Movie Thread: The Dissection Room

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Re: Movie Thread: The Dissection Room

Post: # 6823Post warrenEBB
Fri May 01, 2015 2:55 pm

my few cents: (SPOILERS!)
- I dug how we got to see everyone's biggest fear in a scarlet witch vision, except Banner's. I take it that banner's very public destruction of that city is him LIVING his biggest fear.
- I felt like the opening action sequence was the best (much preferred it to the robots and ships at the end, which more felt like a big fake empty cartoon fx to me). I think it's very EmpireStrikesBack to start off with a huge action sequence in the snow.
- Black Widow reminded me a lot of Angel. A character who's done so many bad things they can never forgive themselves. that their struggle to redeem is what makes them such a great hero.
- Felt like widow and hulk's love story was sort of a reverse Beauty and the Beast. Where hulk is the innocent beauty, and Widow is the disgusting monster.
this controversy around the sterilization scene is a misread i think. Banner is saying he can't have kids because he's a monster, and she's replying that she chose to not have kids so she could be better at murder - so who's the bigger monster here?
i don't think there was meant to be any commentary in there that any woman who can't have kids is some kind of monstrous thing.
but i need to see it again to chew over that scene. Like, when she says "her final trial" was the sterilization, it seems lik we keep seeing this image of her shooting a target then shooting a man with a bag over his head. So you expect her final trial was murder (which often seems to be the final trial for trained agents). I think the core of the sterilization/monster debate is maybe : did she choose to pass this final trial, or was it forced on her.
(i think she felt she chose to do all these bad things, while fans of her think she was brainwashed and forced to do all these things).
- can someone please make a 3D file of that final credits statue so i can print it out? I'm guessing they were going for a classic marble sculptured classy angle, but it's an obvious nerd merch thing. want.

+ really dug how Tony's "we're mad scientists. embrace it" talk to banner echoed his advice in the first Avengers (to embrace his hulk). I adore mad scientist stories, who typically exist on the edge of acceptable human morals (thinking of The Black Hole, or that Star Trek episode "what are little girls made of?"). So for them to hold back and make sure every new invention is best for humanity would be to deny their core nature. DELICIOUS.

+ kinda creeped out that Thor flies in and activates the Vision. seems to send a message that these heroes just aren't about putting it to a vote or checking with the team. They're individuals who don't care about discussion.
i get that it's kind of what makes them THE Avengers. And makes them opposite to the hive mind that is Ultron. but. still seems to shine a light on how super heroes in general are not in sync with modern society. meh?

+ i dug that Hawkeye was revealed to be a pretty well adjusted family man. As a dad, this was a breath of fresh air amidst all the angst of these vigilante/broken-hero stories. I was glad the movie found a way to give a genuine happy ending note (for him alone?). (mention this because I've read several complaints that he was just set up as the obvious gotta-die. as if he's just boring unless he's killed. I'm guessing this complaint is not coming parents).

anywho. loved the *#$^@% out of the movie. it was SO MUCH MOVIE!
and totally agree with what you wrote Garrett. it was exhausting to watch. I was also left feeling like choices in the movie might be Whedon trying to make some meta commentary (on the huge beast this all has turned into. and on edgar wright's exit). I feel like the lack of end credits gag was kinda depressing. just this simple "the franchise will return" sort of text.

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Re: Movie Thread: The Dissection Room

Post: # 6824Post Garrett Gilchrist
Fri May 01, 2015 3:13 pm

I would be really interested in reading [some version of] the [actual shooting] script. And I hope we see a longer cut. That sterilization scene is a total mess.

Agreed about that statue; they should make that - though it would be very expensive.

Turns out they actually shot something with Loki and didn't use it. ... ron-script ... ge-of-olaf ... r1_500.gif ... 1_1280.jpg

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Re: Movie Thread: The Dissection Room

Post: # 6825Post filmfan94
Fri May 01, 2015 3:33 pm

Well, supposing the rumors I've heard are true, there may be an extended cut of this coming out later on which may have an alternate ending.

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Re: Movie Thread: The Dissection Room

Post: # 6835Post Garrett Gilchrist
Tue May 05, 2015 11:38 am

"Property of Joker." Really, Warner Bros? ... 1_1280.jpg

Way to remove agency from a popular character. Now you could argue that's how she sees herself - there's no limit to her dependency issues with "Mr. J." She's crazy as hell, that's the point. But pair that with these underwear shorts [original Harley was fully dressed] and actually write it all over her clothes, and it borders on parody. More meme than movie.

Much like that tattoo image of the Joker, with "damaged" written on his forehead and dialogue excerpts from his comics all over his chest. Is Superman's next costume just going to be "False God" written on his chest, with a tattoo of the cover of Action Comics #1 and "Property of DC Comics?"

I guess what offends me about some of these comic book movies is -- like the first X-Men movie, you think, well, that's really watered down. Is this the way they're actually going to be in the comic books now? Because that will suck. I wouldn't have been a fan of these characters as a kid if they'd been that unimaginative ...

The Marvel movies have largely avoided that -- Iron Man wasn't just some guy in clothes, nor were Captain America and Thor and Loki and so on.

The films should really look like the iconic characters, to the point where you could recognize them in the comics anyway. That can require a lot of imagination in the design but there are certain icons that need to be retained.

It's hard to translate a comic book look to the big screen without looking "cosplay" - I'd argue that's not entirely a bad thing, but studios want to see the money on the big screen - that means a more complicated version of the suits, usually. If you can do that and still make it iconic, like the Raimi Spider-Man, you've done it 100% right.

That is, you've taken the comic concept and made it look good.

I'm sure Margot Robbie can wear just about anything, but let's not test that theory.

So far, DC has seemed embarrassed of their characters. In the pages of the comics lately as well, from what little I've seen. They seem to think Superman isn't a character who works as-is, at least judging from Man of Steel. It's what happens when you work with David Goyer, who openly hates "nerd" comic book fans -- and hire him over and over. I'm not a fan of the Zack Snyder sort of style.

Whedon had serious nerd cred and knew the characters; Marvel were lucky to have him. But they were also in a good place, controlling their own product in a way that supports the comics. They wanted films which dovetail well with these characters' histories.

Really, Warner Bros is controlling the properties rather than DC. But then Marvel is an unusual situation, and hard to just copy. I guess the DC cinematic universe will be the "dark version" ... where I really think DC should go the opposite direction. Their characters work well light.

DC's Flash TV series is much more comic booky than their films have been ...

[original Harley Quinn, Arleen Sorkin:] ... DZ99%2FNkw

What matters with Harley is the performance, so we'll see. She's survived increasingly skimpy and bizarre outfits before this .... but not meme-style text branding, which is a more literal version of the new Joker's tattoos.

Harley Quinn has to be one of the easiest characters to get right. I hope they do it.

Everyone knows who and what that character is. If DC can't get that right, maybe they shouldn't be allowed to play with the adult scissors.

LittleKuriboh @yugiohtas wrote:

This is how people PRETENDING to be these characters would dress.

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