Too Hot to Handle (1960) AKA Playgirl After Dark (Editing Notes and Pink Flamingo Cut)

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Too Hot to Handle (1960) AKA Playgirl After Dark (Editing Notes and Pink Flamingo Cut)

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HD version of Too Hot to Handle (1960), with 35ish minutes of HD. This includes some previously unseen / uncensored footage. One scene requires subtitles. ... mingo-cut/

Too Hot to Handle (1960, UK)
The Pink Flamingo Cut in Colour (HD version)

AKA Playgirl After Dark (US), or La Blonde et les Nus de Soho (FR)

with Jayne Mansfield (The Girl Can't Help It) as Midnight Franklin
Leo Genn (Quo Vadis, Moby Dick) as Johnny Solo
Karlheinz Böhm (Peeping Tom, Sissi) as Robert Jouvel
Christopher Lee (Dracula series) as Novak
Kai Fischer as Cynthia
Danik Patisson as Lilliane Decker
Barbara Windsor (Carry On series) as Pony Tail

Directed by Terence Young (James Bond series)

cw: partial nudity, violence, offensive and stereotypical cultural depictions

A 1960 film with Jayne Mansfield and Christopher Lee, from the director of the first James Bond films. Three versions are circulating, from the US, Germany and France, none of which resemble the intended UK version. None are in color and in English and uncensored. Well, until now.

For this HD release, 37 minutes of film material (from the UK cuts) was scanned in 4K, and the rest of the film was upscaled. The color on these four half-reels had faded, but was restored as much as possible. These reels contain some uncensored material which has not previously been seen.

Jayne Mansfield got in trouble with the censors for this film, and the American release was delayed until 1961 while they figured out what to do about it - which included hiring animators to paint clothing on her during the title song number. Even the European releases show signs of censor trouble, as the rare German and French versions are different. (The US version was released by a small company, Topaz, rather than MGM or Warners, and may be public domain.)

It's easy to see what worried the censors. Although alternate takes were shot where the dancers wear more clothes, both versions have a lot of implied nudity for a 1960 film. There is also some violence (one scene in particular).

Prior to this restoration, this film has not been available in color in English, and it is currently unclear what the original UK release was actually like, in terms of cuts and takes used. My goal was to present a coherent version in color in English. I like a challenge, and this film was very challenging, with four sources that all needed a lot of work to be useable.

The problem is compounded by the fact that this is a rare film, not currently available on DVD in English. There is a German DVD release in color, which is often missing footage at random, due to the state of the single print used. (It only has German audio.)

The English releases are in black and white, and are based on a censored (presumably American) version using alternate takes where the dancers wear more clothing, although at times this has material missing from the German release.

There is an uncensored French color version which only circulates as a lower quality VHS rip, albeit in color. There's more nudity in it throughout. Some plot seems to be cut, although this could be print damage. The French version of "You Were Made For Me" is an extra on the German DVD.

For this HD release, 37 minutes of film material was scanned in 4K, and the rest of the film was upscaled. The color on these four half-reels had faded, but was restored as much as possible. I have not removed dirt and damage from these reels. Three of these reels are uncensored (UK cut), and contain previously unseen material. The final half-reel is a censored version, and I've used the German DVD version instead for some scenes here.

The DVD upscale is anamorphic, since the original DVD was.

Toward the end, one scene of plot (involving journalist Robert and dancer Lilliane) is in German with subtitles. I have subtitled the material to get the gist across. I could not find English audio for these scenes, which are cut from the US release but mostly present in the French. It is somewhat appropriate that these scenes are in German, as they involve a German playing a Frenchman and a French woman playing a German. (Although Robert claims to not speak German in the film.) Make sure the subtitles are on.



Opening credits colorized from the US version, with a new color title for the lead cast. Some footage restored at 6:20 as Jayne walks. Colorized exterior at 10:24, and several colorized shots of Robert observing the dancers.

