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Gods of Los Angeles [NTSC]

155 min, 2002-2005.
Special 3-DVD Collector's Edition also available.

The lives of five young people collide in this character drama about life, love, loss and the unexplainable when a miracle happens in L.A.

Three years in the making, this meticulously-crafted drama was shot for nearly nothing by USC film school graduate Garrett Gilchrist, as a labor of love.

"Both emotionally and intellectually engaging and leaves the viewer with the complete satisfaction that only a fully developed story and uniquely three-dimensional characters can deliver ..." - Allen Richards, B-independent.com.

"An interesting film with lots of great characters that you'll find yourself pulling for and hoping that things work out for them so they can all find happiness. It's definitely a movie worth seeing." - Duane L. Martin, Rogue Cinema

"Gilchrist's approach is inspiring." - Felix Vasquez Jr., Film Threat

Bruce and Rhonda have been going out for two years, and their relationship is getting stale. Clifford, a struggling stand-up comedian, has been dumped by his girlfriend and is wallowing in his woes. Then into their lives comes Lily, a girl who sees the world in a childlike and different way. Her father thought she was crazy, and in some ways she is. He'd treated her like a child, but now, out on her own, she's becoming a woman. Bruce and Clifford both fall in love with her ... which has terrible consequences on Bruce's relationship with Rhonda.

One day Bruce and Lily are arguing on the roof, and Bruce accidentally knocks her off the building. She falls fourteen stories. Yet she doesn't die. Some unexplainable event, a miracle, has saved her. Suddenly all the petty problems of love and life seem small by comparison. And none of their lives will ever be the same.

"She fell. Through the air. She would have died like an angel. She fell ... Lily fell off the roof of her building. I watched her fall. I saw everything. Thirteen stories, and she hit the ground.

She was going to die, because of my stupid carelessness, and some force, some presence, changed things. She's alive - she's alive for a reason.

Why are we here? What are we supposed to be doing, here on this planet? If I was living a life that was totally empty, totally useless, without love or direction, do you think God would find a way to tell me?"

Written and directed by Garrett Gilchrist and starring David Ashe, Cori Haisler, Katherine Hoagland, David Maddox and Mariana McConnell, "Gods of Los Angeles" is the seventh feature-length motion picture from Garrett Gilchrist and Orange Cow Productions.

More information about Gods of Los Angeles

Two special features discs are also available, which are jam-packed with hours and hours and hours of material, which we think is the most extensive DVD special features package ever done for a low budget film.

Gods of Los Angeles disc 2: Outtakes and Deleted Scenes

Featuring over 1 hour of outtakes and over 90 minutes of deleted scenes including an appearance by Neil Innes (Monty Python films) as Mr. Crawley, with commentary by Garrett Gilchrist.

Gods of Los Angeles disc 3: Cast Interviews

Featuring over 3 hours of interviews with the cast - Cori Haisler, David Ashe, David Maddox and Katherine Carpenter.

Orange Cow Short Films Vol. 1

Approx. 90 min, 2001-2004.
Special Features: Over 2 hours.

Movies for dreamers. Drama, comedy, fantasy, animation and everything inbetween.

Travel between life and death, love and hate, hell and heaven. From the mind of Garrett Gilchrist comes this utterly unique collection of short films.

Love conquers death in the medieval fantasy The Journey of Truesong. A dying comic strip artist confronts his life in Stripped Away. Death needs an apprentice in the animated Mort. There's a thin line between love and murder in Lover's Poison. You'll meet a happy homeless loser in Squiffy the Derelict Cat. And a young woman splits in two in Music for the Mind Ballet.

Packed with hours and hours of special features, this is true independent entertainment. I hope you enjoy traveling to these other worlds as much as I've enjoyed putting them on film.

More information about the Short Films Vol. 1 dvd

Ghostbusted Trilogy

Approx 2 hours, 2001-2004.
Special Features: Over 1 hour.

Not sold for profit! This is a not for profit fanfilm. No infringement to Columbia Pictures or any other party is intended.

There's something stupid in the neighborhood ...

Who you gonna call? Not these guys!

If you ain't afraid of no ghost, fire up your proton pack and dig in, with this special collection of three of the stupidest movies ever made.

Every year at the Camp Rewind film festival in South Dakota, director Garrett Gilchrist would try to shoot a Ghostbusters movie. He failed every time, and the shoots rapidly degenerated into nonsense and chaos, that had little or nothing to do with Ghostbusters. Watch as some of the best amateur film directors and actors from all across the country are caught on camera, not knowing what to do! Watch in hilarious shock as they improvise bizarre, pointless and idiotic scenes, just for your amusement. Watch as they turn on the director and attack him!

These films are stupid and make no sense. They are also very funny indeed. So sit down with your favorite ghost and watch Ghostbusted 1, 2, and 3. With 1 hour of outtakes and a bonus short film "Torgo and the Quest For Fuck."

DVD contents:
Ghostbusted 3 (46 min., 2003)
Ghostbusted (19 min., 2001)
Ghostbusted 2 (51 min., 2002)

Ghostbusted Zero: The outtakes (22 min., 2001)
Ghostbusted Three: The outtakes (18 min., 2003)

Born in South Dakota: Music video filmed by Jay Bauman, edited by Mike Stoklasa
Torgo and the Quest For Fuck: Short film by Jay Bauman, starring Jeremy Gardner, Garrett Gilchrist, Natalie Sanders, and Ryan Winford

Directed by Garrett Gilchrist.
Edited by Garrett Gilchrist, except Ghostbusted 1, edited by Mike Stoklasa.

Starring Mike Stoklasa, Garrett Gilchrist, David Ashe, Jason Santo, Rich Evans, Jonason Ho, Warren Blyth, Lisa Renley, Jay Bauman, John Brugmann, Jon Ashby, Wally Fong, Natalie Sanders, Ryan Winford, Anthony Stella, Jeremy Gardner, Christian Stella, April Cresey, Dan Gorgone, C.C. Chapman, Joe Vaccariello, Alan Winston, Erin Arbogast, Marc Linn, Michael Linn, Jesse Maddox, Jonathan Margheim, Bobby Brown, Justin Bielawa, Wei Quek, Chris Frommeyer, Jared Hargrave, Daniel Kelley, Steve Gervais, Thanh Tran, Rob Hastings, Garrett Forni, Mooshoo, Michael Yebba, and more.

More information about the Ghostbusted Trilogy

Not sold for profit! This is a not for profit fanfilm. No infringement to Columbia Pictures or any other party is intended.

You may be able to ask for films which are not listed below, but which are mentioned on this website.

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Our First Book: The Tao of Cow

Now available - Garrett Gilchrist's first book, "The Tao of Cow." "The Tao of Cow" is a book of sixty unrhymed philosophical poems, told from the point of view of a cow. Ah, and now you're asking - is this a joke? What sort of philosophy could a cow possibly have to give? Quite a bit, as it happens ... the cow teaches of a life simply and contentedly lived, in harmony with nature. In ten chapters, the happy cow meets a weary man on the road of life, and attempts to free his mind until the man can see where true happiness lies. It may free your mind as well ... the book has a calming effect, good for the stressed and distracted ... and a good gift for family. The spiral-bound, 102-page, fully-illustrated paperback book is available for $9.59 ... Garrett makes no profit off of this, he just wanted to make the book available. It was originally written when he was younger and much less jaded, and it has a lot of meaning to him today. He hopes you'll enjoy it. If you're at all interested, please head over to www.cafeshops.com/taoofcow to order.

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