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PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 5:37 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist

Re: Movie Thread: The Dissection Room

PostPosted: Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:10 pm
by filmfan94
Garrett Gilchrist wrote:"The Front Page" is a famous film, but moviegoers have been watching not only poor quality copies but entirely the wrong version of it -- with different takes and dialogue -- that is, until now. ... -rarities/

Looks like that new restoration of The Front Page is going to be included with Criterion's new edition of its more famous remake, His Girl Friday.

Re: Movie Thread: The Dissection Room

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:15 am
by Garrett Gilchrist

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2016 6:06 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:06 pm
by JustinHoskie
When we see Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore in Harry Potter's time, he's already given up on love and romance in favor of academics and public service. He's, at the very least, celibate, if not completely asexual. To quote J.J. Rowling, "[he] became very mistrustful of his own judgement in those matters." Remember, his one true "romance" / infatuation was with Grindelwald (which was very likely one sided to begin with), an evil, dark wizard, which resulted in a confrontation that caused the death of his sister.

To him, he doesn't deserve love. He's too power hungry; too selfish; too manipulative; too gullible. And so, after Grindelwald, he decides to dedicate his life to bettering the world and he lets love fall by the wayside. That's the tragedy of his character; the champion of "love will conquer all" never truly experienced love himself.

This isn't that Albus. This Albus is still relatively young and might still be grappling with who he is and his personal thought, feelings, and ideas. He may even still have lingering feelings for Grindelwald. This is likely Jo's one real chance to explore a side of Albus she's never had a solid excuse to explore before.

I'm excited. ... 201915037/

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 4:38 am
by Garrett Gilchrist

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:19 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist

On the rare blood red laserdisc of Evil Dead 2, you could see this compilation of behind the scenes home movie footage from the film. This has been excerpted in documentaries since, and more home movie footage is available on Youtube. Greg Nicotero's original home movie footage runs 8h 35m 12s. Vern Hyde's runs 72m 00s.

But what's most striking is that this compilation is mostly dedicated to practical effects that didn't make the final cut of the film. A ton of brilliant stuff that was just cut out entirely. I'm not sure if some of that was censorship or just timing, but as far as I know these scenes no longer exist. At five minutes in you'll see Evil Ed with half a head, part of a full scene cut from the film.

A low quality VHS workprint of the first part of Evil Dead 2 has leaked, but there are no significant differences from the final film. It ends well before the "Evil Ed" scenes.

A very strange German "extended" release of Evil Dead 2 literally edits this home movie footage into the film, which just shows how desperate people would be to really see this stuff.

Oddly, a Mexican TV version of Evil Dead 2 does contain a bunch of legitimate extended scenes, though all of the TV friendly variety! It's strangely rare but can be found in low quality. ... jFw/videos

Info about the extended Mexican version, which - oddly - ends with a photo montage involving the premiere of Evil Dead 1! ... sions.html ... cenes.html

There have been two different compilations of deleted and raw footage for Evil Dead 1 on DVD.

The prequel film "Within The Woods" was scheduled for DVD release but pulled at the last moment, several times. Fans have made do with very poor quality bootlegs.

As for Army of Darkness, there is of course the extended "Director's Cut," and the TV edit which restores a few further scenes.

The deleted scenes of the original opening and Ash recruiting Henry the Red have never been seen in better than VHS bootleg quality, as far as I know. ... cenes.html

It's also been said that more material was shot for the original opening, including Ash's jerk boss at S-Mart. And clearly the Evil Dead 2 remake sequence was longer, as seen in the alternate opening. I don't know if this material even exists now -- unlikely after so many releases of the film.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:22 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist
[continued from a facebook discussion]

I like Army of Darkness a lot, but it's definitely its own thing. It rarely feels like a horror film, more just Sam Raimi indulging his most ridiculous instincts. It's impossible to take it too seriously as a film, and shows the filmmaking process in action even more than the Evil Dead movies.

Some scenes go for an "Evil Dead" flavor and fall flat, including the original ending and opening, and it's easy to imagine a version of the film which was shot in a more "serious" or Evil Dead-like fashion.

In all of Sam Raimi's movies there's an insanity lurking beneath the surface, like at any minute the movie could go too far, fall apart and turn into absolute stupidity. This happens toward the end of Darkman, at points in Spider-Man 3, for most of CrimeWave, for the Oz movie ... and in all his movies at points.