The true HD material starts at 15:34, with a backstage scene of Cynthia and Maureen, talking to Midnight and observing Arpels. This is the uncensored/less clothes variant. Color was very faded here and was restored as much as possible. Midnight then performs "Too Hot to Handle." This is the uncensored variant, with mostly wide shots of Jayne, where other versions cut to closeups and crowd shots. Some footage here is not in even the French version, like Jayne playing with the measuring tape and spinning around the poles at the end. The "Turkish Delight" striptease is also uncensored, which is heavily cut in the German and US versions (for obvious reasons). The German uses some closeup coverage during the opening check-in, and cuts most of the rest for nudity. The US has alternate clothed takes, and was colorized for a special feature here.

After the meeting with Dinelli, there is a half-reel splice at 25:09, with a few frames of material unseen elsewhere as Robert talks to the cigarette girls. Lilliane's train striptease is uncut here; this is censored in the German, but present in all other cuts. Afterward, Melody walks by Arpels in a bikini, then Lilliane is confronted by Arpels. This is actually the "more clothed" variant compared to the French cut, but it must be the preferred take since this is the UK cut.

After more HD scenes with Lilliane we return to the DVD source at 34:49, where Johnny receives an axe in his office, and a threat. The DVD continues to 42:15, then HD resumes and we see Jayne/Midnight (as Marilyn) perform "You Were Made For Me." This half-reel had better color but is a censored UK cut. A line was missing due to print damage before she sings "Porgy was made for Bess." This is restored via the DVD upscale. At 44:33 an old man touches Midnight's hips. This is briefly censored in this version, so I've used a lower quality source (a special feature on the German DVD) while attempting to match the color as much as possible. Half of this song is cut from the German DVD because Jayne is getting too close and personal with the audience.

Because this half-reel is the "more clothed" variant, we cut back to the DVD upscale at 45:26 for a less clothed shot of Cynthia discussing her bruises, then to the more clothed HD version as Terry's girls enter. (The less clothed variant of Cynthia standing up is only in the French VHS, so due to low quality I preferred the HD.) At 47:56, the "less clothed" DVD upscale is cut to during most of Lilliane's "Monsoon" performance. (You can see the HD "more clothed" variants in the special features.)

At 50:24, as Robert and Lilliane leave the club, we are back to SD upscales (and a colorized scene). HD material resumes at 1 hour 16 seconds, as Johnny finds that the nightclub has been trashed, and confronts Dinelli. This half-reel had slightly better color than the first HD segment had, but worse color than "You Were Made For Me." Robert does some painting with Lilliane and tries to find out who she really is. This sequence is cut entirely from the US version, so appears here in English for the first time. At 1:09:45, after Robert defaces "Lilliane's" photograph, we are back to SD upscales, and a partly colorized and restored scene. That's the last of the HD material, and the sources are a hodgepodge for awhile after this, because the SD sources are damaged and missing material at this point. Some French VHS after Lilliane smashes the mirror. (Note that everyone is dressed for a bullfight scene, with Ponytail as the bull, which was cut.) I've included some extra colorized crowd shots from the US version at this point, including one of Novak smoking, and a single HD shot.

As Jayne/Midnight finishes her song at 1:10:44, we are back to DVD/SD upscales for the rest of the film. There's some additional, gratuitous girl-fighting at 1:17:25 from the French VHS, and the uncensored murder at 1:24:32 which is cut from the German, and colorized here.

At 1:29:43, two scenes with Robert and Flash, and with Robert and Lilliane, have German audio. This is cut from the US version and I was unable to find English audio. Turn on the subtitles.

End credits are restored from the US version at 1:41:25.


Video restoration by Garrett Gilchrist

4K Cintel Film Scan by Phil Clark

Produced by Timothy Finn

Upscale by Sam Gould

Thanks to Nicholas Dubreuil, Reinier Wels, Bernd Dötzer, The Cinema Museum London, and Knights of the Lost Media

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Re: Too Hot to Handle (1960) AKA Playgirl After Dark (Editing Notes and Pink Flamingo Cut)

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Too Hot to Handle (1960) AKA Playgirl After Dark
Comparison between German Color version (DE) and Black and White version (US) ... We also have a VHS of the French version (FR), via Nicholas Dubreuil..

