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Re: Star Wars: Deleted Magic

Post: # 6621Post Garrett Gilchrist
Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:56 pm

Thank you -- I do try to bring attention to stuff that wouldn't otherwise be seen, in the hopes that it might get an official release someday.

That was always the goal with the Thief stuff - to be a cheerleader really. I feel we've done a lot of important work here, starting in 2005 or so.

(The forum started in some form in 2001, officially in 2002 and was rebooted in 2013. It may have been rebooted before that, I can't recall now.)

EDIT: I've now saved the videos a droid was sharing on Facebook - just in case.

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Re: Star Wars: Deleted Magic

Post: # 8222Post Garrett Gilchrist
Wed Dec 02, 2015 8:35 pm ... ok_vulture

Lines spoken by a woman in the original Star Wars trilogy - who isn't Leia.

"I'm sure it's still a stunning difference, but what is the total speaking time of non-main cast?"

Depends on how you define main cast. But there are plenty of men with speaking parts.

More to the point, this video would be nearly empty without Beru Lars and Mon Mothma, both of whom have a male costar, of whom significantly more footage was shot.

We would think it strange if, besides Luke Skywalker, the only speaking male characters in these films were the minor characters Owen Lars and Crix Madine.

"What, no Oola or Sy Snootles?"

Neither have any actual lines. :) Nor are human. And the original Sy Snootles is absent from the current releases.

"But... Oola did have dialogue, when she was protesting Jabba's request... I'm just being cheeky."

I'd allow it if they were included. :) Though who on earth would want to sit through that song? Either song?

Worth mentioning that all four of these characters got messed with heavily in reediting by George Lucas, at some point. Beru, Mon Mothma, Oola and Sy Snootles.

Beru's voice was redubbed several times by different actresses, differing between versions of the film.

Oola's actress shot new scenes for the 1997 special edition, and Sy Snootles was replaced by unfortunate CGI, leaving no trace of her 1983 song "Fancy Man."

A younger Mon Mothma appeared in the third prequel film with a significant speaking role - which was cut entirely. Original actress Caroline Blakiston offered to do a cameo but did not receive a response.

Like Beru, all of Mon Mothma's lines in the film are rerecorded ADR (albeit by the same actress). Which I believe means there's not a line in this entire video which uses the audio recorded onset.

"Bea Arthur gets a whole song."

So does Diahann Carroll.

The Holiday Special - more progressive than the films.

So, not only are there very few women in the Star Wars universe with speaking parts, or in general ... Their characters have also been deemed problematic in the editing stage at some point.

Minor female characters like Camie and Jenny [Han's date] were cut from the first film. Women pilots were attempted for Return of the Jedi but not used in the cut, apart from this actress who was dubbed with a man's voice: ... ale-pilot/

[To be fair, the actual footage was very subpar and second unit-y.]

Just to be clear, this is a space fantasy series full of unusual creatures, magic, and advanced technology. But I guess having a woman who can fly a plane is just too unbelievable.

See also, in any Disney film: the lack of mothers and significant female characters apart from the lead role.

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Re: Star Wars: Deleted Magic

Post: # 8228Post FloorMat116
Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:24 am

Harmy will have a workprint version of his Despecialized Return of the Jedi edit prepared in time for the release of The Force Awakens
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Re: Star Wars: Deleted Magic

Post: # 8268Post Dennis196492
Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:48 pm

I figured I'd post this here since it seems like this is the Star Wars thread, but yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and warn about spoilers, if you even care, but I'll tell you guys about Force Awakens

It was ok, not good, not terrible, just ok, right off the bat I wanna say that it's a gorgeous looking film, and the action scenes are pretty interesting, but the characters are pretty bland, Finn is a huge wuss despite being a well trained Stormtrooper, Han and Chewbacca are more goofy here than in Return of the Jedi, Kylo Ren is a dweeby teenager that started somewhat promising as a villian, and Rey is literally the definition of a Mary-Sue.

Lots of dumb moments, dumb nostalgic reveals, typical Disney teenager banter between the characters, and just way too fucking much for a single film, remember when George originally wanted to do Star Wars like, the whole entire thing, everyone knows that would've never worked, yet Force Awakens is literally that, our characters are introduced without any ceremony, we get the twist, the reveal and the death of [classic series character] all in the same movie, characters come and leave, and it's just all too easy for the protagonists.

This really feels like a souless cash grab, almost makes me want to wish George Lucas had at least made the story outline, because despite his faults as a writer and director, he still ''gets'' Star Wars, in many ways I find this the modern-day equivalent of Phantom Menace, except it's dumb in different places

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Re: Star Wars: Deleted Magic

Post: # 8271Post Garrett Gilchrist
Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:11 pm

Removed a spoiler about a character death. :\

I am not seeing this until the 23rd. Tread lightly.

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