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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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Tue Jun 02, 2020 10:01 pm

No Charges for LAPD Cops Who 'Accidentally' Fired 107 Bullets at Innocent Mom & Daughter 😨


make_it_snow wrotes:
policing is one of those rare problems where the system is at fault but also all the individuals are bad

Peaceful protest attacked
https://twitter.com/Justiceaddwater/sta ... 5947271176

https://twitter.com/itsbellagomez/statu ... 0220560385
https://twitter.com/JennyENicholson/sta ... 7050840064

Cop behavior
https://twitter.com/ineffabIelwt/status ... 5612396546

Also the jails are death camps now due to the Covid, but police are being ordered to arrest anyone they see on the streets after like 1 in the afternoon, and keep them there for weeks (to die maybe)

At the end on PD radio "you should not be driving past anyone, stop your car and apprehend them"

https://twitter.com/AdoreDelano/status/ ... 0735166465

"If you do not move you will be dead ..."
https://twitter.com/The_Real_Fly/status ... 8744125440

"Modern policing is largely a war on the poor that does little to make people safer or communities stronger."

https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/7kpv ... CE_twitter

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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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Wed Jun 03, 2020 4:57 am

https://twitter.com/ABQPOLICE/status/12 ... 2167368704

https://www.phillyvoice.com/internal-af ... zi-tattoo/

UK racism:

https://twitter.com/kamanityrese/status ... 3643496449

Judah Friedlander writes:
When Hollywood films cops, they’re usually good guys. When people film cops, they’re usually bad guys

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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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Wed Jun 03, 2020 10:53 am

He said his narcotics unit colleagues planted drugs, falsified search warrants, and got undercover officers to identify the wrong suspects. He asked the whistleblower not to tell anyone:

https://twitter.com/georgejoseph94/stat ... 5597936640

https://twitter.com/Maggie_Vespa/status ... 3776062467

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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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Thu Jun 04, 2020 7:11 am

Police misconduct megathread:
https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/statu ... 0055459847

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... 5231528889
https://www.facebook.com/greg.doucette/ ... 5226389189

https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/statu ... 8988318720
Github / Netlify repository: https://2020policebrutality.netlify.app

https://twitter.com/Jeff_Wagner4/status ... 9303268353

"Tripped and fell"
https://twitter.com/IntelCrab/status/12 ... 6271572992
https://twitter.com/jonswaine/status/12 ... 0542986240

N)zi cop
https://twitter.com/spindlypete/status/ ... 2065769480

BlackHumor712 writes:

I honestly think a lot of objections to police abolition are from people who assume the police are WAY more helpful than they really are.

Jane McArthur writes:

In countless calls & interactions I had with municipal & provincial police as I reported incidents of abuse, sexual assault & stalking by now ex, I would not in any way characterize them as helpful. I'll never forget being told by an officer "just relax and go have a cupcake."

As bad as that was, I imagine my whiteness protected me and those interactions would have been different if I were Black or Indigenous.

Arnesa Buljušmić-Kustura writes:

“But what about rape and domestic violence, don’t we need cops for that?”

In my 5+ years as a domestic violence counselor, there was not one instance where I saw a victim of either sexual assault, rape, or domestic violence get the help they needed by the police.

18 years old, visibly beaten, bruises on neck, stomach, arms, legs. Hair was pulled so hard chunks were missing. Escaped in the middle of the night fearing death that night to a friends house who called the police. The police said to call them tomorrow as the victim was safe now.

The next day. Bruises even more apparent. The friend calls the police to escort the victim to the apartment so that she may get her belongings. The police see the bruises, the visible marks, but advise them they cannot do anything when the friend demands the abuser is arrested.

They advise the victim, the friend, and the neighbors who came out to testify to the abuse that because the victim lives with the abuser, they cannot kick him out as it’s a shared space and they will not arrest him as they have no proof.

Several hours later, numerous neighbors, friends, and family gather demanding something be done. Detectives are called. Then the Sergeant. Police finally take pictures of the victim’s bruises and call the abmulance to be picked up. Broken collarbone. Bruised ribs.

They rest him only after 12 people complain, take pictures and get involved. They advise the victim that she should move out for her own safety. A day later, the abuser is let go. The “no contact order” is not enforced despite continous harassement by the abuser.