Generally speaking, the French version has more nudity, the US version has less nudity (alternate takes), and the DE is somewhere inbetween.

We also now have four half-reels of film (about 37 minutes), three from an uncensored UK version, and one from a censored UK version. They resemble the French and US releases respectively, although they're less censored in both cases.


In London's Soho, Johnny Solo (Leo Genn) runs the Pink Flamingo Club, with star attraction Midnight Franklin (Jayne Mansfield), who is cynical about everything but Johnny. When Johnny starts getting threats and demands for protection, Midnight becomes afraid that Johnny will resort to murder. Visiting journalist Robert Jouvel (Carl Boehm) gets more of a story than he bargained for when he becomes captivated by Lilliane Decker (Danik Patisson), a mysterious dancer who guards her past. Johnny's darker side comes out as he hires underage dancer Ponytail (Barbara Windsor), catching the interest of a wealthy but sadistic club regular. As Ponytail walks into danger, backstage tensions rise between the dancing girls, including the acid-tongued Cynthia (Kai Fischer) and her roommate Maureen. Christopher Lee lurks around as Novak, Johnny's right hand man. Jayne Mansfield performs two songs.

This restored color version is longer and much less censored than other circulating copies.

Many scenes were shot twice, so that the dancers appear more clothed. In FR they are semi-nude rather than being fully clothed as in US. DE version is a mix of the two, but suffers from censor cuts in places. Almost 8 minutes of subplot with Carl Boehm doing detective work about Danik Patisson is cut from US version toward the end. Half of Jayne Mansfield song "You Were Made For Me" is cut from DE. Jayne Mansfield's title song is censored in the US with animation, and edited differently in the DE (more closeups). The FR is the original intended cut of the title song (more wide shots).

The sexually-charged murder of (supporting character) is cut from DE. Lilliane's "bed tease" performance is longer in US/FR. "Steam Baths/Turkish Delight" is uncut in FR, cut heavily in DE, and an alternate take in US. "Monsoon" and "Africa" are alternates in US. The DE version is missing small amounts of footage throughout which is just the state of this particular film print.

The French version only seems to circulate in lower quality, but is less censored than other versions, with a lot more nudity and less cuts. It is missing footage randomly in places.

BBFC/BFI info:
"The 1960 UK running time, as certified by the BBFC was 106 minutes. At 25fps that would make it 101' 45". The 2002 home video certification duration was 87' 12", 14' 33" shorter than the original classification. IMDB says the duration is 90 minutes, but in notes, says the UK version was 104 mins and the US TV version 93 mins (upon which all home video versions are based). The BFI acquired a 1959 work print of this in 2014, missing reel 2A. This is the description of the print on their database: "Worn but seemingly substantially complete combined Eastmancolor work print, with white markings at some splices, and some short sections of white leader. Leader says 'CONTINENTAL VERSION'. Can labels confirm that this print was sent to France (passing through Customs on 7th March 1960) for revision - cut sequences are retained in last can. Reel 2A is missing; hence this print has 11 reels rather than 12. Generally reasonable condition, though much faded, and splices are weak and require attention. There is a tear across approximately 10 frames in Reel 5A, combined with substantial perforation damage."

Censor cuts appear to be held in the National Archives of Australia.

DE: Unique German opening titles. Dynamic yellow text on a red and blue fabric background. Looks like a 50s MGM Hollywood musical, which this mostly isn't. (In reality this was Mansfield working somewhat outside the Hollywood system in Europe, pushing censorship boundaries, which hurt her career.)
US: Basic "starring" card, then title and credits over a shot of the (Soho?) city street at night, with neon signs and traffic. This footage loops with dissolves when the title cards change. It is more realistic than the backlot street in the actual film, and is a wider street, but the shot looks doctored, with signs covered up or added. The Pink Flamingo and Diamond Horseshoe are across the street from each other, as in the backlot scenes, but other details are different. There is an out of place hard cut before the Producer credit.
FR: Similar opening to the US version, with French text. French dub team are credited.

