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Please help luddite rip streaming video for friend's reel

PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:53 am
by Jack Criddle
Hi all. Wonder if anyone knows a way to rip streaming videos from and
Not trying to do anything sneaky or that illegal - I'm helping my friend Keith make an acting reel - he's the funny ginger guy on Wyatt Cenac's stoner committee, and the guy taking the pictures of the murderers in the elevator. (It's a viral video created to promote the movie Dead Man Down.)
Here are the clips - the Daily Show ... =cAQHp0tPY
CNN's story about the viral vid. ... murder.cnn

Any help you guys would have would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Please help luddite rip streaming video for friend's ree

PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:23 pm
by Garrett Gilchrist
Others may have other ideas, but here are mine:

Since you're editing the video anyway, file size is not an issue, so you could simply record your screen as the video plays, using some sort of screen capture program. Even Livestream's software can do that.

In the case of The Daily Show, the episodes are generally shared as files elsewhere on the internet.

A search on for the appropriate Daily Show episode turns up this: ... O.mp4.html

as well as lots of false positives, but oh well.

As for the CNN piece, here it is:

On my Mac, I would use Safari and open up the Activity panel, which sometimes shows the exact address of the video being streamed in its list of files being called up. That has been disabled on Mountain Lion, but replaced with a "Developer Menu" which does the same thing ..... A look into the source code can sometimes turn up information as well, though this is less likely on a modern website that knows what it's doing.

There's discussion about this that is helpful .... ... video-file

Anyway, the location of the video itself is here: ... TJQ&seek=0

Found via the Developer Menu by looking for any resource labelled "video" .... there is probably an HD option as well but I didn't get it to work.

Re: Please help luddite rip streaming video for friend's ree

PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:37 am
by Jack Criddle
You da MAN Garrett! Thanks for the help with this!