The prosecutor’s office and the defense both harass the victim prior to trial. They ask questions like:

“Are you sure it wasn’t a misunderstanding?”

and say things like:

“A lot of women report only out of anger, maybe you’ll get back together. Why don’t you drop the charges?”

That goes on for a month until. The trial happens. They don’t ask the victim to testify. There is no trial, really. The abuser admits guilt. No contact order is in force for 5 years. He gets no time in jail or prison. He gets 180 days of community service. He’s 26. She’s 18.

When the weather changes my collarbone still hurts. I was 18. I reported it. I was covered in bruises. People vouched for me. There was pictures and evidence. The cops did nothing for me.

The next month, I enrolled into college to study psychology.

After, I did an intership at a DV Counseling centre. I decided to stay on full time after realising that what happened to me was happening to everyone who came to us. They came to us because the cops never helped. Not when they were 18 or 37 or 58 and not when they were 9 either.

I quit eventually as I couldn’t handle it anymore. The constant violence against women and children. The constant ways the police stood by and let it happen, ignored it, arrested victims with the abusers for “equality”, laughed it off, argued with us — the advocates.

The way the DA’s office let the abusers off repeatedly, the way they would take children away from abused women, the way that throughout my time as a counselor I spoke to hundreds, if not thousands, of rape victims and didn’t see a single rape conviction.

This is the first time I’ve shared my own story publicly. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experiences with me. May you all heal and may we find ourselves living in a world where justice and peace is the standard. We deserve a better world. We can make it happen

https://twitter.com/Rrrrnessa/status/12 ... 0286558208

35 out of 50 states allow a police officer to have sex with (and rape) someone they detain while in police custody as long as the officer claims it was consensual.
https://twitter.com/cuddlesandcoke/stat ... 1460896776

Amanda O'Farrell writes:
I also worked 5+ years with domestic violence victims. They not only made trauma worse, they often overstepped protocol with us. They would demand confidential info, fail to announce the release of an abuser, dump women on our doorstep in the night, belittle our expertise.

We had a cop come in to talk to kids. One boy asked "why do you take daddies away?" and to a room full of people with ONE thing in common, a violent father, he said "well sometimes it's mommies that are not nice, too" I won't forget.

andi zeisler notes:

I tried to report a stalker in SF years ago and was basically laughed out of the lobby.

I’m seeing people ask things like “But if there are no police who will go after RAPISTS???” and well I have some very bad news for those folks.

"[O]ne study surveying almost 1,000 youth in New York City found that two out of five young women had been sexually harassed by police officers."

"After being called to the victim's building....Moreno and Mata returned to the accuser's apartment three times during the night in question in December 2008 without calling it in."

NYPD officers Franklin Mata and Kenneth Moreno, who had been charged with raping a drunk woman in her apartment in 2008, were found not guilty of rape charges, but convicted of official misconduct.

"The detectives — Eddie Martins, 39, and Richard Hall, 34 — were accused in 2017 of raping a teenage girl they took into custody for marijuana possession. She was 18 at the time of the incident..."

"Two NYPD detectives accused of raping teen in their custody won't get jail time"

Daniel Holtzclaw assaulted and raped *at least* 13 women over a period of seven months:

"Jury finds Holtzclaw guilty of 18 counts of rape and sexual assaults against women after 45 hours of deliberations"

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/201 ... uilty-rape

"Out of the hundreds of police officers terminated for sexual abuse in recent years, only a small number faced criminal charges and even fewer were convicted. And black women are especially liable to be their targets."

Let me leave you with the story of the NYPD cop who was literally making plans to abduct, rape, murder, and eat multiple women and a whole bunch of people were like "okay but maybe we're being too harsh in assuming he's *dangerous*"

https://www.wvlt.tv/content/news/US-pol ... 41931.html
https://gothamist.com/news/report-nypd- ... -for-years
https://www.aclu.org/blog/womens-rights ... eep-sexual
https://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/ ... ry-1.13540
https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nat ... 166015001/

https://twitter.com/andizeisler/status/ ... 5322987521

Bob Mackey notes:
i was robbed at gunpoint of over $6000 worth of stuff, including my passport, and a cop talked to me for approximately 90 seconds while acting like i was inconveniencing him. and i never heard back from the police again

compare this to when i was stopped for going 7 miles over the speed limit and didn't consent to a car search. suddenly several cops had about 40 minutes to kill in the middle of a subzero Ohio winter night

More replies:

https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/statu ... 3079074818

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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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Thu Jun 04, 2020 11:05 am

Here is one guy's take on these events.