FR: Auditioning dancers are wearing less clothes than US version, in the lineup. (Bikinis rather than one piece swimsuits. Two girls are semi-topless. The DE is a mix of these, resulting in continuity errors. This will be true throughout. Four shots in DE match the US rather than FR. Shot of legs is per US even in FR version, causing a continuity error, as one girl wears trousers. Ponytail and Marjorie wear same in both.)

US/FR: Backlot shot of the street is longer. (Some of this is in the German trailer.)

FR: Different take used of photographer and journalist Robert Jouvel (Carl Boehm) and crowd; women passing by are wearing less clothes compared to US/DE, including Melody's "heart butt" from the Turkish number later. (In all cases these are the Turkish Delight costumes, until that number happens.)
DE: The middle of this shot is cut in the DE, as dancers pass by. US take is used.

DE/FR: Robert talking to Terry uses different takes compared to US, and is a bit shorter. There is some background nudity. She asks him out (flashing him a bit) and he rejects her in closeup.
US: Robert rejects Terry in wide shot, and there is a wide shot as Robert approaches Marjorie who is drawing.
FR: Longer wide shot (different take with more nudity) as Robert approaches Marjorie who is drawing (part of this take is in the DE). Terry looks at him more as he goes.
DE: Take starts out as in FR, but is cut before dancers pass by.

FR: One medium shot of Robert talking about Lilliane with the artist Marjorie has more nudity than in DE, as dancer passes by. (Shorter shot as well.) The DE matches the US at this point, but matches the FR afterward. This includes Ponytail complaining about her name.

US: Lilliane is fully clothed when issuing a warning to Ponytail, and seems to change clothes between shots. She is unclothed here in the DE/FR.

FR: Lilliane shouts at the photographer who has taken her picture. Alternate take with more nudity in background from Melody et al. (Some of this is in the German trailer.) This is a little longer; Lilliane actually tears up the drawing as Midnight enters.

US: A couple of seconds cut as Midnight Franklin (Jayne Mansfield) reacts to Cynthia's absence (told her mother is sick by Maureen, doesn't care). We cut to the loudspeaker instead, with Novak (Christoper Lee) speaking. (Possibly a choice to make it seem like Midnight isn't in charge of everything, since Novak threatens Cynthia right after this.)

FR: Alternate take with more nudity from the background dancers as Midnight enters, and exits. Melody and company are semi-nude as in Turkish Delight sequence (later on). It's longer by a couple seconds; Midnight tells off Maureen more clearly.

FR: Novak's intro is a little shorter. Most of Cynthia talking to Maureen in the dressing room has been cut, and there is some missing footage as they walk around backstage.
US: Cynthia talking to Maureen in the dressing room and backstage uses alternate, more clothed takes, of course.
FR: Shot of Mr. Arpels, as Maureen talks about him, is longer and a closer shot. Shot of Cynthia and Maureen walking away as Midnight and the male dancers approach the stage is an alternate take with less clothing on Cynthia. (DE matches US here.)

US: We cut to crowd reaction shots to censor things as Midnight (Jayne Mansfield) performs "Too Hot to Handle," and often zooms in to show less of the frame. However, there is one additional wide shot of Midnight throwing away the measuring tape and performing. The DE cuts to crowd reaction here, from an angle that we see again later. In the black and white version, Jayne/Midnight's bra has been retouched and airbrushed throughout to be less revealing, appearing white rather than see-through. This involves frame by frame animation which also gives her a short, fringed dress rather than panties. A lot of effort was clearly put into this censorship. Amusingly there are some animation errors where the wrong frames are used. Crowd reaction shots include Johnny (angle seen later when Robert arrives) and Novak (smoking with Arpels in BG, then walking forward).

