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Re: OrangeCow Video Updates (Garrett Gilchrist)

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Thu Feb 13, 2020 6:20 pm

King Crimson "Cat Food" Top of the Pops 1970 (clip, colorized)

Colorized and restored by Garrett Gilchrist.

First pass by Jason Antic, creator of DeOldify.

Early King Crimson performance with Greg Lake, Robert Fripp, Peter Sinfield, Ian McDonald, Michael Giles.

This Top of the Pops episode no longer exists, but this clip survived in a foreign edition, in black and white.

It was hand-colorized by Garrett Gilchrist, using Photoshop, DeOldify, EBSynth, DeepRemaster, Premiere and AfterEffects.

For more information about my methods, watch this Youtube video:

Previous colorization:

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