NC writes:
a few nights ago, Donald Trump retweeted [right-wing troll] A**y Ngo, now he's apparently been spamming retweets of [right-wing troll] Ch*rlie K*rk for hours

the tail is wagging the dog and it's otherwise a rudderless ship

he quote tweeted [right-wing troll] i*n m*les ch*ong

this is indicative, to me, that he's having to reach farther and farther afield to find "respected" (within his circles) voices that still support him

i suspect people in the administration have been telling him "no" a lot, lately

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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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Thu Jun 04, 2020 4:17 pm

I've compiled hundreds of videos from Twitter from the last few days here.

George Floyd Black Lives Matter Protests Riots
Twitter News Footage 6/3/2020


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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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Thu Jun 04, 2020 8:31 pm

Cooper Howell
Yesterday at 2:02 PM ·
Heaven and Hell: or my experience being a person of color in Disney's Hyperion Theater. #holdingtheateraccountable

Im just gonna go ahead and be straight up. This is pretty scary to share.

HEAVEN: Once upon a time Liesl Tommy cast me as Prince Hans in Frozen: Live at the Hyperion. And I was gooped. GOOPED. There was nothing in my prior history that gave any indication this was possible. Up until then every role I played had to do with my race. Every. Single. One. And even ones where it didn’t (Shakespeare or classical pieces mostly) I was always made aware that the novelty of me being a poc in that role that gave me the part. So much did I not expect to get this part that when I got the callback I rolled my eyes and didn’t take the actual callback seriously. I mean, there was a zero percent chance that Disney would ever let me play a Prince, especially when the dude in the movie is a ginger.

But then I got it. And immediately everything I thought was possible about my career changed.

My whole life I’ve never inwardly felt black. I’ve never inwardly felt white. I’ve always felt like I was Cooper, you know, on the inside. But whether it was every single white human in Utah reminding me that I was “the whitest person they ever knew/saw” (which DIDNT mean how white my skin was. It was how white I ACTED) or Mr. Johnson, my 7th grade drama teacher, telling me that he “wanted to put Velcro on the ceiling to see if I’d stick” or Mr. Smith, my high school drama teacher, saying “finally we can do black shows” as soon as I entered high school and then not casting me in roles because of the "optics" of it, or even my best friend in high school Tanner who called me "blackie", I was always reminded that I was an other.

So imagine getting paid good money to put on that $10,000 costume and waltzing out to 4000 people a day to play a really amazing part. A fantastic, evil, complicated, person who sings a killer duet and then grabs the show by the throat with a vicious about-face monologue... and not once was my race ever mentioned cuz it didnt matter. What was being prized was Cooper, my talent, not my skin color that I never asked for. Heaven.

Liesl MADE SURE, almost overly sure, that the poc’s in the cast felt equal. The kingdom of Arendelle, after all, is a make believe place. It can be whatever. From having Disney executives come and tell us that they were happy to have us there, to side conversations with John Lasseter, we were made to feel overly welcome playing the parts we were playing. She encouraged us to dive deeper into the script of a cartoon that I didnt really think much of until I was in it. We were encouraged to ask why. We felt seen as talent and not commodities.

There were, of course, detractors. Gosh, I remember people at a party of cast members from "Mickey and the Magical Map" another show at Disneyland which features a princess and the frog number and many of those casts mates angrily claiming that “if that black girl Tiana Okoye can play Elsa than I should be able to play Princess Tiana” and then looking at me to confirm that was okay to say, not realizing that a) she’s one of my best friends, b) that I’m in the show with her also playing a role that wasn't created to be a poc, c) how racist that sounded, and d) why there's a difference there and why that wouldn't make sense.

On Liesls final night I came up to her and said “I don’t know why you did it but thank you so much for casting ME in this part” to which she replied “you mean why would I cast a handsome, talented person in this role?” And I stuttered something like “well, I mean, I’m black. You know...” to which she tilted her head to her side and said “no. I don’t know why. Tell me why that matters.” And I had no answer. Seeing that I had no answer she smiled. That was the answer. There was no reason. On the spot my outlook about myself changed. Windows into what I thought was possible for me opened.