FR: The "Too Hot to Handle" song is edited differently here, favoring full body shots which show off her dancing better. (Some of this is in the German trailer, as she knocks down a man with the general idea of her butt.) Some of the male choreography is clearer also. This was almost certainly an earlier edit of the material. There are some sections which are clearly "uncensored" in the FR, being longer versions of shots you see in the DE, although cutting to a an equally scandalous closeup is not necessarily censorship. One wishes at times that both angles were used. The shot of Jayne throwing away the measuring tape, cut from the DE but present in the US, is mostly present here (the actual tape-throwing is cut for some reason, or is missing footage). The middle section is the most like the DE. Right before Jayne is lifted off the stage, and back on again, we don't cut to the crowd as in DE. We cut to the crowd for longer when she's doing the measuring tape schtick (which she does in wide shot instead of closeup). The final medium shot of the song is also fully uncensored here, while other versions cut away from it. Jayne is spun around by the men, and does a final sexy pose on top of the bar. (This was on some of the posters.) Overall, the DE lingers on closeups while the FR lingers on wide shots. A combination of both versions would be ideal, if both were available in full quality.

DE: The second measuring tape shot, and Jayne being spun around and laid down at the end, are cut. A theory: Both involve Jayne interacting with the audience. Half of her other song will be cut later for the same possible reason. Jayne being spun around at the end is a different take in the trailers, although it's covered by text.

UK (uncensored): "Too Hot to Handle" song is similar to the French cut but even less censored. Jayne playing with the measuring tape is uncut, with no cuts to closeups or missing sections, and she remains in medium shot while navigating the poles at the end of the scene, rather than cutting to audience or wide shots.

FR/UK: Longest version of Steam Baths/Turkish Delight performance, by far, with several semi-nude shots censored elsewhere. Dancers are more nude compared to US (alternate takes), and DE is heavily cut here. The first section of the scene is as in US, without closeups and cutaways added for DE. Maureen undresses Melody for the sauna, and she lies down (with hearts covering her up, as seen later) as the Turkish girls arrive and work on them (as in the US). Melody stretches in closeup (FR only), then the Turkish girls dance (similar to US with more nudity). Maureen (still in uniform) enters and dances (similar to US with more nudity). Once Maureen exits there is a section not seen elsewhere, where the table girls are given their towels, and Melody blows a kiss in closeup (FR). The table girls then stand up, as seen in the DE. Melody dances with her towel in closeup (as in German trailer). Lots of nudity. The final wide shot, seen from a distance, is as per US. This is longer in the DE, because the closeup of Melody has been cut. Diamonds Dinelli does not arrive at the club until after the performance ends (rather than during, as in US and DE.)

[This is our first indication that the dancing numbers are going to be kind of racist.]

DE: Steam Baths/Turkish Delight performance is pretty heavily censored with cuts, favoring wide shots from a great distance, and some audience reaction (same shot of Old Man/Young Woman from Lilliane's train tease later). It uses the same takes as the FR, with their nudity, but cuts away from them once the nudity starts. This is a recurring problem with the DE version; they could have used the US takes rather than cut the scenes. The intro uses a closeup of Melody's back at one point where other versions use a wide shot. (They may have noticed the lesbian subtext of Maureen's scenes.) The DE seems embarrassed of this segment generally, and avoids showing much of it, although some of the ending is shown (Melody and the table girls standing up with their towels, minus about two frames). The final wide shot is longer in the DE, because the closeup of Melody has been cut.