So it's like Army of Darkness was the movie he was building up toward his whole career -- where all his creativity would be used to make something stupid. Army of Darkness is also the only time where I can even imagine a "Sam Raimi comedy" working as a movie, from start to finish. It's a very good comedy, and as kinetic and clever as anything Raimi has done.

It's easy to prefer Evil Dead 2 as a movie though, which rides that line of insanity but doesn't break. Evil Dead 2 is a wild ride but still dark, like we're in a madman's brain. It's still a horror film.

The old (and rare) blood-red laserdisc of Evil Dead 2 had the Beta-taped home movie footage of preparing the effects sequences on it, pretty much in full. That's been excerpted in various documentaries since. But what it shows is, most of the effects work was cut out of the film for some reason. Possibly for censorship reasons in some cases. It is a crime that those scenes apparently no longer exist.

It's a great film without all that, but so many delightful effects shots were cut for no clear reason.

While I'm at it, there was more stuff shot for the opening sequence of Army of Darkness that doesn't seem to exist anymore. More of the "S-Mart" opening (with a jerk boss, apparently) and more of the "Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2" remake - some of which you can see in the deleted original opening to the movie, which only seems to exist as VHS quality now.

The reshot S-Mart ending to Army of Darkness, and the witch scene in the film itself (which was shot around the same time I think), take things even further than most of the movie does. It really clarifies what sort of movie this is -- wildly over the top. The original ending and opening suggest a different film. The deleted opening goes for a horror-movie tone which the rest of the film can't live up to. Army of Darkness could have gone either way. But it didn't .... so the over the top S-Mart ending is really what it needs.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:56 pm
by filmfan94

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:11 pm
by JustinHoskie
filmfan94 wrote:R.I.P. Debbie Reynolds ... 201949432/

This one hurt the most... ... form-video

Something There | Emma Watson | Recording Sync | Beauty and the Beast | 2017
"Bootleg recordings of Hasbro's Singing Belle doll, which is scheduled to be fully released January 1, 2017 and features this portion of "Something There," began to appear online on December 29, 2016 after consumers began finding the doll for sale in some Toys "R" Us stores.

"This clip was released via Disney's official Beauty and the Beast social media accounts on December 30. The film is due for release on March 17, 2017."

Words cannot describe how much I adore Emma's voice here. Is it powerful and belting? No. Could she do Broadway? Likely not. But on Broadway, you have to have a powerful, belting voice to reach the back row. With film, you can have a softer, more intimate voice, because you can be intimate and more subtle in your performance. And that’s exactly what her voice is; soft and intimate.

To me, the musical genre is incredibly hard to pull off in the realistic medium of film. The only live action film I’ve seen that comes close to truly pulling it off is Les Misérables (though no one seems to agree with me). Every other musical is too polished, too theatrical, too fake for me think that it truly holds it's own as a good film. To my ears, Emma’s voice totally fits with my idea of Belle, and after listening to it over and over and over again, seeing it with some visual representation for the scene, and hearing to the nuisance, I totally buy into Emma's Belle.

In the end, this makes me excited. It’s not Paige O'Hara, that's true, but that’s fine. I’ve personally never really adored Paige’s voice for Belle; it’s beautiful, but it’s never fit the character for me. I can see why someone may be a tad apprehensive about Emma based on this clip, but a key piece of this performance is the visual to go with it, something that we don't have right now.

I still don't see a point in making it, though. If it was based off of the stage musical like it was originally planned, I would be on board for it. And though they seem to be making truly interesting choices and addressing some of the story problems I have with the original -- It looks like they're focusing on Prince Adam's backstory a bit more and making Belle the inventor, which would explain why she's such an outcast. -- it's still just a rehashing of the original, as opposed to The Jungle Book or Cinderella remakes, which told their stories in a different way. And, on top of that, it's being done with CGI, and I doubt it'll hold up 10 years from now.

Still, it'll be interesting to hear Alan Menken revisiting a score that is such a touchstone in his life and career, the design is visually stunning, and it'll result in a recording of one of my favorite Ashman & Menken scores, so I can't really complain.

So, I for one am excited for this to finally get released and see what one of my favorite actresses does with one of my favorite Disney heroines.