HELL: And then Liesl went back to NYC and she was replaced by a man named Roger Castellano as show director.

Rogers task, he told us on the first day, was to "change the show". We were not told what needed to be changed or even why, but that changes were on the horizon.

You've got to understand: to a full cast of actors who had just spent more than three months dissecting a 60 page Disney script with a Tony nominated director like it was Shakespeare, we were initially emotionally/mentally/spiritually resistant to changes. But then it became clear that the spirit of collaboration was over, and the show changes were to be given without the same care, consideration, and thematic explanation of why they were being made. Everyones initial reaction was to push back, but when people who questioned their notes or their changes started getting days removed their schedule or being replaced entirely by a new actor, the Hyperion theater became a place where no one was allowed to speak out. Injustices were happening left and right and no one felt they could do anything for fear of losing their livelihood.

And that's when the Frozen: Live at the Hyperion became a living hell.

In my first note session with Roger he pulled me into a room with Domonique Paton, my best friend and incredible costar who played princess Anna in the show I was in. She just so happens to also be black. Almost all of Prince Hans’s scenes in the show are with her character and so most of my notes would be primarily based on those interactions with her. Earlier in the day I performed with a different (white) actress but it was the show with Domonique that I had a note session about. Imagine my surprise and dismay when, with how Liesl set up the show experience, we were told this:



What else could that have meant, do you think?

He could have said maybe “too contemporary” emphasizing that we were maybe too modern in our speech patterns or movements. We weren’t. He could have said “too lax” or “too loose” meaning that maybe we were being unprofessional and goofy up there because we’re really good friends. We were not. The best me and Ms. Paton could think of was a 8 count moment of improv dance that me and Domonique decided to use as a synchronized moment of unity. It happened to fall on the line “our mental synchronization can have but one explanation” and thought, with the freedom that Christopher (the original choreographer) had given us, was appropriate, especially considering everyone behind us was doing the robot. As in the 80s robot.

But he didnt clarify.

He just said “WHEN THE TWO OF YOU PERFORM THE SHOW TOGETHER IT’S TOO… URBAN” And when asked what he meant he smiled with a little shrug and said "you can figure that out. You're smart."

And thats how I became Black Hans and Domonique became Black Anna.

My every moment onstage afterwards became about the optics of being a poc in that show. It was if I was suddenly made aware that I was LUCKY enough to be there and under any normal circumstances, or this new directors circumstances, me getting this part would have never happened. But the message was clear. It was especially clear when me and Domonique Paton shows together durastically decreased and made even more clear when the vast majority of the new hires were not people of color. But no one said anything.

And made even MORE clear when, over the next few weeks, both Domonique and I got COPIOUS notes, ten times that of our coworkers that played the same parts. It was almost a game. In fact we did turn it into a game, seeing who would get the least amount of notes from him in a day. Our costars would even joke about it onstage with us, during the ballroom scene, and jokingly whisper "The shows been up 15 minutes. How many do you think you got today?" But no one said anything.

And the notes were about all kinds of things. How we held our hand. If our inflections went up or down on a word. Which side of a couch we leaned on… which was fine! When you're an actor, thats the gig... until we started comparing our notes with the actors that played our same parts and none of them, NONE, would get the same notes. Our notes would be outrageously longer, the note sessions sometimes lasting 10/15 minutes. Others would get the “Oh hey, try doing this or that next time, okay bye” walk-by notes. Sometimes I would sneak into the audience and watch as some of the other Han's, some of whom changed lines, changed entire intentions of scenes, some of whom adding in all types of vocalizations and cackles and dance moves and what have you, and would receive ZERO notes.

But I was watching them to see what was wrong with me. What was my performance missing? What am I actually doing to feel this singled out. And then I realized that the thing that was wrong with me was that I was a different color than the 5 other white Hans's they cast.

And then I started getting notes about my penis.

Most of the time these “penis sessions”, as I called them, were given in private rooms without another stage manager present. It was incredibly unpleasant and unprofessional. In fairness, those Prince Hans pants are TIGHT! And yes, Mr. Howell is indeed a party in the front and a party in the back, but so were a lot of those fellas.