US: Steam Baths/Turkish Delight performance uses alternate takes throughout, but plays out very similarly to the FR during the first half, and has not been cut terribly. (This includes an alternate take of Maureen helping Melody undress at the beginning, when the costume wouldn't be noticeably different yet, apart from maybe Melody's panties.) The Turkish girls wear more clothing (bras). Melody also wears more clothing (underwear). The Turkish girls dancing, and Maureen returning and dancing, are present here as alternate (more clothed) takes (this is all cut in the DE). The ending of the sequence is missing entirely apart from the final semi-nude shot, seen from a distance (as in all versions, identical to FR here).

FR: A few frames missing of Dinelli in Johnny's office. A few extra frames of the bartender pouring Robert a drink.

US/FR: Lilliane (Danik Patisson)'s onstage striptease in bed "on the train" is longer, and therefore less censored. (A photo of this was on the poster for "Playgirl after Dark.") There is a reaction shot to Robert in the audience (Some of this is in the German trailer). DE uses an old man/young woman instead (and uses another section of the same take during Turkish Delight, which partly overlaps. Another part of this take is in US during "You Were Made For Me").

US: Before Lilliane leaves and is confronted by Mr. Arpels (in sunglasses), Melody in bikini walks stage right, observed by Arpels. (This is cut from the DE, but the same take is used of Lilliane.)
FR: Alternate take with more nudity. Melody (semi-nude) walks stage right, observed by Arpels. Arpels confronts Lilliane. Closeup of Arpels with injured hand is omitted for some reason, as is Lilliane throwing the cigar. Cynthia comforting Mr. Arpels is a different take for some reason. (Probably because this is still the same take, apart from the omitted closeup of Arpels.)

US: Longer dissolve between scenes as Cynthia comforts Mr. Arpels, and an exterior of the Pink Flamingo is shown. Cut in the DE. Same take as the DE.

US: A (reel change) fade to black of Lilliane reacting to Robert leaving is longer, though this might just be missing footage in the DE print. The FR cuts this fade-out/fade-in entirely, cutting to Johnny receiving a letter and axe.

DE: Johnny Solo (Leo Genn) receives a threatening letter in German instead of English (insert for DE version). English version still briefly visible.
FR: Johnny Solo (Leo Genn) receives a threatening letter in French instead of English (insert for FR version). Print damaged during insert.

FR: Print becomes damaged at this point. Some of Johnny getting a threatening phone call is cut, and some of Midnight's reaction to this. (About 1 minute 12 seconds. Possibly just print damage.)

DE: A few seconds of Diamonds observing a man getting into a white car seems to be cut. (Print damage?)

DE: The second half of Jayne Mansfield's song "You Were Made For Me" is cut entirely from DE. This seems like an unlikely thing to cut, but could be censorship of Jayne/Midnight working the crowd personally. The number is performed in the style of Marilyn Monroe.
FR: Jayne Mansfield's song "You Were Made For Me" is shown in full. This is a bonus feature on the DE DVD. A few frames are missing at one point compared to US (print damage).
US: "You Were Made For Me" is censored slightly by cutting to two crowd reaction shots, including one of Johnny, and an old man/young woman (who react to Turkish Delight and Lilliane's train tease in the DE). The young woman laughs and covers her face with a Pink Flamingo menu. Both cuts involve Jayne being groped by old men in the audience.

UK censored: "You Were Made For Me" is censored slightly. The old man touching Jayne's arse/hips is cut. Instead a young woman laughs and covers her face with a Pink Flamingo menu. The other bit that's censored in the US is not censored here, as Jayne pushes an old man into her chest.

DE/FR: Backstage scene with Cynthia annoying the girls. Alternate take with more nudity, where Cynthia is wearing gold things on her chest rather than a robe. This cuts early in the DE.
FR: Alternate take with less clothes: Cynthia talking to Maureen, stands up and imitates Mr. Arpels seeking "comfort." This matches the DE until she removes her clothes, at which point the DE cuts. (They may have also noticed the lesbian subtext of Maureen's scenes.)
US (and UK censored): Alternate take with more clothes: Cynthia talking to Maureen. Cynthia stands up and imitates Mr. Arpels seeking "comfort."

