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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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Jared Yates Sexton writes:

We need to talk about how Donald Trump is a living, breathing memorial to white supremacy and why his supporters celebrating wildly as he drank a glass of water is disturbing proof of how racism pervades our culture.

On Saturday night Trump rambled for over half an hour about his ability to walk down ramps and drink from a glass of water.

His supporters cheered wildly and then chanted Four More Years!

Never has anyone done so little and gotten so much worship.

The absurdity of Trump's water drinking stunt was only overshadowed by the sycophants worshipping him for it, saying he was the "GREATEST. PRESIDENT. EVER."

It was stupid and laughable, but what this all reveals is that Trump is an incredible beneficiary of white supremacy.

Make no mistake.

Trump would not have been president had he not followed in the wake of Barack Obama, the first African American to hold the office.

Unconsciously, racists found the most buffoonish, incompetent man possible to prove their worst could be president as well.

What Trumpists did was take a laughable cartoonish man with no redeemable values whatsoever and elevate him to the highest possible position of power.

Their inherent prejudice and racism, like American culture has done for decades, transformed him into something else.

There is really no comparing Trump and Obama.

One is the son of privilege and the other a self-made man. One dangerously incompetent, the other one of the most level-headed presidents.

Their stark differences aren't coincidental. It's proof of America's white supremacy.

What Trump supporters have done is what white supremacy has done for generations.

It takes incompetent white men, scrubs them clean of their flaws, and elevates them based on a mythology with absolutely no relationship to reality.

This is the basis of our modern world.

Concepts like "meritocracy" are broken and conceal privilege and white supremacy that have been making America work since its beginning.

The deck has always been stacked for white supremacists, and our reality and history have been altered in their favor.

This is why Trump was so adamant about his inauguration. The empty spaces and sparse crowds ran counter to the narrative of his life.

Because of white supremacy, he was a winner, the greatest at everything he had ever done.

Reality crashed into him.

To see that Barack Obama's inauguration had been way more crowded was to witness a life-destroying truth: there was no scrubbing the record clean because of privilege and white supremacy.

Trump had been bested, and that was unacceptable.

Trump bizarrely harped on the inauguration crowd size, even had images manipulated to hide a fact that everyone knew.

This was about privilege. It was about a worldview where white supremacy was an immutable fact instead of a system of privilege.

As president, Trump has continually lied and oversold his achievement even as our eyes and ears tell a different story.

It's because he's lost in his own reality where white privilege has kept him aloft and kept him a winner.

His reality is clashing with actual reality.

Even as his wall has faltered and fallen over, he continues to speak of it like it's a perfect defense, a specimen, an achievement.

This is because Trump has suffered one failure after another but has never ACTUALLY suffered failure personally.

Trump was born into wealth. His father Fred Trump gifted him his initial fortune, which Donald has continually undersold and lied about.

In Trump's mind, he really is a self-made man, even though he began miles ahead of nearly every other American.

The image that Trump has given the world is as an extremely wealthy and successful world-beater, but reality tells us a different story.

He has failed at everything.

Literally everything.

Even in industries where people CAN'T fail.

Trump absolutely cratered in the gambling business, which is as stacked against the customer as anything else in the world.

His forays into gambling were laughably pathetic and veterans of the industry still laugh about it to this day.

Even as he flailed with his Taj Mahal, Trump returned to his parents, who again injected $3 million dollars into his failing casino.

Like everything else, Trump always had the security of his family's wealth there to save him from his own incompetence.

But it was all for nothing.

Trump was such an immense failure and terrible businessman that the Taj Mahal went under, dragging Trump into financial ruin and total societal embarrassment.

White supremacy was there to save him, however.

Trump's incompetence was historic in measure. At one point he lost more than any other American.

Trump was by far the most unsuccessful person in the United States of America for a decade.

But because Trump was the face of "success" and the strength of American meritocracy, bankers and debt-holders decided he was worth more for his image than he was to destroy financially.

He became a mascot for American wealth and white supremacy.

Trump was saved by his failures by people who saw profit to be made from selling him as a success while he was one of the least successful men in the country.

That's white supremacy. A need for the illusion to continue power and systems of profit.

Look at Trump as he is portrayed by his supporters.