And thats where I put my foot down. If Disney was going to provide me with a costume it is not my responsibility to fix their problem, especially when other of my (white) costars had been given a dance belt for the same thing. But they never got penis notes. Private session notes about what their penis looked like in that show.

Over and over again I was told to fix it, to not make it (my dick) so apparent, and that “if my daughter were younger I wouldn’t want her to come to a show you were performing at" all the more insulting considering his daughter, a cast member in the show, was a friend of mine and the loveliest person.

He started demanding that I buy a dance belt. It was “my fault”, “my responsibility” …and thats where I took my stand. And then it really became hell. Penis sessions were now done out in the open. Once, he screamed at me, in the green room in front of all of my costars during lunch, about how incredible unprofessional I was, about how he was tired of seeing my dick, and that if I didnt go buy myself one I didnt deserve to be there anymore. Followed by a huge litany of notes. That doesnt compare to some of what Domonique went through and I invite her to share them if she’s willing.

During this time I went to every stage manager in the building and told them about being singling out and about my penis. They all told me to write a complaint report and it would go to some place called "HR". Which I did. Numerously. More months passed. Nothing from "HR". Multiple cast members who witnessed my note sessions encouraged me to go to the HR themselves. I didnt honestly know what an HR was.

As soon as it was explained to me by my allies even what an HR was I went to the head of HR at Disneyland herself and waited outside of her door. I asked her if she got any of my HR reports and she told me that she had received no HR reports from the Hyperion. Ever.

And then asked me to fill out a HR form.

As we went over it, she asked me some questions, and then set up a second meeting. On the second meeting she said that in order for my report to be given credence I would need witnesses to give their testimony. The witnesses, in fact the very people that told me to go to HR in the first place, said no. They didnt want to lose their jobs. In retrospect that might be the thing that hurt the most but, whatever... anyway, I was told "“well… without testimonies we’ll do an investigation and we’ll call you when we’ve completed it.”

I never received a phone call.

With absolutely zero protection from the stage managers from both the sexual harassment or my obvious racial targeting I (and others) were experiencing, not to mention that HR reports were doing nothing, aka not being forwarded, I thought about quitting. And when a white stage manager made a show mistake and laughed it off to the cast by saying an entirely offensive lynching joke, I quit. I didnt matter to Disney. How I felt and what I was being put through didnt matter. I was a commodity.

My departure was unceremonious. Bizarre. 100% un-magical. I hung up my costume one last time and it was given to a new Hans, one who looked very much like me oddly, and stepped out of the theater. The park was playing “every wish your heart desires will come to you” and I remember laughing at how dead that song felt. The director has since moved on but still works as a musical theater director in Southern California.

This one time 4 years ago I got to feel something other than my color for the first and only time in my professional career. It lasted from about March 2016 to July 2016 and never again since.

I will never forget in those early days looking at all the beautiful princesses I got to woo and thinking “wow. I’m a prince right now.” Im sure that sounds stupid. But it didn't feel stupid. And a Disney prince! Yeah, a shitty prince kinda... I mean, he's a sociopath... BUT still a Prince!

Especially special was being able to look in Dominique’s eyes and I could see the same glimmer of “can you believe we get to do this right now” reflected back. We never knew it was in the cards for us. My race always has and will always be part of my career equation and a determining factor of its projection. It will always be a determining factor in how im treated, by creatives, by people, by the those in authority over me, including the government and the police. #wasitmyskin

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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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Fri Jun 05, 2020 4:51 am

Ever notice how when anti-anti fascists retell these stories, the armed police in military riot gear are suddenly defenseless, and a water bottle or milkshake thrown by a protester is suddenly a deadly weapon somehow?


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Re: What's Happening In the World?

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Sat Jun 06, 2020 12:30 am

Positive changes:
https://twitter.com/_nectarine808_/stat ... 3231240192

Laura Shortridge-Scott writes:

I grew up in right-wing Christianity and "god" is code colonialist white supremacy. "God's Kingdom" is white, Christian and Western. When they say you're attacking god they mean you're attacking what they consider their divine right to rule.

shereen writes:
imagine if you said “abolish slavery” a bunch of elites were trotted out to say “don’t worry, they don’t actually mean *abolishing* slavery—just REIMAGINING slavery!” but I suppose that’s what they did to create our prison system

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