DE/FR: Different take of the scene with Cynthia washing her hands as Lilliane gets ready for the "Indian" "Monsoon" number. Lilliane is less clothed (not wearing bra).

DE/FR: Different footage throughout for "Indian" "Monsoon" number. Lilliane is less clothed (not wearing bra). The gist of the scene is the same.

FR: "Monsoon" number is cut by 1 second, half a second, 3 seconds, 1 second ... in the middle of shots. Print damage?

US/FR: Exterior shot exiting The Pink Flamingo is longer, and includes a pan down.

DE/FR: As Robert and Lilliane confront a bald man with moustache and glasses (Moeller), and walk down the street outside, some footage is missing, which might just be limitations of these particular film prints (since this occurs at a reel change and sections are missing randomly).

FR: Fade between scenes of Lilliane and Robert (observing Moeller) is cut.

DE: There is a partly missing shot as Moeller walks in the corridors of Lilliane's house.

FR: About six seconds missing of Johnny in his office. Looks like print damage.

DE: About three and a half minutes of subplot with journalist Robert doing detective work, regarding Lilliane, are cut from the US but present in the DE. There will be another four minutes of this later. At the club, Lilliane is painting on a ladder while Cynthia snarks. Robert flirts with her, then discovers that Lilliane has pawned something. Robert talks to a pawnbroker (Ian Fleming, not the writer), picking up two valuable, monogrammed silver hairbrushes. This is a clue to Lilliane's identity. At the magazine office, Robert doctors a photo of a missing woman, and this is when the US version picks back up, at the end of this scene. US version is a little longer here, due to missing footage in DE. (We seem to only have German audio for these scenes.) It's probable that they wanted Robert and Llliane to seem like the main characters of the German version, and the US/US version got cold feet about this.
FR: Three and a half minutes of plot with Robert and Lilliane, as in DE (cut in US). Some of Lilliane complaining about the heat, and Robert's flirting with her, is cut, perhaps to make Robert seem less forward. French insert of the pawn shop tag.

FR: The very end of Robert at the newspaper office, working on the photos, is cut, awkwardly, including the dissolve. A French insert is shot of the "From an admirer" note.

US: Lilliane receives the hairbrushes "from an admirer," fumes and throws the brush to destroy a mirror. This is a different take in the US, with more clothing on the dancers. The second half of this scene is cut in the DE but continues in the US, as Lilliane talks about her bad luck. (The print is in bad shape during this part in the DE.)
FR: Girls are less clothed as Lilliane smashes the mirror, as in DE. Unlike the DE, scene plays out in full.

[Note: from the point on, the background dancers are dressed for the African number, or for some sort of Spanish number which is not shown in the film, with Lilliane and Marjorie.]

DE/FR: During the "African" dance number, dancers are more nude in the DE/FR, compared to US, and the lighting is much darker throughout. This is frankly racist either way, and the US version is even more embarrassing.

FR: 22 seconds cut, as Midnight expresses disapproval of Arpels, and Johnny signals to Arpels.

[Midnight overhears Novak, and gives instructions to a showering Lilliane. Midnight is undressed during this scene in some promotional stills, but not in any version of the film.]

FR: Different take with more nudity from background dancers, as Novak confronts Lilliane and exits, and Ponytail chats while Terry washes her hands.
DE: Same take of this as in US, but has extra footage (with dialogue) as Ponytail chats while Terry washes her hands. (The shot is cut short in the US for semi-nudity, as the dancers walk by.) Terry is in disbelief that Ponytail is so naive.

FR: Different take, for no obvious reason, as Ponytail disrobes and discovers the ruined dress. Marjorie passes by.

FR: Different takes with more nudity as Terry discovers the ruined dress. Terry's girls head downstairs (yes, this is a different take even though you don't see much of the alternate costumes). Terry's girls confront Cynthia, who is ironing. (This is not in the German trailer.) Maureen is undressed here compared to DE/US.