Despite doing nothing and deserving none of it, he is lavished with false praise for things he hasn't accomplished.

He is glorified as a warrior, given a physique he doesn't have, qualities he doesn't possess.

Despite being pathetic and displaying a disgusting lack of patriotism or duty, he is painted as a warrior, a patriot on the level of the Founding Fathers.

He is transformed via white people's desperate need to square the picture and maintain the illusion of a meritocracy.

Despite having no understanding of history and possessing nothing resembling actual patriotism, he is turned into a revolutionary war-like figure.

It's all because they need to believe wealth and power and the American myth are intertwined.

It's a desperate need.

While Trump has never shown any interest in his children, family, or the outdoors, they make him an American institution, coating him in layers he doesn't possess.

It's a need to build him up as proof of the American myth.

It's present in their need to make Trump a man of God despite his lack of faith and piety.

It's about combining white supremacy, the fake meritocracy, and religion into a tight, neat package.

It's because of this they've made him a messiah, given him a seat at the hand of God. This buffoonish, total failure has to be raised up on high and turned into a holy figure.

That's what white supremacy does to continue its story and guard it from criticism.

The point is, Trump drinking from a glass of water without spilling on himself is a laughable moment.

It's also probably one of the few actual things he's accomplished in his presidency.

They cheered because it was something.

They cheered because they have to.

In Trump, white supremacists and people lost within the white supremacist reality HAVE to believe everything he does is perfect.

His wealth and power demand it, because the myth of white supremacy is so fragile and inherently brittle that any disturbance could destroy it.

White supremacy is built on an unstable foundation of lies, myths, and distortions.

Trump has lived in that tower his entire life, has been saved by it, served by it, empowered by it.

They cheer when he drinks water because to them it is a miracle. It has to be a miracle.

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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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Testing and masks would have stopped the spread of the coronavirus. Trump thought it would make him look bad, so he discouraged mask wearing and stopped or slowed testing for the coronavirus. He is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths.
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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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Fired NC police officer on tape:
"We are just going to go out and start slaughtering them (expletive)”...“I can’t wait. God, I can’t wait.”
Civil war to “wipe them off the (expletive) map. That’ll put them back about four or five generations.”
https://www.newsobserver.com/news/natio ... 79512.html
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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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Speaking of Centrists, I've noticed that people who defend Joe Biden, when I press them about his record (and friendship with racist Strom Thurmond, for example), will also defend Strom Thurmond. Immune to facts. Apologists for power.

I heard someone theorize once that Centrists only hear the tone of what's being said, they never understand the actual content. They hear whether someone is angry or not. Anger, to them, is bad. Faux-intellectualism is good. So you hear a lot of extreme-right and bigoted speakers position themselves as intellectuals.

https://medium.com/@sterling.mom2/my-ex ... 29d1abc7b6
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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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JK Rowling, Jesse Singal, Graham Linehan and Katie Herzog found dazed and confused at the bottom of a fucking ditch

https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2020/07/09/t ... wn-butler/
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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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"you know who was "cancelled" so thoroughly that she literally fell off the face of the earth after a couple vile smear pieces while virtually everyone who signed that harper's letter stood by silently or gleefully participated in it? tara reade"

https://twitter.com/zei_squirrel/status ... 4666120193
https://twitter.com/zei_squirrel/status ... 3809506304
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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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Over half a million people are dead from Covid-19.

We often hear that 1% or more of the population are at risk of dying from Covid-19. (5% has also been suggested, or as high as 19% if precautions aren't taken. Death rates for Covid-19 were 19% in care facilities.)

Franklin Veaux writes:

The US has a population of 328,200,000. If one percent of the US population dies, that’s 3,282,000 people dead.

For every one person who dies:

19 more require hospitalization.
18 of those will have permanent heart damage for the rest of their lives.
10 will have permanent lung damage.
3 will have strokes.
2 will have neurological damage that leads to chronic weakness and loss of coordination.
2 will have neurological damage that leads to loss of cognitive function.

If one percent of the US population dies, that would be:
3,282,000 people dead.
62,358,000 hospitalized.
59,076,000 people with permanent heart damage.
32,820,000 people with permanent lung damage.
9,846,000 people with strokes.
6,564,000 people with muscle weakness.
6,564,000 people with loss of cognitive function.
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