Little Shop of Horrors Deleted Scenes Leaked

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Re: Little Shop: Breakdown of late Original Cut of Film

Postby JustinHoskie » Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:46 pm

I thought nothing else in 2017 could surprise me, and yet. . .

Reworked Version of Little Shop of Horrors, From Ellen Greene and Frank Oz, Blocked Due to Rights Issues
In short, based on the success of the Encores Off-Center production, Ellen Greene and Frank Oz were quietly working on a possible New York revival of Little Shop, which would've blended aspects of the film into the stage version, for two years before Howard's estate learned of it and shut down the idea. (On her website, Howard's sister Sarah has mentioned multiple times her stance on not letting anyone tamper with Howard's stage script, and her view that the stage musical is Howard Ashman's vision of Little Shop, while the film is Frank Oz's.) This is also the first publicised mention of a possible NY production of the show that's in early talks, that Sarah has also mentioned in the past.

Mr Mushnik wrote:Someone was kind enough to upload the single version of Dentist!

I'm digging the alternate, more sinister bassline. Also, a bonus lyric @1:57 from Howard "he's (strictly?)?? a medical mess" (Howard must have really liked the flow of this phrase as he uses "ethical mess" in "Arabian Nights" on Aladdin). I'm dying to know if there are other recordings out there with alternate arrangements like this, though it looks like all the other singles are just the soundtrack versions.

I'm wondering how much input Howard had with the single. This pretty much just repeats a verse and the new line does feel a bit too tacked too me, though it is just as likely someone asked him for a new chunk they could record with the girls without Steve Martin. And I haven't listened to any of the other single versions I had found in so long, though I do seem to recall hearing that another one had a slightly different arrangement. (Though I could just be remembering hearing about this.)
Mr Mushnik wrote:oh man I think I want to see this more than I ever did the colorized original ending. Do any of the workprints contain the full version of Mean Green Mother? How's the backing music track compared to the one on the director's cut?

I don't think they do. I just took a look at the rest of my notes and all the workprint of Mean Green Mother only had the lyrics that were in the final film, only with some extra / alternate vocalizations. And this final version may have had something closer to the final arrangement, though I can't be certain. I didn't take that many notes on the music because I knew it be a bit hard for me to pick out a synth track from an orchestration.
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