed the dialog from most of the ''Mario Bros. meet Dinohattan'' scene, added new music and foley sound effects
- Luigi's first cry to Daisy replaced with a more convincing one from The Making of Super Mario Bros.
- When Big Bertha tosses the Grandma out in the streets a few frames were trimmed from a close-up shot
- As the Mario Bros. and Toad are being taken to the police station, music was removed by using the audio from a scene from The Making of Super Mario Bros. and sound effects from different sources/scenes from the film
- Removed short scene of Luigi further explaining their surnames to Simon
- When the Mugshots are taken the Bros. reaction shot was removed.
- Scene of Toad giving out exposition now plays backwards for continuity between shots
- Toad's ''Ever!'' line removed
- ''See you later aligator'' Shot moved to after Toad is inserted into the De-evolution machine
- Removed scene of Luigi asking if the Goomba that came out of the Devo machine is Toad and the following reply from Koopa
- Sound from the scene of the Bros. escaping from the Police Station re-done, new music edited in
- Mario Bros. escaping the Prison Block cells completely re-edited
- Music removed and sound fully re-done for the car chase
- Nearly all of the car chase's dialog and close-up shots were removed
- When the Police Car flies out of the Koopa Tunnel a few scenes were taken out
- Scene of the Bros. waking on the desert was moved to after Koopa tries to seduce Daisy
- Music removed as Iggy watches the Bros. through a binoculars
- Removed Luigi and Spike insulting each other
- Removed music for Mario and Luigi's assault on the Snifts and the scene of them stealing the slugde gulper, Audio mix entirely re-done
- Echo added to the ''walk the Dinosaur'' song number as the brothers get inside the club's storage room
- Removed Luigi and Mario's ''Daisy! The Rock!'' dialogue exchange
- Removed Scene of Koopa ordering Pizza
- Removed Iggy and Spike's dialog exchange while Daisy uses the Fire extinguisher on Toad
- Moved scene of Koopa discovering of Lena's betrayal to after Mario and Luigi get the mushroom.
- Although unintentionally, Mario and Luigi's shout was removed from when they kick the ventilation crate
- Removed scene of Daniela showing Mario to Michelle
- Removed ''Where's my Pizza?'' line
- Switched the first shot of the ''Slide'' scene with a POV shot
- Replaced ''Sir, your pizza's here!'' line with just him saying ''Sir?''
- Removed scene of Mario and group celebrating after Mario hits a couple of Goombas with a Twomp Stomper
- Removed shot from before Mario swings his way towards Koopa's bucket
- Removed ''You want a rock, I'll give you a rock.'' line
- Moved scene of Lena realizing that she caught the rock to after Mario tricks Koopa with the shoelace
- Moved scene of Mario and Koopa's chase through the traffic to after the ''My time has come!'' line
- Re-edited Mario and Koopa's face-off at the Bridge to remove the moment where everyone got scared by the Bob-Omb
- Moved close-up shot of Lena being marveled by the Meteorite to before she says ''It's Incredible!''
- Removed close-up shot of Luigi and Daisy reacting to Lena being blasted from the meteorite
- Removed Luigi's ''Man, she sure makes an impression.'' line
- Moved scene of Daisy and Luigi entering the Meteorite's force field to after Koopa and Mario realize the dimentions are merging
- ''Merging'' Scenes enhanced
- Scene of Daniella telling people to look at the Twin Towers being replaced by the Koopa Towers moved to before Luigi says ''I'm gonna drill it out!''
- Removed scene of Scapelli saying ''Those guys will do anything for publicity.''
- Removed ''Monkey!'' scene
- Moved the ''Boss, what did they do you?'' line to after Koopa and Mario return to the other Dimention
- Added in a shot of the Twin Towers coming back to normal after Luigi and Daisy pull the rock off the meteorite
- Re-edited the short scene between the scene of the Bob-Omb crossing the road and Luigi jumping towards Mario
- Moved a close-up shot of Koopa after he shoots the Mario Bros. and misses to before Luigi jumps his way towards Mario, said scene having new Music added
- Removed a shot of Mario and Luigi ducking under Koopa's fire
- Removed a few seconds out of Koopa's burning Billboard
- Added in new Music/Sound effects for Koopa's de-evolution
- Moved earlier scenes of the Bob-Omb walking upside down to while Koopa is being de-evolved
- Removed a close-up shot of the Bros. as Koopa is propelled in the air by the Bob-Omb
- Merged 2 shots of Koopa flying upwards
- Removed one scene of the CGI Dinosaur
- Merged 2 shots of Mario and Luigi firing at the Koopa Creature
- Re-edited the ''Farewell'' scene
- ''And if I had any sense I would mind my own business'' line removed
- Daisy's comeback scene moved to after the credits
- After-credits scene of the Japanese business-men pitching ''The Super Koopa Cousins'' Removed
- Joe Satriani's Speed of Light now plays throughout the entire credits.
- Removed ''Super Mario Bros.'' Logo at the end.

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