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Re: The Video Games Thread

Post: # 3383Post Dennis196492
Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:31 pm

Written by William Shakespeare

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Re: The Video Games Thread

Post: # 3433Post Garrett Gilchrist
Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:12 pm

I've spoken about Bio Force Ape before - a bizarre, unreleased NES game featuring great animation, fast scrolling, absurd enemies and story, and baffling gameplay. Here, James and Mike take it on ... ... e-mondays/

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Re: The Video Games Thread

Post: # 3453Post FirestormCAN
Tue Jan 14, 2014 2:50 am

I dunno how many of you guys here know about this game, but I'll have you know Kerbal Space Program is one of the best games I've ever played.

Yeah I know, it's an alpha game and it's got a lot of bugs and an unrefined engine, but Minecraft went through the same thing with its development, and look how that turned out. This one has a lot of backing not just by the game community, not just the modders, but even members of the space science community. People love how they can build almost anything they can come up with, be it a moon rocket, space station, rover, deep space probe, even something out of science-fiction. And that's just with the standard parts. Modders have been adding a lot more parts, some that have even made it into the default game, to make the game more interesting and in some cases more challenging.

But the challenge is not just building the right kind of spacecraft; it's getting it to fly and explore the star system. It takes a lot of finesse and practice to even get something off of the ground and into orbit, much like a real spacecraft. Think it was easy to send Alan Shepard or Yuri Gagarin into low-earth orbit? Don't be so sure. There's a lot more to building spacecraft than finding the right fuels and giving its iconic shape; it's take the time to design and build a powerful yet efficient system to get even the smallest of payloads into orbit. Even moreso when sending something to another celestial body. It's hard to do, and this game emulates that to a T. But you're not alone in this endevour; there's plenty of helpful guides out there, both written and visual, to make your job just a wee bit easier.

I grew up looking up to NASA's space programs, from Mercury all the way to the Space Shuttle's final years. I never had the capacity to be an astronaut, but I always dreamed of seeing the stars from high in the sky. Now with this game I feel more in control. I choose where I want to go, what to launch, how to build it, and who lives or dies. My Neopets tag has and always will be Nasa, but now I can live up to that name for real. And no one can stop me; not even the unstable physics engine!

There's two kinds of people who play this game: the serious ones, and the silly ones. If you want serious (as it can get) gameplay, Scott Manley's my first choice, 'cause being an astronomer he knows about spaceflight and exploration. For the silly, Danny2462's the guy you should watch first, though you might want to avoid having a beverage while watching. The things he does in this game, hoo boy, they will make you choke from laughter.

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Re: The Video Games Thread

Post: # 3560Post Garrett Gilchrist
Fri Jan 17, 2014 3:28 pm

Lot of repro and homebrew carts for old video game systems here.

For Colecovision fans. There's an active Colecovision homebrew community, surprisingly so. The system's specs are very similar to the MSX, so MSX ports are very common - which may lead to Super Mario, Zelda and Castlevania games in the future. But all sorts of classic games are receiving arcade-quality ports that surpass even the NES versions --


Battle Kid NES ... ebrew.html

Genesis pirate games: ... ate-games/

Did I ever mention the Chip Maestro here? ... -cartridge

NES homebrews:

About NES programming: ... velopment/

Earthworm Jim NES

Mario Adventure:

Blade Buster

A more difficult Mega Man 2

What if there really was a Super NES CD? It might look a bit like this ...

(The same guy hacked BS Excitebike:)

Classic Kong on SNES. No Donkey Kong Country For Old Men.

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Re: The Video Games Thread

Post: # 3563Post Garrett Gilchrist
Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:22 pm

Arcade Game Studio:

How to Homebrew: ... rew-how-to

SNES homebrews and rarities sold on real carts:

General list of repro cart makers: ... adid=57823

Sir Abadol for NES:

Fix It Felix Jr for Genesis:

And another Fix It Felix Jr for Genesis which is downloadable:

And for NES: ...

The "real" Fix It Felix Jr? ... ked-online

Jet Pilot Rising demo

By Shiru:

Zooming Secretary for NES ... y-nes.html

Alter Ego NES

Uwol: Quest For Money (Genesis)

And an article about writing NES games in C: ... s_in_c.htm

Leisure Suit Larry NES:

Tekken 2 bootleg cart NES:

Mega Man 3 My Little Pony hack "Dr. Discord's Conquest"

Mega Pony no death run:

More info on Homebrewing ... eadid=7155 ... adid=93756

16 Bit Gamer forum

Super Mario Land color

Metroid 2 colorized

Game Boy Advance Homebrewing! ... idges.html ... ebrew.html

Power Pig GBA

PC Homebrew reviews:

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

NES developer's forum ... 79bfe45b82

Parents upset over Super NES

Game Genie commercial ... xi4m2qnZaY

Streemerz NES homebrew. The joke is that this is a much cooler version of an Action 52 minigame.

And the 3D sequel:

Action 53! ... lable.html ... e-one.html

Royal Flush SMB3 hack ... 0flush.htm

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