DE: As Terry's girls start fighting with Cynthia and Maureen, there is an extra shot of the dancers fighting (compared to US). Marjorie has pinned Cynthia down, and one dancer tries to break it up, losing her wig. Melody disagrees and knocks her over. (This is shorter than the FR so it's even less clear what is happening.) Ponytail just watches, along with Jacki and Jungle.

FR: Different takes with more nudity as the girls fight. This goes on a lot longer. It's gratuitous. It's also clearer what is happening. Marjorie fights Cynthia. Terry fights Maureen. One of the dancers tries to break it up, Melody fights her. Cynthia fights Marjorie, and Melody and the other dancer fight each other over it for no adequately-explained reason. It goes on a bit. Jacki seems to be gripping Jungle's hand during this. (This was on some of the posters.)

FR: Johnny Solo coming downstairs is also a different take even though you can't see the girls here at all.

FR: Different take with more nudity as Johnny Solo breaks up the girl fight and fires Cynthia. (Even Terry is disheveled, as is Maureen, and the faux-Africans who are hanging around. Jacki and Jungle are either very mildly fighting or trying to keep the door closed as Johnny enters. Jacki hurts her hand somehow, this is more explainable in the FR.)

[The following shot of Solo and Terry's girls exiting, as Midnight calls out to Ponytail, is the same in all versions, despite Terry being disheveled here as in the FR.]

FR: Some of Ponytail's dialogue to Midnight, about boys trying to grow moustaches, is cut.

FR: A fade-to-black is cut as Midnight talks about loving Solo.

US: Avoiding spoilers, [character] makes sexual advances on [character], and then murders her. We mainly see him during the horrifying murder, and a lamp. This is cut entirely from the DE (about thirty seconds), although you can still infer that this has happened. (It could possibly be missing footage from this specific print, rather than censorship, since the print is in bad shape at this point in the DE, and this is a reel change. But let's call this censorship. Some of this is in the German trailer, an extra second or so, with reel change marker still present.)

US: The following shot of Solo and Midnight looking serious is also longer at the beginning, but the DE print is in bad shape here and this is a reel change, so this might not be intentional.

FR: The murder of [character] is mostly intact, unlike in the DE. The very end of the murder is cut (as he says "stop"), and the following scene with Johnny and Midnight is cut as well, for about two minutes until a teary moment of Midnight telling Johnny to "stop." Either the footage is missing in error, or they are drawing a connection between the intensity of these moments.

DE/FR: About four minutes of plot involving journalist Robert are again cut from the US, but present here. At the pub, the photographer is talking to the police (on the phone), and tells Robert that everyone at the Flamingo Club will be interrogated by police within the hour. (This was on a lobby card.) Robert confronts Lilliane at home, wanting to get to her first. Tearful and defiant, Lilliane tells Robert the truth. He urges her to go to the police. (This is a big scene in terms of story, and it's wild that it was cut from any version. We seem to only have German audio for these scenes.)

FR: Final scene with Robert and Lilliane "They don't like people without passports" seems to be cut (with a tape splice suggesting print damage) as well as Johnny offering the inspector a drink, Midnight having something to say, Johnny saying "take me to your leader" (missing footage), and the men wondering why Midnight had to do that. It's unclear whether any this is intentional or just missing footage from this print; I assume it's print damage.

DE: End credits only appear in the US version, with the DE showing nothing over the shot of Midnight leaving the club. The FR shows the word "FIN." In the DE this shot cuts to black earlier, once Midnight has left. (Theoretically this is a generic version of the shot to allow for credits in various languages.)
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Re: Too Hot to Handle (1960) AKA Playgirl After Dark (Editing Notes and Pink Flamingo Cut)

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Posts about restoring color to faded 4K film scans of 37 minutes worth of the rare 1960 Jayne Mansfield film Too Hot to Handle, which has never had a video release in English, in color, and relatively uncensored.

Someone did a Tiktok about this. Hm. ... 4753189153
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